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Love Horoscopes – February 24, 2012

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Aries: You are gripped by an almost fanatical and compulsive need to make fundamental changes in your life. One of those changes is being completely honest about your feelings. Your compulsive urges take many forms, but a particularly strong one is the need to rid yourself of limitations and obstacles in a close relationship. Though your relationship is in its infancy you think that there is no time like the present to express your thoughts. Say whatever needs to be said and don’t hold back. If the conversation will have a controversial to it, this is the best time to bring it up. By getting everything off your chest, you can relax into the relationship and begin to trust. Everything is ok now.

Taurus: Relationships are very satisfying and loving during this time, making love a racy and passionate affair.  You and your lover may be at a crossroads in your relationship but neither of you are making a move. You just want to jump straight in but cannot bring yourself to take that first step. If you are already certain that you are making the right decision, then it won’t matter; but if you have the slightest reservation, then perhaps it may be best not to be so bold. With the warm energy surrounding you, you may wish to invite company into your home. Throw a close knit party with a few close friends. Make it a movie night or an intimate dinner. Create a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy your friends.

Gemini: You are heavily pursued today. Someone is determined to win your heart with their passionate pleas and declarations. This isn’t a bad thing as a little extra romance and a healthy dose of intimate talk is exactly what you need at this time. You may feel excited right now but nevertheless pressured. He or she is rather impatient and you would like to take your time to get to know them.  You are looking for a candle light dinner and a bottle of good wine and they seem to want to hit the backseat of their car. In actual fact, there is no real rush; if it is genuine, your admirer will still be around tomorrow. When you are ready, flirting and visual teasing should really get things moving in the right direction.

Cancer: Life is not something that you can prepare for. The best you can do is be ready to take action when the need arises. Today, your love life needs some action taken. While endless amounts of conversation will achieve something, it is action itself that will get you where you need to go. Don’t worry though; there is enough fearlessness in the energy of the day for you achieve miracles. You are in control and you will make this work. If you happen to attend a social gathering tonight, go in there and strut your stuff. You will be the center of attention; all eyes will be on you. Just have some amount of restraint as any gossip that ensues from this time could follow you around like a dark cloud.

Leo: It’s a time to be mutually reassuring, rather than wildly supportive of your most intimate relationships. If you have had any problems with a certain relationship, then you can certainly begin to sort things out if you speak out. There’s a certain stability in the general energy that makes it safe to say what you feel just keep it a bit conservative as your partner may not be able to handle the true depth of your emotions just yet. It is only by being willing to be vulnerable that you will begin to get somewhere. Lay out the more important issues and start resolving each one by one. Do not let them bleed into one another, each issue separate. Once you are done, you will have this truly behind you both.

Virgo: If you are Virgo attached, today you and your loved one will remember the excitement you once shared. There is a chance for you to do something very new and creative that will re-forge the bonds with your partner. You are willing to make concessions in order to maintain harmony in your relationships. You gain what you want through diplomacy or charm, of which you have an abundance of both. By joining forces on a mutual project that fills you both with fervor and excitement; you will find a new purpose in your being together. Enlisting the support of your lover or partner, rather than by being forceful and pushy will get you a lot farther today. So what are you waiting for?

Libra: Sometimes love is worth fighting for. Enthusiastic give and take can really lead you up to full fledged interaction on many levels. It may be difficult to decide whether to make your own moves or wait to react to someone else before you let out your feelings today. The current celestial aspect encourages you to jump off the fence as far as certain someone is concerned, and to do something positive about it. If you see that your chances of getting to that special person seem to be getting more remote, while a rival seems to be striving to get closer, you still have a chance to take action. Get out there, and show this person who the better lover really is. Move it!!!


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Scorpio: Your desires are strong, and you will want to enjoy yourself at this time, maybe even selfishly. There is a basic drive to appreciate and taste life right now. Those closest to you may be open and enthusiastic with their emotions. You are not immune to this as you are likely to find yourself openly expressing your own sentiments. Romance is very possible today if you can get yourself to take a risk. If you are in a permanent relationship, you will find the feelings for each other to be a very warm and loving affair. If you are just embarking on a new relationship, you will certainly not be in the mood to hold back. Enjoy the passion and lust of the day! Remember to give as good as you get.

Sagittarius: The position of the planets today makes you very aware of just how much real passion there is in your current relationship. If you have been going through a slightly dry patch or have been too busy to really spend much time together, then you can both make up for this deficit today. If you plan an intimate evening you will certain realize how special your partnership is. This is a busy time for you and communicating and getting in touch with others is very likely. Numerous phone calls, emails, meetings, errands, or discussions bring you into contact with others. Who knows all this social contact may lead you to someone you’ve been manifesting for awhile if you are single.

Capricorn: Not knowing what your heart wants or even ignoring it, feels like you are moving two steps forward just to move more than one or two back. Rather than strain yourself over this, wait for it. Your heart will speak to you when it is ready and you will not need to push too hard to get what you want. Wait and the fog around you will clear. For those of you going to some sort of social gathering this evening, you could find yourself embarking on a rather torrid affair. Someone is pursuing you quite strongly and making their intentions known. If this turns out to be someone that you have had your heart set on, congrats! If not, just be honest and upfront so they can find someone else to lust for.

Aquarius: Disputes between your head and heart can raise issues that consume a lot of time but don’t actually resolve anything today.  One thing you do know for sure is that you crave an intimate connection that will last. Coincidentally, the energy of the day provides you with an opportunity to uncover someone’s hidden desires towards you. Normally this person is rather shy and a little timid but their energy has given them the courage to be bold and feel positive about risk they are about to take. Once you see who it is, it is highly likely you will be just as nervous but excited as they are. It is ok; there is plenty of time to get really acquainted.

Pisces: This is a good time for parties, social gatherings, and other pleasurable activities. You may just meet someone that makes all this socializing more than just a good time. Although you generally like to keep things on a more platonic and friendly level, you may be in the mood for some romance and passion as well as basking in all the attention you receive. If one your admirers decide to be bold and vocal, there will be no holding back their outpour of affection. Be prepared for a few declarations of desire and need and a little competition laid at your feet. If you happen to be attached, your relationships are especially affectionate at this time. There will be lots of little smiles and knowing looks.

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