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Love Horoscopes – February 14, 2012

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Aries: Feelings of relaxation, receptivity and passivity are likely but not until you finish something you possibly started. Now normally you tend to avoid stressful confrontations or situations that demand too much of you. You don’t mind making a few heads roll but not of it interferes with something else. Today, your impatience causes you take action yourself. You make moves on a particular issue that someone close to you may not find particularly problematic but cannot longer be ignored. By taking the initiative, you not only ensure that it does get dealt with, but that it is resolved to your satisfaction. You will feel better for having done so. Afterwards enjoy a relatively lazy kind of day. You have done your job for the week and a damn good one too.

Taurus: Personal freedom and the need for a little adventure are the issues causing your disconnection to life. The energy surrounding you today encourages change in anyway possible but especially in regards to your intimate relationships. Take some “me time” and do something new and exciting on your own. It is time to leave past habits behind and cross over into new thresholds in order to find the kind of partnership that will help you to evolve and grow as a person. It is gradually becoming clearer to understand just what your next moves should be. Prove to yourself that you can still move through the world as an individual and you’ll feel far less smothered the atmosphere around you.

Gemini: Your intimate relationship may be a bit askew at this time. Emotions are likely to resemble a roller coaster ride and energies running sky high. This could make for a few uncomfortable moments today. Watch the situations around you as you do not want to fall into the same traps you have in the past.  During this time you want to avoid hasty or angry choices as you will end up making a move that wasn’t thought through. Commitments made now will tend to partake of this atmosphere, so have the patience to wait a little before moving ahead. If tempers do happen to flare today, spare yourself and others their hassle. Remember staying in love is about how well you handled what you’ve done wrong and how you strive to make things right.

Cancer: Your emotional inhibitions are at a low at the moment, which allows you to talk freely about what is on your mind and in your heart. Discussing your hopes and dreams with those close to you is likely to really help you understand just where the line has been drawn in terms of a certain intimate relationship. You will know how much further the boundaries could be extended if you and your partner are prepared to do so. You do not need to opt for total change, but you will need to refine some of the ways that you interact. Use this time to strengthen all of your personal relationships, settle lingering grievances, and create an environment that promotes a splendid future. It is Valentine’s Day after all; someone wants to be with you.

Leo: Harmony and beauty are deeply satisfying to you on both an emotional and spiritual level right now. Refinement and relationships are the issues that will bring you emotional satisfaction for you now. Close personal ties to other people are a focal point for your feelings, intimate relationships and other partnerships. You will have a rare chance to do some talking with your dearest heart and find out if you are both happy. The position of the planets means it would be great if you could be honest with each other and discuss those issues that may be a cause for concern. If you can’t get to the core of these difficulties in one go, then just do the best you can. Some of them can be emotionally unsettling but nothing you two can’t get through.

Virgo: Romance can become an end in itself for you now. You should really loosen up when it comes to your close relationships especially if you have been pursuing someone with fierce determination yet have nothing to show for it. Since you really are getting nowhere, it may be best to leave well enough alone, and to try your luck with someone else. Yes it is easier said than done when you know it is will not be that easy to let go. Right now marks a time when creativity and self-expression satisfy a deep yearning to be appreciated and needed even. Use your creativity in order to wear something bright so you can stand out! You just might get a bit more attention than what you are used to! Attention you wouldn’t mind returning either.

Libra: If you are attached, you should consider using a different approach with interacting with your sweetheart. You will not need to change much in order to improve how your relationship works but a few minor alterations could make a great deal of difference. See what can be achieved through gentle, loving, and honest conversation that allows you each to maintain your independence yet supports your being together. If you are unattached, begin a relationship now by boldly taking the initiative to pursue someone you want to be with. Do not worry about coming on strong to this person, they will actually appreciate it! If you don’t take a risk to find out you won’t ever know. So be brave, follow your heart and go for it!


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Scorpio: Today could be like a roller coaster ride with crazy emotional ups and downs. The energy surrounding you encourages an adventurous approach in your search for the perfect relationship. Try not to get so weighed down in the lows of the day that you fail to see the opportunities when they are right in front of you. Remember that no relationship is ever perfect. Though you may feel pretty sure that you can improve on what you have been through in the past, you cannot predict the future. However, this will mean that you need to take a look what part you have played in shaping those experiences. Positive energy will be coming to reminds you of your more important purpose. Be of open mind and open heart to hear the message.

Sagittarius: Your home and personal life should get the bulk of your attention at this time. If you have been trying to lift the blanket of mystery that surrounds one particular person, you may soon find an important clue that helps you understand their motives. Now is an excellent time to resolve any lingering conflicts with your personal relationships. Expressing your emotional and physical needs clearly to your mate should lead to a fulfilling affirmation of your love for one another. By listening to what your heart has to tell you, you have strengthened your relationship and have become a part of something special. From now on, let things happen in under their own accord. There no need to rush anymore.

Capricorn: The energy of this time is light, friendly and easy. The force simply flows well today. The celestial atmosphere today encourages you to discover more possibilities that are intrinsic to the framework of your current relationship. This relationship has reached a crossroads and right now you are both tasked with finding a new direction. You will need to be honest with each other about what you want to do, and how much of it you can actually do together to the satisfaction of both of you. If you are unattached, positive connections are made with others, even outside of your circle. You may meet a new friend that could turn into more if you let it. You may also want to call or email someone you love, simply to tell them you love them.

Aquarius: You are trying to avoid having heavy discussions right now. Today especially, you do not want to focus on dry, practical matters, you want to follow the friendly and harmonious vibe you feel just outside your grasp. If your intimate relationships seem to have become a predictable pattern, make the most of energy surrounding you today. You are given the chance to break out into something a little more flexible and adventurous. What you will understand is that change is the best and most suitable response in the current situation. You also need to take action to make this possible. When you are done think about going out to see a romantic comedy or simply sharing a pleasant time with someone you like.

Pisces: Despite your best efforts, it may just end up being an off sort of day. You could be inclined to irritability, temper tantrums, and just downright cranky for little or no cause. You are tasked with having to inject some enthusiasm and passion into your relationship today. This especially if you have not been giving your partner the time and attention that they deserve. There may not be anything particularly wrong, except that you have been caught up in other things and just not able to give of the best of yourself. Make it a priority to change things now.  The stress of the situation may cause you to feel impatient and inclined to bulldoze your way into situations. Try to keep a firm grip of both your attitude and your words as you may be abrasive and insensitive. Otherwise it is likely to cause accidents or bruised feelings of the part of the people you are emotionally close to.

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