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Love Horoscopes – February 16, 2012

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Aries: You are likely to be swept by a need for introspection during this period. With this introspection come new ideas and emotions. The current alignment gives you the green light to get everything off of your chest that seems to hold you back from making the most of your current relationship. During this time you can say what you want to say and actually be commended for your thoughts, rather than scolded like a child for being too outspoken. This period will also give you a chance to explore your spiritual self in great depth, assess past decisions and make plans for your future. Do not make any permanent decisions regarding your personal relationships until this period of self discovery has passed. You are not done thinking yet.

Taurus: When you get introspective, you are not very talkative let alone want to communicate anything during your time of exploration. Though it is relatively short this time around, when you do come out of it, you will need to communicate those emotions to the one you realize has your heart. Don’t expect to get passionate right away, as you have to do your fair share of wooing. Lengthy conversations about anything under the sun are in your future and that is BEFORE you can get a first date. This may deter you, maybe make you nervous but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know now will you. This person is worth the effort but you have to be confident and ballsy enough to make it. I think you can do it.

Gemini: Overall, it is a very confusing day for you so if the opportunity presents itself to stay home, do so and wait it out. Many thoughts are roaming though your mind. One may be why you are still single. There is no way you are going to get to meet that special person if you insist on only staying within your comfort zone. You should start being a bit more curious and expand your horizons. Think boldly and creatively when you plan your next outing. Meanwhile the other confusions and poor miscommunications are on the forefront of your mind. There are been many misunderstandings between yourself and others lately which is causing you to evade your responsibilities. Deal with this internally first then make amends as needed.

Cancer: Take a break today if you can, as you might be more distressed than usual over any disharmony in your personal life. In doing so you would have an opportunity to learn a few things which could really get you back on track. This not only has a very positive effect on your romantic life but also of your career and other relationships. You needed to find something that excited you and lift your spirits in order to meet someone who could match your true enthusiasm for life.  Meanwhile some of that stress you have experienced has caused you to avoid serious discussions or real disagreements with others. Keep them in mind for a later time; avoidance for a short time longer might be best idea for now.

Leo: Make today the day you stop hiding behind excuses, routines, or timetables. Snap out of it and get yourself a life. Seriously! Yes things are busy and running tight to deadlines but do you realize how much of that you really do control? You have been thinking about your lack of intimacy lately. If you want the relationship of your dreams, then stop dreaming and go out and do something that really makes you feel good, as your enthusiasm will rub off on others and draw them to you like a magnet. They will be attracted to you and want to be with you, if you only let it be known. Let your natural charm shine through and see all you can obtain. Just remember, all work and no play…

Virgo: You are avoiding heavy discussions right now and do not want to focus on dry, practical matters. But you will find yourself spending a lot of time wondering about the pros and cons of a pending relationship. You have bounced back and forth between angles and still, you cannot decide. You will only know if you like the flavor once you have tasted the fruit. Maybe it is time for you to take a bite rather than think needlessly on this.  This is a good time for social activities, so think about getting in touch with your friends. There will be a warm, friendly and harmonious tone any of your interactions so now would be ideal to catch with those you haven’t lately. Just might be what you need to put some bounce back in your step.

Libra: This is a time for hanging out and having a great time with your friends. Do something out of the ordinary that is stimulating and fun, you need to let loose right now. During your excursion, you could meet interesting new people that are quite different from yourself. This could lead to an opportunity for an exciting romance. Be brave and jump in, but be prepared to get out again if it doesn’t suit you. There is no way of knowing in advance whether you are making the right move. The only way you can only truly is to begin to connect and communicate with the person in question. This is out of your comfort zone and that is ok. Either way you will gain something from this. More importantly and above all, enjoy the adventure.


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Scorpio: This is an excellent time for personal relationships and friendships. The energy surrounding you today encourages personal exploration. You can see connections and possibilities you may have overlooked before. If you are attached, then you and your beloved may benefit from a day when you can get out and about and do something totally different. Now would be the time for communicating and sharing your plans and dreams with your partner. If you are looking for love, try going somewhere new that really sparks your interest, and makes you feel wonderful. Here you are able to share feelings and interests openly and honestly with others. Whatever the scenario you face today, enjoy a new lease of life.

Sagittarius: You are feeling sober and realistic about love at this time. You will likely spend today getting the right perspective on things before you embark on a new relationship, or make any major changes in an existing one. What you are interested in is being with people you respect and can depend upon. You need to feel safe right now and you haven’t for so long. You may not feel ready to open any new doors just yet but when you do, you will know you have made the right decision when you get that warm feeling in your heart. Also, reaching out to an older relative or another mature, experienced person can mean a lot to you and be mutually beneficial now. You are looking for guidance and he or she may be just the person to help you through.

Capricorn: This is a period of critical decisions and transition. The energy surrounding you encourages you to take a break away from your usual routine. Major changes in your life can occur now; this could mean a long-term relationship ending or a new one beginning, maybe even a change in position or location. In fact, you may undergo several important changes during this time. If you are still attached through this process then go and do something exciting with your sweetheart. If there is something that you would like to experience and explore, now is the time to do so. The more obscure or difficult the activity, the more you will both enjoy yourselves. You both are up for a challenge right now so why not rise to the occasion.

Aquarius: Change is a lifeline for the mind, body and soul. It is important change your surroundings and your mental state from time to time and right now, this is a good time for you to do so.  Believe it or not, this may be the very strategy that will enable your love life to flourish. During this transition, parts of your perspective are due to change. Seeing things from a different angle could change everything for the better. Once you decide what you want, put your feelers out there before you jump in or commit to anyone right now. If you move too fast you will be met with a cold reception. People taking themselves too seriously are probable today and likely to interfere with something you are doing. Though you are in transition, try not to be one of them.

Pisces: You need to get out. Out of town or out of the house, you need a change in scenery. The energy surrounding you encourages you to travel a good distance away searching for a new way to view a recent relationship blunder. What is hoped for is that you will allow yourself time to get over what happened. There is no point in beating yourself up or feeling low enough to think you will never date or become involved again. Trust me when I say, looking at this incident from a whole new perspective will help you through this. Remember that there are two people in a relationship; you both have your faults. Once you come through this, take some time for yourself before you move on

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