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Love Horoscopes – February 1, 2012

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Aries: Frustrated desires and obstacles to achieving what and who you want in a relationship can stir up enormous amounts of anger in you. You may be given the opportunity today to let that special someone in on how you feel about them so do not squander it. The problem you will have is knowing whether or not you should make the first move, or they should. They may all depend on the mood you are in, are you brave enough to say something. Whatever you do, do not wait too long before you say something otherwise you will have destroyed your chances. Remember that conflicts and confrontations will be unavoidable today. Limiting your exposure to people may be the best thing to do otherwise you may do something rash and regrettable.

Taurus: Matters of the heart weigh heavily on your mind. Today’s planetary alignment may help you to see just how one change in particular would benefit a certain relationship you are a part of. It seems as if you both recognize the issues but have different points of views therefore leaving you both unconsciously at odds with each other. By bringing this to light, you two can iron out your differences. This is a very good time to go to a social gathering or somewhere you can interact with others that you might have something in common with. As you mingle with others, you find yourself wanting to play match maker, maybe even for yourself.  Don’t stay home and let this energy pass you by or you may miss out on someone interesting!

Gemini: Take advantage of the energy surrounding you and spend some time thinking what your current relationship is lacking. Things will be easier to understand during this time including the perplexities between you and your partner. You’ll begin to see why your loved one’s behavior doesn’t always take the path you expected, and realize that you are not the reason behind their more inexplicable moments. You have known in your heart for some time you need to have this discussion, but at the same time it is not wise to embark on this without some idea as to what approach you are going to take. The more patient and non-judgmental you are the more light your mate will shed on their more enigmatic actions and resolve the tension between you.

Cancer: It may seem that circumstances, your partner, or even the whole world is against you today! In your frustration it dawns upon you that similar issues wreck havoc on your relationship. You may feel overwhelmed by demands, outside pressures, or your responsibilities and you are looking at your life with serious doubt or pessimism. What you find is that you and your loved one do not see eye-to-eye on those matters that are important to you and it is causing a vast space to open up between you two. However, not all is lost for you in this relationship. There are still many places where your ideas do converge. If you can focus on these it will help to strengthen your bond and bring back some of the harmony lost.

Leo: You are making changes in your life that not only affect you but your relationship as well. This is a rather positive time for you and a good idea to purge the feelings of anger or hurt that has been building up within you for quite some time. Once you are free of hidden resentments, you will feel a lot better about you and your lover. This new freedom heightens your desires and romantic urges. In all of your relationships, whether romantic or not, you feel very warm and affectionate towards others. You are less competitive, more interested in pleasing others, and creating harmony right now. Make sure that in your lighthearted phase, no one takes advantage of you unless you really want to help or be a part of whatever it is he or she may need.

Virgo: You may experience significant discord in your personal relationships at this time. Connecting with others on an emotional level is likely to be challenging. Having a purpose helps you work through difficult times cheerfully. The energy surrounding you will help you to discern what “purpose” you are looking for in order to heal the rift that has form with your loved one. If you both could see that you both desire and are aiming for the same goals, then the changes that need to take place will be welcomed rather than challenged. This period will pass quickly, so don’t get upset about the distance that still seems to exist between you and your partner. Ride this aspect out without forcing any issues and all will return to normal soon.

Libra: Today you are given the opportunity to fully express your life’s passions. This is a time for being with people and above all, giving something of yourself and your talents to others. What you choose to do with this or what you share is entirely up to you. You have a whole range of talents you can call upon whether it is writing a lovely piece of poetry to painting a colorful scene. However, your lover may prefer the distinctly more personal touch, in which you could find yourself singing the intended message. Going this far will certainly garner you a deep appreciation and a positive response. It is also possible that you could meet someone who will prove rather beneficial in the future.


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Scorpio: Your passion can be overwhelming if unleashed haphazardly therefore you tend to shy away from the more extreme levels. Based on the energy surrounding you today you may not have too much choice as you find yourself falling prey to your more intense emotions. This is to teach you that it won’t hurt you every now and then to allow your true self to see the light. Doing so could enhance your desires for love, affection and pleasure as well as get your creative juices pumping among other benefits. For those of you that are unhappy with certain aspects of your personal life, these issues arise at this time causing disagreements and tension to rise in a very close relationship. If you make the effort you can resolve this amicably.

Sagittarius: People tend to see you as a loving and lovable person who is fully aware of their needs and has a handle on their feelings. Right now, do you have a handle on those emotions?  It is time to come to terms with the fact that you may have entered into your current relationship for reasons that are other than heartfelt. It would be better all involved if you come clean and be honest, you really do not love this person. You should make a clean break now as this is fast becoming a pretty intense relationship. Your personal charm and attractiveness will allow you to bounce back after this and have a positive effect on others at this time. There will be some who are willing to help you reach goals and ambitions without taking advantage of anyone else.

Capricorn: Your more intimate and romantic relationships may begin to go through some sort of meaningful transformation today. Much of this begins with you as you have had trouble committing yourself totally in the past and you realize that your reasoning no longer applies. You also understand that for each neglected opportunity, you could completely miss out on something that could very well be the best thing to ever happen to you. For those having communication problems, it is much better to understand what’s being said rather than make an assumption. Obscure comments made right now should not be treated with suspicion; it is likely they are actually compliments. Keep in mind compliments are not always easy to see.

Aquarius: There are times where quick assumptions you have made were actually sound and play out just like you thought they would. Though today you may have to rethink a certain decision you made in haste. You either had too much information or not enough causing your conclusion to be askew. You now have to answer for this as your loved one practically demands that you clarify the reason for reaching this particular conclusion. They will not let this go nor will be distracted by your charm. Simply be honest about the factors that went into this and you will find that eventually all transgressions will be smoothed over and this slight will be soon forgotten. You might want to consider learning from this ordeal as well.

Pisces: Making up to breaking up and repeating the process is something that often happens when two people love each other way too much or just do not know what they want . You have the opportunity to think long and hard about one such relationship that has been on and off for quite some time now. It this case it seems that you both love each other deeply but neither of you can truly decide what you want. What could help is deciding what it is you two actually need from each other. Remember being wanted for who you are instead of what you can give is the ultimate compliment. This person obviously means a lot to you so treat this relationship with the respect it deserves.


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