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Love Horoscopes – February 25, 2012

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Aries: Right now you need to give your home and personal life more attention at this time. Sort your feelings, establish your emotional needs, and then pull to focus your desires for closeness and belonging. The problems you may have been avoiding in these areas will surface. You will fare better today figuring yourself out than your sweetheart. The energy surrounding your partner seems to be similar to yours, private contemplation. This doesn’t mean that the relationship is falling apart, just that in taking the time to reconnect with themselves they will be better able to connect with you. Take heed of the message being sent, use this time wisely and bring yourself to focus so you may better connect with your lover later.

Taurus: You may not be sure how you feel today but you know that this isn’t you. This is not so much to throw you off course as to help you to examine what you really want out of a certain close personal relationship. You can achieve a harmonious balance between yourself and your desires through giving and receiving as well as talking and listening. Your romantic interest will find this very appealing and appreciative. But, do not be pressured into making any decisions about life at this very moment. You still may be unsure of what you really want after any conversation had. It is better to say nothing at all than say something you later regret. Shift your focus to more accommodating endeavors and give your mind a break from worrying your heart.

Gemini: You have a strong desire for love, affection and the pleasures that comes with them. While you certainly deserve to have your passions fulfilled, a little discretion used in choosing who you share them with will help you to avoid trouble later. While the feelings you have may go from being very enamored with your current lover, to just as suddenly not wanting to be bothered at all. Because your feelings may lead you to act impulsively and without regard to consequences, it may not be a good idea to make any definite plans. The energy surrounding you desperately encourages you to be real and honest in your interactions. To do so, try and view the situation from a more detached perspective. This may help you see what was really right in front of you.

Cancer: Feelings can grow and emotions rise faster than you thought possible at this time. With this you will need to develop a broader view of your relationships. The energy surrounding you will help shed a light on things but worry about the details later. Even though you may have been questioning which one of you is actually responsible for all of the discord, it is far more important to understand the principle of the problem. Better to learn from the mistake of the actual problem than to repeat it later and make things worse. However, you begin to understand what is going on, you will see exactly what is causing the problem. Do what is needed to make things right between you and loved one.

Leo: Feelings of friendship and even love are at the top of your emotional list right now. Because your emotions are strong and upbeat today, it is easier to see the good side of the people around you. Since any plans you begin today concerning your relationship will evolve in a positive manner use this time wisely and take stock of it. Once you do you will see that certain aspects of your relationship hold you back from truly expressing yourself as freely as you would like. You would rather not admit to it but don’t try and hide away from the truth. Use this as your basis to spark a discussion towards figuring out where you stand with your sweetheart. You really need to realize that now is the time to speak up. Do not let this fester.

Virgo: Lately it seems that outside forces you cannot control are having an effect on your current relationship. While you and your partner have every right to be annoyed, these events are doing you a favor by showing where the weak points are. The normal joys of a partnership may appear to have become a bit old and worn out, so it’s probably time to work to some aspects to bring back the shine. The good news is that through being open and genuine with each other, by saying what is true for you both, you will achieve a greater level of real healing and understanding. This is an uphill battle so nothing will be resolved today. Be willing to spend some time working on your relationships, keeping what really works and let go of what doesn’t.

Libra: You like order, predictability and stability: what you do not like is chaos and upheaval. What you will encounter today temptation which is likely to create turmoil within your close personal relationship if you are attached. This person you encounter will draw you towards him or her like a moth to a flame. You will find yourself powerfully attracted both emotionally and sexually to this someone. I hate to say this if you are attached, but the ends will justify the means as it is the only way to introduce a breath of fresh air into your love life. You allow the temptations because despite your best efforts, your partner is not as loving as you would like and you can no longer be with them unloved. It isn’t the ideal situation but it is likely to be yours.


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Scorpio: You need a little help in the relationship department right now and energy surrounding you just might do the trick. You will find that you are open to a flow of very enlightening ideas that will give you a chance to see your partner from a new and very different perspective. This could actually create some very positive progress in one area where you had both become stuck. This is also a really good time of the month to start working on getting noticed. There will be someone paying attention that you haven’t realized is watching. This will cause positive words to be spoken about you which will get around. This positive energy will work its way directly into your life next week, so help it out where you can.

Sagittarius: This is an excellent time to discuss your feelings and clear the air on any grievances you may be holding on to from the past. This issues you have had could be the reason why you now have mixed feelings about a certain situation that you now yourself in. You have a tendency to get very involved in your emotions, which often makes it difficult to adopt a detached perspective and see things with clarity. However, today’s position of the planets encourages you to take some time to reflect on what you actually want. So try to stand back from your emotions today and look at your relationship from a different view. This will help you answer the question of if you should stay or if you should go.

Capricorn: Your emotions may be at a tug of war today as things look very good for you personally but for someone you are on intimate terms with, not so much. Whatever you do, this is not a day to stay in and stick with your usual routine, be creative and adventurous. You will have the opportunity to do some exciting things with some very new and different people who will be able to make quite a difference in your life. You would like to share this opportunity with your loved one if you are attached but it seems as if he or she is putting some distance between the two. Do not try to force yourself on them; it is highly likely they want to deal with whatever is bothering them privately. Give them the distance they need and they will return to the fold soon.

Aquarius: Sometimes it takes something catastrophic to see what is really in front of you. Today that event will open your eyes to the quality of relationship you and your sweetheart have. You will soon see that your relationship is a value far greater than you had ever imagined or thought it could be. The realization will open your eyes as to why you were brought together, and how much you two can truly achieve. Just in time to be honest as the type of energy surrounding you right draws relationships towards it to help them deepen and grow in intimacy and compatibility. This can lead to a much deeper understanding and bond between you. Act quickly in order to right the wrongs you caused and salvage this treasure.

Pisces: You have big plans and goals, and you finally have an idea about how to make them happen.  As your thoughts turn toward the future and your most essential relationships, things will be seen much more clearly now. The energy surrounding you provides the opportunity to see one particular relationship from a different angle. Normally you do very well when you need to see things from a different view but today your perceptions are even more heightened. Even though you do realize just how much you both share, with renewed insight, you also get to see that there is particular aspect to the partnership that is a sheer magic. Deal with the facts first and make some concrete plans, and then you’ll find that fantasy soon becomes a magical reality.

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