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Love Horoscopes – February 13, 2012

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Aries:  As you well know and have experienced over the last few weeks, love is sometimes up and sometimes down. Today will be no exception as it may begin to swing in all directions. You and your sweetheart are experiencing an all-time high by just being in each other’s company, you are setting off the energy surrounding you. There will be opportunities for deep sharing, and powerful, meaningful contact, to share common goals or ideals. Take the time today to have some deep discussion about what you want from a relationship and work towards making it happen. At times like this life is truly wonderful, as your enthusiastic and infectious sentiments are reminding those around you of what being in love is all about. You are making people happy.

Taurus: You need someone on a very private yet completely intimate and personal level. Right now is rather special time when love and romance become a truly awesome adventure. Make effort to connect with new people and perhaps you’ll meet someone significant at this time. If you have begun to take the first steps in a new relationship, then you will realize today that you have managed to attract someone very special into your life. You have made other discoveries as well but this one is the most profound. Most of you are feeling a bit nostalgic during this time. You yearn for the security and domesticity you once had. It is okay to be needed and to have needs; patience will see them fulfilled yet again.

Gemini: That fresh start you have been looking for may be offered today. There could be an opportunity of an adventure on the horizon. This will have a profound effect on your ideas and the way you approach your relationships. Though you understand the significance of this, you are likely to shy away from this chance. You have two choices, either stay in a rut and allow things to continue unsuccessfully, or decide that it is time for a change and take control of matters. Those of you attached are much more relaxed and content at this time and in your personal relationships. You are attracting what you need, letting the world come to you. Right now there is no need to make an effort, you are due a break.

Cancer: Your needs to share love, companionship and friendship are very strong now. A significant development in a close relationship or strong feelings of attraction to someone you encounter, are very likely at this time. It is entirely possible that you will be meeting someone exciting. Not only do they look exciting but they speak with such excitement, and have some rather fascinating ideas. YOU are so excited that you cannot seem to stop talking, which is a shame because you are likely to hear something to your advantage. Overall, this becomes a very positive time for you. In fact, you feel like relaxing and enjoying the beautiful side of life rather than laboring or concentrating on mundane tasks.

Leo: Feeling cared for and needed is what makes you most comfortable. The present lack of these emotions is causing you an instinctive feeling of uneasiness. Consider putting yourself out there on an emotional level to start attracting someone of like mind into your life. You like to be gently wooed in any romantic situation and do not appreciate an overly aggressive and direct approach. Yet once you put yourself out there you may encounter someone you WANT to be direct and aggressive with. You actually find yourself wanting to be immediately seduced by this someone very special. You will forget your usual standards of behavior in your eagerness to experience the warmth of this person’s embrace! Calm yourself before making it happen.

Virgo: At this time you are able to be very clear and concise with other people. You are able to bring out your desires and the differences between yourself and others in ways that will offend or stir up bad feelings. Couple such clarity with the state of your relationship and life is very good for you right now. This is the beginning of a very exciting time for you, especially as your new relationship actually looks like it is about to deliver on the promises that came with it. Life is moving quickly and you are about to step into a new cycle that will change your view and also the circumstances in which you find yourself. But you are not the only one. Because you appear confident, others are inclined to believe both what you say and do and join you for the adventure.

Libra: Dreams and illusions, forgiveness and an understanding of human frailties are what weighing heavily on your mind right now.  Within this you cannot hang on to your old ways of thinking right now it is time to take a long, hard look at some of your ideas. If you want to make the most of the new relationship you have just become involved in, you really do need a fresh perspective on life and love. It’s not that you are boring or hypersensitive, but that often you tend to take yourself and life far too seriously. Make it your mission to overcome your rigid nature and allow yourself some flexibility. By doing so you could prolong the life of this relationship.


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Scorpio: You are so sure, for once, that this relationship holds the potential to make you truly happy that you are willing to sacrifice your image to ensure it does. This means making make more noise than necessary in order to get yourself noticed by that special someone. But on this occasion you won’t be worried about having to embarrass yourself. Feel free to be as bold and brave as you can muster! Once you are in this frame of mind, nothing can stop you. Use that confidence and get all you desire. This is a very good time to let people know you care about them. Take the time to send a card, email a note of appreciation or even a love letter! You are likely to make someone’s day knowing that there is someone out there thinking about them.

Sagittarius: Intimacy may be a bit difficult to maintain at the moment due to outside influences beyond your control. Normally you are quite subtle about the way you conduct your romantic affairs but due to the current planetary alignment you have decided that honesty is the best policy. What brings such a change in your manner? There is a certain someone who is driving you mad with desire. You feel that being totally up front and honest about yourself, you might have a chance. This person better be worth it because you may go through a period of proving yourself worthy. You may feel at your wits end before you make any headway. Keep yourself in check for as long as you can.

Capricorn: Today you may have the opportunity to win back a lover that one of your friends stole from you. You are feeling bold and in assertive mood. This confidence works in your favor as you are at all shy about reminding them just how much fun you used to have and how much more attractive you are than your nemesis.  It may not seem like it right then and there but they will mull over those words for a while and see their merit. It could be very soon that this person comes back to you, missing what you two shared. Once they do, keep your eyes open. Key issues now are your closest emotional relationships. But if the emotions attached to these people are in a rocky place you will be able to see any difficulties or inadequacies clearly at this time.

Aquarius: This can be a time when you are forced to confront and deal with an unhealthy relationship. Love responds to the fresh and new, rather the stale and outworn. You will have to shape up some of your ideas if you want to stay in your lovers’ sweet embrace. He or she may be getting tired of some, if not all of your routines. Seeing the same thing day in and day out is just as boring as going through the notions. Just for once you could try changing something, anything, in order to make the day more unpredictable and some spark to the occasion. If you happen to be unattached, you could appear more charming and refined than usual. Now could be the time to make that date or just step out and make yourself known.

Pisces: Directions begun today can be the start of great friendships that bring both wealth and love. You will feel free to explore a new relationship. The energy of love and desire allows for all sorts of pleasantries and can provide the foundations of lots more like it to come, if you allow it to happen. Someone you have recently met is shaping up to be more than a friend and that suits you just fine. You may have been worried when you first encountered them as to how it would all go, but a while into it now, you are realizing that getting together has been the best thing since sliced bread. Keep in mind that sometimes you can be your own worse enemy by putting up barriers, try to take a few of them down today.

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