Love Spell: Easy

A Very Easy Love Spell

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This is a very easy Friday spell that uses simple power of intent. Give it a shot & let me know how it works – wishing everyone a magical day – sonny


Easy Love Spell


  • Pen

  • White Paper

  • Pink Candle


  • Friday Night

On a Friday evening, light your pink candle. With your favorite pen and a white piece of paper, write your first name and your lovers last name. Draw a circle around the names and close your eyes and meditate on what you want (the two of you together, how happy you will be, etc.) Repeat three times:

“Our fate is sealed
We are one
So mote it be
It is done!”

Watch your pink candle for at least 15 minutes while meditating about the person you want and the wonderful love you will have together. If possible, meditate until the candle burns out. You may also use a larger candle and do the spell every night for seven nights, meditating 15 minutes each night.




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