Weekly Sonnyscopes!

Astro-week February 19 – 25

Dear Aries

Clear out the past to move forward in love. As the Sun visits Pisces a light will be shed on things that both held you back and motivated you forward. You have begun a positive cycle where both love and money are attracted to you. Stay positive but watch out for old enemies to pop up. If you can allow them to simply pass you by without much harm, you’ll finally be able to reap the rewards that you’ve been hoping for.

Dear Taurus

Outgoing and expressive is the game this week. Thoughts and actions will lead you to people who will help your ambitions. This involves a potential raise at work. You’ll unexpectedly bump into an old lover. Play nice and have fun. Careful of secrets being exposed.

Dear Gemini

Your career is on fire right now. This also means that it’s about as good as it’s going to get for a while. Keep your feet moving as the rewards continue. People are trying to help you but it’s ways that you might not be ready to use. Do your best. Something you’ve always wanted is waiting but you’ll have to be creative to reach it.

Dear Cancer

Dreaming of distant shores? Planning a little vacation for the family to a distant and exotic location puts everyone in a great mood. If no trip is in the works try something new that you’ve always wanted. It’s a good week to experiment and indulge your creative imagination.

Dear Leo

If money is causing you grief help arrives from an unexpected and distant source. Joint finances take on a much larger role. Expect money in and money out. Love however is waiting in a bookstore. It’s not where you think but love is on the way.

Dear Virgo

As the Sun visits Pisces Virgos suddenly become attractive. You might be surprised to find people simply being nice to you. It’s a good time to just be happy with everyone. Love is in the air. All you have to do is be a little more trusting let it in.

Dear Libra

It might not perfect but it’s a start. Love calls but you might be too busy to respond. Somehow you’re going to have to combine work and play. So many details to take care of as your heart wants to play. Love is waiting so there is no rush. Finish your chores and enjoy the weekend.

Dear Scorpio

Our Sexiest sign is suddenly extra attractive. With Uranus, Sun, and Mercury visiting Pisces in your astro-sector of love, joy, and spontaneous self-expression you are much more playful than usual. At least in your own dark Scorpio way.  And what’s that? Jupiter in your sector of close relationships has people actually being nice to you. Loosen up and enjoy the week. You are super hot so get out and have some fun.

Dear Sagittarius

Who doesn’t like to have fun? Warm and loving feelings come from home all week. This allows you the peace of mind to get out just a bit and have some fun. Better yet, invite your friends over for a glass of wine and some gossip.

Dear Capricorn

It’s big risk & big reward time. The planets are bringing a lot of luck in areas where you like to have fun and play. You’ll be more spontaneous than usual as fortune follows calculated risks. Let love chase you.

Dear Aquarius

The competitive energy present this week causes arguments in love. Your know everything style will rub some the wrong way but when you’re right, you’re right. You might as well be true to yourself and worry about love another week.

Dearest Pisces

Happy Birthday Pisces. Neptune has finally come home and dreaming is becoming real. Psychic intuitions will become normal. Expect people to be extra nice although a bit pushy. The waters will be choppy but you can finally trust your inner voice.

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