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Love Horoscopes – February 9, 2012

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Aries: This is a good time for you and your more intimate relationships. You are inclined to create a wonderful atmosphere of romance in your home and invite the object of your desire to share in it. Pull out all the stops, hell try every trick in the book if you have to, one of them is bound to work. Use aromatic scents, soft lighting, and wonderful food to woo your lover into a state of submission. Think of this as your trial run for the approaching Valentine’s Day. The energy surrounding you supports your confidence and your ability to openly express yourself. This will win you the respect and admiration of others. Use this power for good and promote the ideas and goals that you believe strongly in. You may get the assistance you are looking for.

Taurus: This is shaping up to be a really good day. You look good, feel good, and smell good – the energy has you shining bright.  Romantically, this energy brings you plenty of opportunity, right to your feet. You are in a rather nice position where you can pick and choose from a selection of potential dates. So many options so little time and you just can’t be arsed to choose. There is really no need to hurry; there is time to test drive every single one of them. Today will also work in our favor when it comes to making deals. So long as you and the parties involved stay on the same page and focus on the task at hand, this will work well. Mutual investment and mutual trust is really worth achieving and today you will have it.

Gemini: This would be a great day to indulge in your lust for romance, so long as you feel confident enough in yourself to do so. You really do need to take the initiative as far a certain intimate relationship is concerned. Cast aside your fears of being ‘overly’ aggressive and make a move. What might surprise you is that they will actually be quite pleased that you made took the first step this time. Another highlight during this time is that it will be easier to talk about your feelings to those closest to you. Use this time to not only resolve any misunderstandings that may be still standing, but to strengthen the relationships you have with those involved. Time spent strengthening your relationships now will guarantee many fulfilling moments in the future.

Cancer: You are forever the multi-tasker. It is hard to track you down when you are always in motion doing something or helping someone. Today’s you will come to realize that this is a good opportunity to spend some quality time with your sweetheart. More than likely they are feeling a bit neglected and now that you think about it, you really miss him or her too. This rekindling of the fire will go far in returning the balance back to the relationship. There may be a few of you who have lost their focus as of late and it is taking a toll on your relationship. A change at home could end up being useful to you and everyone around you. Stop being so hard on yourself and realize you are who you are and you’re doing the best you can. Brush yourself off now.

Leo: There maybe someone you are either working with or teaming up with that will become a more permanent fixture in your life. Whether it is an accidental encounter or a first day, you will find that you and he or she have A LOT on common. It is nearly uncanny the connection you two have and will stop and nothing to try and spend more time together and see where this relationship could lead. Whatever you do, use your charm and charisma to work your way in rather than your aggression to force and issue. This especially applies to both matters of the heart and sort of completion you may be in. Instead use this time to resolve an issue in your relationship that has lingered. You may just learn more about your own self in the process.

Virgo: Today, the proverbial light bulb keeps going off. You are seeing things around you with fresh eyes and will have a few “oh” moments throughout the day. What you are seeing is you two should share the load that comes with the goals and aspirations you both had in mind for your relationship. You can partner can do anything so long as you communicate well. As you and your sweetheart are working towards your goals, try not be so intently focused that the real thing is practically right front of you. It is never a bad idea to dream. What is bad is you losing out because you didn’t pay attention to your surroundings. This is your wake up Virgo, I suggest you answer it.

Libra: This is a great time to celebrate your love by going out for a wonderful meal, or enjoying a luxurious bubble bath together. The position of the planets today brings a great deal of warmth and caring to one very important relationship. Pamper yourselves for a change. You will remember the reason why the two of you got together in the first place. The reminder will serve as way to strengthen your bond and commitment. All this positive energy may cause you to get gun ho about things. Try to curb your enthusiasm, otherwise your impulsive aggression turns into a losing battle. The more you shove the more resistance you’ll get. You should back off for awhile as the problem will more than likely fade away.


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Scorpio: Relationship wise, things are very good for most of you today. If you are unattached today you will have with your day, enjoying all you have in common and the atmosphere created. You should pull out all the stops by wear your most alluring and seductive clothes then sit back and just enjoy the whole process of flirting. For a few of you things are not so rosy. Watch out for people’s negative energy to try and spread lies and rumors. Though what may seem like deception could actually be a reflection of someone unsure of themselves. Rather than jump into anyone’s drama, watch a bit and see if it calms down. When all get more certain of what they want, it will be easier to work together. Until then, keep a little distance.

Sagittarius: We are all worthy of second chances to some degree. You will have firsthand knowledge of this today as you have a chance to rework a relationship that you once thought had failed. Perfect timing as you felt as if your love life will be forever stale. You have nothing to lose this time around so there is no need to be afraid of being hurt. You will see that they probably feel the same way as you but can’t bring themselves to make that first move. Because you are feeling quite amorous and affectionate now, initiating any sort of reconciliation will be rather easy. Also the energy surrounding you makes it conducive for meeting new people. Get out there, take a class or maybe pick up a sport. Either way you need to stick around

Capricorn: You are on the hunt today as love is relatable to a conquest right now under the present celestial atmosphere. If it feels right then go ahead and take the risk and ask that special someone. You may feel inspired to work out a bold plan as to how you can go about doing so. Take your time, do it right then woo and seduce this rather delicious person into your life.  In the end it won’t even matter if this doesn’t work out according to plan, you are happy enjoying the chase. Overall, this is a time when inspiration and opportunity both are in the air. You need to be ready to take a risk and make your move so you can get what it is you truly desire.

Aquarius: Opportunities for friendship, pleasant associations and enjoyable social interactions occur now. Personal relationships are harmonious and rewarding. If you’re involved with someone surprise them by being spontaneous and doing something a bit different than normal. If you are unattached then today there is no need for elaborate schemes or plans of mystery and intrigue. You need nothing at all to hide behind other than your very gorgeous smile. Once you find your confidence, you will have the opportunity to warm up to someone rather special to you.  But your usual antics of going over the top is all wrong. All you need do is approach them with a warm and friendly smile, and take it from there. You will just need to sit back and let it happen!

Pisces: This is a very good time to approach someone who you’ve been admiring. The celestial atmosphere encourages you, as far as love and romance are concerned, to actively pursue one of your more eligible interests. This isn’t your normal style, as you are usually far too proud to make it known that you have feelings. But something in the air is encouraging you to give a nod and a wink instead of a cold stare. This is a good time for relaxing recreation and rejuvenating yourself, to do the things you most enjoy doing. Good humor and optimism are the energy that prevails at this time and you are able to get a larger perspective on your life.

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