Weekly Sonnyscopes!

 (Sonny jamming on sop sax with friends in Vancouver)

Dear Aries

With Venus now firmly in your sign your ego get’s a loving boost. Friendly competition is in the air and this plays right into your seduction strengths. You won’t have to do too much to attract attention from lovers. Be yourself, have a fun week, and enjoy the attention.

Dear Taurus

On Valentine’s Day the moon will be in Scorpio. This places the deep emotional undercurrent in your astro-house of close partners. Your heart will be more open than normal even if you seem a little cold and stand-offish. Don’t worry about it. Shower your partner with affection and together you’ll have a beautiful week

Dear Gemini

The Moon will help out your love life later in the week but sitting at home won’t get it done. You’ll have to get out and say hello to as many people as possible. There is a real possibility for dreams to come true but it will arrive from an unusual source and it involves many people in a public situation. Do your best to find all of the necessary seeds. This will play out very big later in the year.

Dear Cancer

Stop arguing with everyone. The planets are helping you out at work. You’re not normally argumentative but you can be a bit moody. Extra time at the office can lead to romance just watch your tongue. The Moon will give relationships a boost late in the week.

Dear Leo

The books are calling again. Putting a little time into studying foreign philosophies, or spiritual studies will lead to romance. You’ll have fun in your study group or discussing these ideas over coffee. Say what you feel and you’ll shine through.

Dear Virgo

 Planning on falling in love any time soon? The planets indicate that you’ll be thinking about it and even putting a plan in place but you won’t be ready to commit just yet. Sure and steady is the Virgo game. Remain true to your inner nature and get ready. The wave of love is coming shortly.

Dear Libra

This is Libra time for love. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and Libra is our most romantic sign. Use the planetary energies to get together and make this week special. Venus is in Aries and this is putting you in relationship overdrive. It’s a beautiful dreamy, romantic week.

Dear Scorpio

Go to the gym. It’s time to get back in shape. Jupiter is helping you to be very attractive. It’s a great time for love but your body needs a boost. A little energy in the right spots will magically attract true love. If you’re single by the end of the week it’s because you’re holding back.

Dear Sagittarius

Our kinkiest sign is about to kick it up a notch. Mr Unusual, Uranus is taking chances with your love life. It’ll be hot/cold, fast/slow, past/present and always fun. Keep true to your light hearted fun loving nature and let love be exciting for a while.

Dear Capricorn

So you finally took a chance on love. Good job. Studies and distant affairs might cause a bit of trouble. There is a lot of love waiting at home. A great week to make peace with everyone in the family and prepare for your next big step.  

Dear Aquarius

I hope you like to talk about strange stuff. This week love is all in how you say what you think. Your words will seduce. Trust your inner voices and go for it. It’s not what you say that will attract, it’s how you say it.

Dearest Pisces

Time to come alive. There is a strong undercurrent that all of us can feel. It’s not forceful just liberating. Go with the flow and trust your intuitions. It might feel strange and vulnerable at first but you’re really getting on opportunity to let your natural gifts shine.

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