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Love Horoscopes – February 28, 2012

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Aries: For some time now, you have had something weighing on your mind but were in no shape to take the necessary risks. After much consideration you decide to finally do it. It’s not that you suddenly gain an extra dose of courage, but after examining all the facts, you see it from a different perspective. It is this point of view that helps you to see a way through, and realize you built it up more in your head than it was worth. You are entering a time where the energy around you is light, friendly and easy. Positive connections with others will be made and you may meet someone who spices up your love life. This is a favorable time for social interactions. You may want to call or write someone you love, simply to cheer them up or tell them you love them.

Taurus: Warning signals are in the air today. These may come through your dreams or right in front of your face.  No matter how hard you try or act with conviction your beliefs, there will be someone there to challenge every angle. If the warnings of the day do not come in the form of your dreams, you may want to pay attention to them during this time. Under the current aspect there is one dream in particular that involves someone special, you will have the power to fulfill. This does involve some effort on your part; you will need to take the initiative in some way or other. It should be as easy as saying hello, nothing you should really dwell upon.  With the events of the day do try to keep your words positive, but leave the last word for later.

Gemini: Your aim during this time is to get your proverbial house in order. You crave organization and practicality, and you want to get things accomplished with the least effort. This means everything has its place and there is a place for everything. More importantly you want to pay particular attention to your intimate affairs. Yet something, some minor detail that you can’t quite put your finger on is holding you back. Your mind is consumed with someone who does not quite fit your plans yet they completely fascinate you and warm your thoughts at night. You are not sure whether give this a chance or let it go. You need to decide one way or the other and soon. You will not be able to keep your head straight if your heart is in chaos.

Cancer: Lately your daily life has not been particularly exciting or unusual at this time. This may change as things may not go quite as planned when it comes to your love life today. You may have had certain ideas about the events of the day or certain scenarios, yet it will not turn out as you imagined. Be prepared to go with the flow as the events in fact may lead to a more positive and exciting relationship. You can use this energy to your advantage as right now you are even more clear and decisive than before. This would be a good time to assert your own needs and desires, by openly communicate to others what you really want. By doing so, you will be able to make steady, practical progress in your life amidst the chaos.

Leo: Conversations and interactions are intense during this time. You may find yourself exposing intensely private or secret subjects. If you are unattached or speaking with someone relatively new, be sure the person you share your inner thoughts with is someone you can trust. Though if you are attached you may find fault in your sweetheart today. Your stubborn streak is likely to cloud your vision and may prevent you from seeing the best in him or her today. Talking would be a great first step, it will probably help. This will be a rather deep conversation, as you both need to share your feelings and see if you can get to the root of the problem. What may work even better is doing something together that is drastically different and exciting from the norm.

Virgo: So things are not going as well as you like for them to be and so you are wearing your brave face hoping it will get you through. Not going to work as right you are in a cycle of exploring your feelings and taming your restlessness for new emotional experience and adventure.  What you need to do is adapt a more constructive approach to this by looking for a more positive, albeit radical perspective. This hopeful outcome will give you a feeling that anything is possible if you set your sights high enough. Once you change your perspective your outlook will improve. You are full of optimism, faith, and want to take chances at the deepest emotional levels. This new light may even begin to attract someone special should you be open to it.

Libra: Feelings and actions with loved one are at cross purposes today and make this day’s energies one you may not want to put much effort in. The fact your partner may seem like acting out of character today isn’t helping either. You are seeing a side to their personality that you hadn’t before. While part of you is a little shocked, the other part of you is rather excited. Rather than fight yourself, why not run with the part of you that is excited. Think about what you are really seeing. This could lead to a whole new range of interests or activities that you can do together. There is no reason to shun him or her away, no need to be hasty. See this as an opportunity to expand your horizons as well.


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Scorpio: Giving and receiving appreciation, love, and happiness come into your life now. Even if tonight’s first day doesn’t go as you thought it would, you will have fun. They may not have some sort of tic or blatant annoyance but they will certainly come across as being very offbeat and original. You will certainly benefit from what they have to offer as they open your mind to new possibilities. If you are attached, you will be moved to express your affections more openly than usual. Feeling cared for and needed is where you want to be right now. Therefore your more intimate relationships will take on more emotional depth, power, and importance now. Enjoy the day and people around you, it will be a great one.

Sagittarius: This is a positive day for love in your life. If you are unattached and maybe dating someone for the first time, go all out. Dress well, showcase your intelligence but make sure that you are surrounded by an aura of mystery. You don’t want to give all your secrets away immediately. Flirt, tease, and seduce all you want but make sure have fun! You care more passionately and respond instinctively and emotionally to whatever happens to you at this time. Those around you will certainly benefit you’re your new disposition and want to bask within your warmth. Also, you are energized and invigorated now and eager to be involved in projects that benefit your children, family, or home. There is no stopping you right now!

Capricorn: Your thoughts turn to love and this is a favorable time to bring out any concerns you have in your personal relationships. You realize that life isn’t always how we want it to be, and lately your relationships seem to defy your ingrained hopes and expectations. What transpires today may mean that you have to alter your perspective radically. Do not let this worry you as it is sometimes necessary for dreams to come true. Today’s events will mark a significant chapter in the ongoing deepening of the bond between you and your loved one. Agreements and cooperation can be achieved easily during this time. Just take it little by little and this will become what you want it to be. Your patience will pay off.

Aquarius: The astral configuration may encourage you to do something radically different in order for a certain dream to come true. Although you are generally outspoken, and certainly not subtle, it may be a change of tack to a more mystical and unique viewpoint that enables you to go out on that first date. You will certainly understand each other, and will definitely want to see each other again. Support from close friends, family, and the women in your life gives you extra confidence now. This is a good time to mend fences and smooth over problems in your home life. Try to find the positive aspects of situations before looking for the negative. It will get you farther and keep you on steadier ground emotionally.

Pisces: The energy is running hot and cold today. Sometimes it takes an event that acts upon us like a bolt from the blue to get us to change our attitude toward life and love. Just as you think you’re warming up to someone, they can suddenly turn negative and even outright cranky. The planetary transits may create such an opportunity in the shape of an incident that could leave you stunned. However, once you realize that this is not the disaster it first appears, but rather a unique experience – you will be ecstatic. So wait, if you can, to make commitments or even propositions. If it’s meant to happen you’ll have another chance when things feel more stable.

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