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Weekly Astro-Update – February 5-11

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Dear Aries

This week there is a big astro event with Neptune moving into Pisces making you a little dreamier, and more involved with the arts and expression. But, let’s first begin closer to home. Venus enters Aries this week and this is a good sign that love will follow. Your ego and self-esteem get a boost as good fortune begins to follow you around and this is making you very attractive.

Dear Taurus

As Neptune enters your astro-house of hopes, dreams, income from career, and social encounters that can make them happen, expect a bit of sensitivity and spirituality to sneak into your social life. You’ve always been sensual and a great singer. Now the arts are calling even stronger. Getting out can lead to dream encounters.

Dear Gemini

The dreamy sensitivity that we are all feeling will show itself in your professional career.  Big wishes can come true right now but there is also a warning of big illusions. Be on the lookout for sudden and unexpected professional opportunities that will attract good fortune. Along with Taurus, be social this week. Venus will help.

Dear Cancer

This would be a good time to find love at the office or somewhere very public. Jupiter is bringing fortune to the party to meet you but Venus is attracting love at work.  It’s up to you to sort it out. Both are lucky so it’s all up to you.

Dear Leo

Careful Leo. That person that you seem to be getting along so well with just might lead you astray financially. Neptune dissolves what’s not real. If the business that the two of you have been planning does not have a good foundation, expect it to fail.

Dear Virgo

Who would have thought balance felt so much like push and pull. Last week’s difficulties give room to a gentler, more understanding world. This is powerful. By the time you read this, many Virgo’s will have met someone who they feel is somehow too good to be true. They are and so you. This time your worrying will actually be a turn on.

Dear Libra

Welcome back to the party sexy. Venus in Aries is exactly what our lead romantic needs right now. Close, personal Love. This will bump into unique and unexpected Uranus causing you to have an electric experience with someone whom you already know, or you feel that you have always known.

 Dear Scorpio

So, it’s not perfect but it’s working. Your mojo is strong and people are looking your way. All you have to do is figure out what you want and let someone give it to you. Not go for it, make them bring it. The world wants to serve you right now.

Dear Sagittarius

You’re entering a period where you’ll want to reconnect with your family especially your father. The planets say this aspect of your life is about to become cloudy and dreamy. This means someone at home might not live up to your very Sagittarius ideals and because you’re never one to shy away from a factual comment, you’re going to hurt their feelings.

Dear Capricorn

Love finally touches home. If there is someone that you’ve had your eye on lately, a very subtle event last week has finally strengthened the bond between you and that super aloof hottie. They’ve always liked you and it looks like you guys are finally closing that distance between you. Time to work the plan and escalate.

Dear Aquarius

Where Neptune falls in our chart is where we tend to drown ourselves. This can be good or bad. Right now Neptune is going to drown your money. It could drown you in riches or it could drown you in poverty I’s all up to you.

Dearest Pisces

You astro-ruler has finally returned home. This should put you into an extra dreamy mood and the world should begin to see you at your best. Keep in mind, you will feel like an illusion or a dream come true to others so seduce responsibly.

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