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Love Horoscopes – February 15, 2012

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Aries: If you are an unattached Aries, today you may have the opportunity to get to know someone who will have a significant impact in your life. You will get a change to know them better than you do now, but it will not be completely. If you are willing to be patient, you will certainly learn all you want to know. This may start out as a wonderful friendship but it has every blessing to grow deeper as time goes on. Eventually it will become the intimate partnership that you are now hoping it will be. If you are attached, things are not be as cohesive as you would like them to be. Luckily resolution is possible through a mutual compromise of any issues that you have the courage to bring up. Be ready to give in on small points in order to gain on the large ones.

Taurus: It’s really about giving to yourself all that you desire today. One thing you desire is a certain someone you have mixed feelings for. You have been wondering whether it is worth getting closer to them since you do not know him or her very well. Today may bring you the opportunity to meet with them, setting the stage for a very promising attraction to begin and develop into something a more momentous. In order to get as far as you would like, you will have to take the initiative and do a lot of the groundwork to progress from friend to lover. Remember today is for you, it’s not bad to be selfish from time to time. If you do not think of you, then who will? All you desire is in your hands today.

Gemini: Your intuition is on the mark today. This will insure your reactions fit in with all the complexities going on around you. This will serve you well as you try and catch the attention of someone whose striking good looks have tempted you ever since the day you met. You are not entirely sure if this is something you want to take further so you will need to find some way of engaging them in meaningful conversation or other activity long enough to form a conclusion. Once you do, if it is positive, then proceed a little quicker than you normally do. You are not the only one who is vying for this persons’ attention but you are the one that he or she has the mind right now. Advantage YOU.

Cancer: If you are on the market, you might be feeling a bit frustrated. There seems to be someone who is immune to your charms and is not letting you get any further than their front door. You always love the challenge of a riddles and puzzles but you are desperately searching for a way to get closer to them, to get a date, yet no matter what you try you still come up short. Take some time and THINK about it. Use your natural genius to suggest a way forward. If you are attached your hidden passions, jealousies and desires bubble to surface and can cause trouble in your more intimate relationships. This may make you compulsive or demanding of the others involved.  Do not add more fuel to fire, you may already be in the hot seat.

Leo: You will be reminded of the cause and effect laws of the universe today.  Provide what you would like to see in a partner and you’ll find a partner that will smile upon you. Give selflessly where your desire lies and your desire will be granted.  You may not capture this person’s heart straight away, but you could well capture their imagination with your sense of humor and ability to talk on almost every subject under the sun. You will get someone in your life that is worth of all you have to give and love the posses. Right now there is someone else close to you that needs you. The sweeter and charming your attentions are, the more delicious your rewards will be. You would like a tasty treat now wouldn’t you?

Virgo: The power of your personal relationships should rise significantly at this time. You’re likely to be irresistible to you mate whose own passions will be set aflame by yours. Romantic and/or sexual relationships will be so intense that they have a sense of urgency which demands you attend them now. But right now both your spiritual and more earthy side need to be sated. It is time to planning the future of your relationship. Rather than looking back over ground already covered, it is time to blaze new trails and strengthen your bonds. The planetary alignment today indicates that this is a good opportunity for getting into a discussion about where the relationship is going. Take your time; there is no need to rush but a need to be on the same page.

Libra: Lovers, children, and other people or things dear to your heart are emphasized at this time. General positive emotions coupled with a sense of support and harmony makes this a very happy time. There is a chance to understand those around you better and maybe even have some a special time with someone you love. The position of the planets today encourages single Libras to try and attract a different class of lover. You may have this opportunity if you attend a gathering or function, or perhaps somewhere that you have not previously met everyone present. Where ever it is, you have a conversation with someone radically different from your former lovers. You will find him or her enchanting and extremely exciting. Keep this one around.


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Scorpio: Your appreciation for life in general is heightened today. This is a great time to just sit back and enjoy what you have. Celebrate love and life by hosting an impromptu party with your friends and the friends of your friends too. The more the merrier if you can stand it! Such a gathering today could have a profound impact on your future, even some of your present. It is so very significant that it points you toward a very interesting direction on your life path. Although perhaps not indicative of a new relationship, it may be the catalyst for one in the future. The seeds planted now will blossom later in your future. Be attentive and nurture these seeds so that they may continue to grow as planned.

Sagittarius: You have a special magnetism and attractive power now. You are on fire Archer, baby when you’re hot you’re smokin’ hot. Your relationships, particularly sexual or romantic ones, will grow in intensity and urgency during this time. You are looking for someone to spend your life with but you need to do this right. So forget about the immediate show of affection and taking an aggressive approach. If you think that this someone special is altogether gorgeous and worthy, then be satisfied with planting a few well chosen seeds for the future. This doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen, just that it may not happen yet. In the meantime you need some way to stay in contact and conduct yourself in a manner befitting of this love.

Capricorn: Contentment and emotional well being are the main focus in your personal relationships. With today’s planetary alignment, love and contentment is a question of working out and sticking to your priorities. Though you would rather focus more on your pleasure and hedonistic tendencies, you should be taking a good look at your motives for so desperately wanting a certain person in your life. If the attraction is purely physical you will come across a few problems. There are no guarantees that it will last once you come out of that honeymoon period with your someone new. It would be better for you to establish a more spiritual connection. Manifesting what you need to make this happen and let it all come to you.

Aquarius: It’s a good day to just relax with someone special and build up that emotional bond you have or that you want to have. The planetary alignment today is encouraging you to plant some seeds for the future as far as one outstanding relationship is concerned. You may not be able to get where you would like to be right now at this point in time but this does not mean that you can’t continue to develop the bond between you. These little steps you make now will raise you above larger obstacles later.  Just take advantage of the mood and whatever you do, don’t stay home and day dream. Get out there and live the dream. Life will pass you by if you do not stop every now and then to be a part of it.

Pisces: Friendship, love and cooperative endeavors flourish now. Developing a relationship is a learning process, and we are quite often drawn to those who can teach us the most about ourselves. Within this transformation, you can achieve a balance of giving and receiving, of talking and listening, your love life will benefit. The celestial atmosphere means that you have a chance to uncover more about why you became involved in your current relationship, and what you should be learning from it. This may also help you answer another important question that has recently been on your mind. Do something special with someone you are close to or ask someone out that you want to be closer to. Take a few calculated risks and see how well you fare.

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