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Love Horoscopes – February 6, 2012

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Aries: Today is good time to allow your wilder side a little freedom to play. The planetary alignment indicates that you have a chance to make some significant changes in an ongoing relationship. At first this could involve spending some time apart from each other in order to reconnect to your inner source of creativity; but this will only strengthen your bond, and give you more chance to share deeply with each other in new and wonderful ways. Extraordinary opportunities may come your way and should be taken advantage of. A spontaneous tryst with your special someone is likely to raise both your spirits tremendously. Avoid upsetting those around you, but do let your hair down and have some fun.

Taurus: You may feel like doing something very special yet also quite exhilarating, due to the position of the planets today. As you will come to find, the day won’t be so much about love but rather the discovery of a new and demanding relationship. As far as romance goes, if you want it you are just going to have to make an effort to go out and find it! You may not be as passionate as normal, but you WILL want to engage in activities with others who share your need to do something different and original. If you are waiting for that fantasy to walk through the door and become a reality, well it could happen, but not if you’re sitting at home watching the television. So make some plans to be places and meet people today that could get you noticed.

Gemini: Take a look around you today, you may appreciate and realize the magnificence in your life and in those you are closest to. At the same time, everything could take on added significance and value within your emotional psyche. This could prompt you to reorganize your approach to love and romance. This isn’t something that would need to be changed forever, but certainly for a day or two. If you are looking for someone special, then don’t go about this as you normally would, you won’t have any luck. Instead, try going out to places you haven’t been before but always wanted to. It will be here that you can meet people who can open you up to new horizons. Just be careful that you don’t overspend or indulge too much just to impress someone.

Cancer: You may find yourself having an unexpected encounter with someone that may blow your socks off. It is likely that they will remind you of a person you have known and deeply care for in the past, and of all the good times you shared. Yet amidst this nostalgia is a sense of something unique where you will be introduced to new and exciting people as well as activities. The introduction to new people will make conversations and sharing ideas very beneficial now. This energy surrounding you enhances your understanding of what others tell you and how clearly you get your point across. If there is someone you have desired, tell them how you really feel. You might get a favorable response that will set things in motion.

Leo: Sex and money seem to mean everything right now. Maybe a little too much which is why you should take caution so it does not turn obsessive. That kind of energy surrounding you may make you feel noticeably nervous especially in new relationships. Try to distinguish between wants and needs or obsessive desire before making a move on anyone. If you are going out on a date today, then your anxiety may lie here. Once the date gets underway, you will relax and come to appreciate a whole new side to this person, one that you may not have thought was in their nature. If this discovery heightens their appeal then this is good but if not – you already know the nearest exit. Focus on calming your restless passions and you will get through this.

Virgo: If you are worried about your evening tonight, thinking about ways to spice up what may be lifeless and boring, there is no need. Whomever you are meeting with, perhaps a new date, you will actually have a wonderful time. You will find that you were both aroused mentally and physically and feelings formed will be reinforced by conversation and mutual. So go ahead and let your feelings flow and don’t plan what to say. Just don’t over think your reactions, say whatever comes out first is probably the most sincere. The events of the evening may not lend its self to what you consider a normal or successful outing, but it will turn out to be one of the best nights you have had in quite a while.

Libra: Your desires turn towards doing something a little more unconventional. You may have entered into a new relationship and are looking for ways to either speed up or simply establish a more profound connection. What you do not want to be reminded of is that subtle feelings and intangible intuition allow an increasing buildup of emotional communication. Taking things slow and easy is really the best way to handle things as there’s no hurry to get to the end of the game when you are just starting out. The emotions you are looking for will work themselves out in its own time, just hang in there. The upshot of your haste will be a fascinating day, and possibly a very interesting meeting.


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Scorpio: You may feel that your usual sense of balance and harmony is a bit mixed up today. Your feelings run hot now, and you are more likely to act on emotion and impulse rather than reason. This makes your responses to life rather passionate and also more natural or direct. But this needn’t be a bad thing, except if you are determined to make it so. High spirited physical play, lovemaking, or any activity that really involves you emotionally is where you will be most passionate. Though for some of you, a few of your usual routines may seem to be disrupted. But this disruption could very well lead to an improvement in the interaction between you and a loved one, rather than making it worse. So maybe you should embrace this disturbance after all.

Sagittarius: Your emotions are overwhelming and your intuitive nature is very strong right now. You welcome the chance to try out some new and exciting things with someone you are intimate with. This will provide opportunity to change any routines that seem stale and replace it with something more engaging. Anything that inspires you to greater things is welcome during this time. It is possible that you may meet a person today who brings a breath of fresh air into your life. But in doing so he or she may invoke memories of feelings and situations long forgotten. You could find yourself gripped by feelings of nostalgia and compassion. See if you can find some resolution which allows you to move on and get to know this new person.

Capricorn: Right now you are more magnetic and sexually attractive to others. This will prove your love life to be both harmonious and satisfying during this time. If you are going out on a date today, don’t expect it to be romantically wonderful but you can expect it to be amazing and even a bit exhausting. You will most likely find your new lover to be very stimulating and also likely to be able to introduce you to whole new dimensions of pleasure and of being. During this time you will experience a positive flow of warmth, friendliness and satisfaction between yourself and others. This will make you more stimulated and energized by your casual interactions those you are attracted to. Great things are in store for you and your love life now.

Aquarius: Your desire for love, companionship, and affection are of importance to your right now. During this time, an established relationship can be revitalized and enhanced or a new friendship or romance could begin. If you are in a permanent relationship, perhaps it is a good chance to spend some time apart rediscovering your own unique interests. If you are looking for love, then don’t frequent your usual places – try somewhere new. If there is someone you have wanted to reach out to, doing so now is likely to create warm feelings between you, and may be the start of something wonderful. Either way you can really enjoy yourself today so long as you remember not to stick what is safe or comfortable. Shake things up a bit!

Pisces: Challenges and unwanted surprises may come at you from new sources. One surprise may be from someone you once knew who is making a sudden appearance in your life today. Though their arrival is a bit of a shock, you will find that you have both learned quite a lot since you were last met. This realization could lead to a renewal of your connection, which you had considered to be over and done with. This unexpected twist is likely to challenge many of your personal relationships at this time. That might not be all during this time. Be wary of new people entering your social circle. You do not know what havoc they may lay out as they interact with you and those closest to you.

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