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Love Horoscopes – February 23, 2012

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Aries: Sometimes it’s hard for you to say what you feel. Then when you least expect it everything you want to say suddenly spills out all at once. The challenge for you today is not be overwhelmed by your anxiety so you do not give away all your thoughts. Especially as you finally have the opportunity to spend the day with your loved one. There are things you wish to say, things important you want to share but share it in the right atmosphere. Luckily the energy surrounding you is a bit magical and will help you along in your endeavors. Make this a night to remember by creating an environment that is warm, inviting and cozy.

Taurus: You may find yourself teetering along the line of being entranced today. You are so singularly focused that you may forget how quickly time passes and just whom you are spending time with. Being more closely involved with this other person could become your highest priority now.  If you had plans with your sweetheart or someone else you are not with, write yourself a note and tape it to your forehead. There is a chance that you will get sidetracked by something or someone else and completely forget. This may not sit well with your sweetheart so have a backup plan in case you forget to leave yourself a reminder. If you are single, it is time to manifest the person you desire, the dream-like energy of the day will come to your aid.

Gemini: You are the point in your current relationship where you two can go in any number of directions. Figuring out which direction has proven rather difficult as you know you want, you want so badly yet you have no idea what it is you actually want. Although you are quite frustrated with yourself and your heart, rest assured that things will become clearer soon. In the meantime, avoid venting your frustrations on those around you or you will find yourself alone. Today is not the day to be alone as it is slated to be a rather pleasant day, perfect to share with someone you care for. If you and your partner have plans, make the best of the magic in the air and make preparations for a wonderful meal and a decidedly early yet passionate night.

Cancer: If your love life has been a little flat lately today is the day to do something about it. Meeting someone you can start a fulfilling romance with is likely during this period. Those who are unattached at the moment need to get out in the world and do some socializing. Today’s position of the planets brings a very romantic atmosphere to any date or event that you are attending this evening. For those in a romantic relationship now is the perfect time to do something out of the ordinary. Possibly set up a romantic rendezvous in an unusual place. Creating a little mystery will make you very attractive to your mate at this time. Either status needs to take full advantage of this wave of energy as it is quite powerful and has the ability to manifest your desires.

Leo: This is your kind of day; you can laze about and bask in a harmonious energy. Relationships are particularly pleasant and productive now, and you may find partnerships formed now work out very well. This would be a good day to meet someone new or speak to that one person that excites you enough to send your heart into furious palpitations. If you are otherwise attached, the energy of the day is just as pleasant. If you and your lover made plans to stay in, it may be a better idea to have evening out in a quiet and distinctive restaurant. Being out together will actually do you both the world of good. After the hustle and bustle of a hectic day, make time to be extra nice to each other. Besides, when was the last time you two went out?

Virgo: All eyes may be on you today as you are admired and respected like royalty. There is a wonderfully seductive and magical ambience that will do wonders for any relationship that you are seeking to improve upon, or to help you get to know someone a lot better. If you can surround yourself with an air of mystery, you will do even better. Resist the temptation to go overboard emotionally, to the point of burning yourself or someone else out. It’s easy to get carried away today so watch your step. If you are working through something, don’t expect to understand everything that’s going on with your first attempt. Your initial assumption will require refinement so be prepared to create a few different back up plans.

Libra: Being serious about life, love, goals are all well and good, but have some fun today to. When is the last time you let your mind wander through your fantasies or daydreams? Often we become bogged down in our daily routines and forget to look at the stars, or appreciate the beauty of the sunset. Take your lover or a potential lover out and enjoy some time together so you have some memories for those days that just feel it’s all too much to deal with. The time spent together will help you get in touch with the deep night sky and maybe the brilliance of another dawn. This would make for peaceful night shared with someone you care a tremendous amount for. Next week go ahead and return to your regularly scheduled programing.


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Scorpio: The energy of this time is flowing quite freely in your direction. Do something that is personally productive like going to an exhibition of some sort of artistic medium. Anything that could really make your creative juices flow is what you are looking for. Indulge in all those things that make you feel truly loved, and also enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of romance that will be there for you both. There are a handful of you who are very unhappy with their relationships, if this is you, you will have to face your annoyances causing your unhappiness. Facing these character flaws makes you more aware of what you need, feel and want in your relationships. This can only make you better for when your soul mate enters into your life.

Sagittarius: Your spirits are high at this time, and you feel optimistic, self-confident, generous, and just outright happy. You may feel like taking advantage of the favorable celestial energy today in order to attract a certain someone into your life. If you are going out to a party, make sure you wear the right kind of glitzy clothes with a touch of glamour about them. Don’t wear anything that makes you look less than a million bucks. Turn on your charm as it will be your mysterious and seductive approach that will land you the prize. You will greet life with a fresh attitude during this period of time. Though you should keep in mind how easy it is to forget the mistakes of the past and look only towards you future full of promise, growth and peace.

Capricorn: Today may be a bit challenging to your personal relationships. Differences are likely to be difficult to resolve because you are unsure what to believe. When it comes to this intimate relationship, you really need to make certain that you not only believe but that you actually know because you see it with your own two eyes. This will prove to be a rather complicated task as the line between real and fake appear to be, more blurred than ever. It would be best to rely on your gut instinct to give you the most accurate impression. Shared goals may appear vague, distant and somewhat unrealistic. You may find yourself unable to express your true feelings about anything. By keeping things light during this period, you can dissolve the chaos and stress.

Aquarius: Personal relationships should be especially fulfilling for you during this period because those close to will be easily charmed by your affection and poise. There is a wonderful sense of mystery and magic in the air today that may lift your current relationship to new heights. The energy surrounding you will provide access to pure romance. All you need do is create up the right atmosphere. This may take a bit of imagination, but your partner passionate feelings toward you will return to its fervent state thanks to your efforts. During this time, pampering yourself wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Treat yourself to one of your favorite, more extravagant activities. You are long overdue for some “me” time.

Pisces: You are optimistic, hopeful, and forward looking at this time. Today’s planetary alignment encourages your enthusiasm for someone that you may not be too excited about. This isnt unusual. You may see this person in a certain light, which creates the impression that they are almost too good to be true. But in the grand scheme of things, no one is perfect. Now is a time for communicating your enthusiasm, for the one who has your full attention. Your eyes are opened to connections and possibilities you may have overlooked before. Right now you may want to share your plans and dreams but also being more receptive to the thoughts and points of view of that special person in your life. Communication does go both ways.

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