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Love Horoscopes – February 10, 2012

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Aries: Inspiration, eccentricity, and imagination are the key issues in your love life. If you are going out on a date with your sweetheart, it could very well be unlike any other. The current configuration of the planets means that literally anything could happen. You are likely to feel the urge to do something completely out of character now, eclectic, maybe even a bit crazy. Don’t fight the urge if it won’t cause harmful consequences, go for it, you might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. However, far from this being a disruptive influence, it may actually serve to brighten up the occasion considerably, and also get you both acquainted with some new and very wonderful friends. This could be just the tonic that your love life has needed.

Taurus: Your tastes are running towards the unconventional and you thirst for a bit of adventure today. The planetary alignment brings with it a rather delightful opportunity to act a little crazy, and to get away with it, as well. Personal relationships will also challenge you during this period. Experiment with the new in all areas to create a positive change in your love life. This will be a time for a personal revolution. Transform your clothes and your hairstyle, your approach and outlook. Anything that seems limiting or restricting needs to be reflected upon. Right now, what you want and what those close to you want are very different at the moment. Discuss your desires with your lover and they are likely to be met.

Gemini: Dare to be different is the motto for today, especially with the current planetary alignment. Also within this alignment, relationships can deepen as well as penetrate to a very personal level. The emotional intensity of this period is so very appealing to you now. Love and romance will thrive if you are prepared to experiment a little. If you are looking for love, don’t expect to find it in any of the usual places. It will be just where you least expect it.  If you are attached, think about springing some kind of surprise upon your loved one – although not too big a surprise! Make sure it reflects your playful nature and your feelings towards your partner. You are likely to make your partners day with this token of your affection.

Cancer: if you are unattached, this will be a rather interesting day. Out of the blue the love lightning bold may decide to strike you. If so, then you can chalk it up to the current position of the planets. Falling head over heels for someone was not how you imagined your day to go, but life is full of surprises. Considering how this person came into your life, be prepared for some interesting times ahead. If you are attached, now is the time for you to take a good look at your intimate relationships. Take a look at what’s working and what’s not. If things are moving along great don’t try to effect any changes. If you feel a bit dissatisfied have an honest talk with those involved then try to set the appropriate changes in motion.

Leo: The current climate encourages you to be yourself and to your own nature. Part of that is your natural aggression. Riled-up emotions can stir up harsh words, so watch your tone and vocabulary and think before you speak. It’s easy to get into pointless arguments today, don’t let annoying disagreements pull you into an emotional uproar.  Do your best to act like a saint and meditate on the things that make you happy. When in doubt, agree to disagree if at all possible. If you have been searching in vain for the right relationship, then you may find that the present planetary alignment helps you to understand just how a change of attitude may help you to be more successful. You will then attract someone who really does resonate with your being.

Virgo: Personal relationships are harmonious and rewarding in today cosmic climate. Opportunities for friendship, pleasant associations and enjoyable social interactions occur during this time. If you are unattached, you could meet the person of your dreams while engulfed in an intense discussion of an unusual nature. It is possible that cupid’s arrow will strike at a most unlikely time causing you to see that the person in front of you is certainly worthy of your attention. This could be the beginning of a remarkable relationship, one that may change you in many ways. Take some time today to let someone know how much you appreciate them. One good turn deserves another as they’ll want to show you just how much they appreciate you to.

Libra: It is ok to let loose and just act out from time to time. Take a good look at your life today, and decide which areas you would most like to change. As you go through this process, new lovers will be drawn to you. By loosening up and relaxing, you are opening yourself up to meeting someone special in the process. Giving and receiving appreciation, love, and happiness will come into your life now as a result. It’s a great day to sit back and enjoy what and who makes you happy. This maybe a good time to get some friends together and grab a couple of bottles of wine. You will then be surrounded by beauty and harmonious people. You may create memories that remind you why living the life you life is really pretty great.


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Scorpio: Your current relationship could do with a little excitement to inject some new life into it right now. Anything that you can do to recreate that mood of openness and freedom that you felt with each other at the beginning would work wonders. Positively, a relationship can be deepened and renewed now by your willingness to reveal yourself completely to your loved one. Try doing something so completely different from anything you have done before that you can’t help but fall in love all over again. Be careful today these same restless desires you have could draw you to feel compulsive or demanding in a close relationship. Do not become so emotionally driven that you force things to explode in some situation.

Sagittarius: You may be going through something of an experimental phase right now and it is likely to affect your love life as well. You may find yourself aggressive and hot tempered now, particularly when it feels like you aren’t getting your way. The planetary configuration indicates that this may continue at least for today, especially as you seem undecided as to which one of the many potential lovers you would like to spend more time with. It is probably best to continue in the same lighthearted vein you had before, at least until you figure out what it is you want. This phase could also make you a bit impatient and behave in an impulsive, irritable way which makes you more prone to accidents during this period, so be careful, both for yourself and others.

Capricorn: You will have every chance of attracting the right person today but you will have to be quick.  You need to be open to taking advantage of a certain opportunity the second it presents itself. Be your charming self and use this chance to your advantage. It is unlikely you will ever meet a person like this again, any time soon. Many of you may encounter someone that will challenge you on a very sensitive issue. This will of course end in an argument or, at the least, a very intense and uncomfortable discussion. If it pushed your buttons maybe it’s time to figure out why. You may touch upon very emotional parts of you and find yourself analyzing why and how to handle it.

Aquarius: If you feel the need for some excitement today, then you may do best to get some breathing space and take some time out away from your loved one. The position of the planets today means there is every chance that this will blow away the cobwebs that may have been gathering in the relationship recently, and also help you to rediscover your personal store of inner joy and happiness. Close relationships have a big impact on your life at this time. Old ones will be transformed or perhaps even ended, new ones may show up when least expected but welcome them. A person close to you has a mesmerizing impact so strong that you might say you’ve begin to feel compelled. Take caution and listen to your heart and intuition.

Pisces: Today’s planetary alignment implies that even you may be surprised by the turn of events today. There can be a fine line between an exciting adventure and risky behavior today, so try to stay on the safe side of the line. An unexpected meeting may be just the tonic your love life needs to get it back on its feet. Whilst the person in question will certainly be unique in more ways than one, it has to be said that you are also. The two of you together could make some wonderful music. It’s a good time to engage but perhaps to not take complete control both literally and figuratively. Let someone else have some control so that you can be safely irresponsible for a while. It would be nice for you to release all the tension you have stored up .

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