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Love Horoscopes – March 1, 2012

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Aries: You are known as the Ft. Knox of secrets as many people confide in you and often seek your council. Today you are likely to make other deposits into the vault as a number of people around you are only too willing to share their very sensitive feelings. This could leave you a bit uncomfortable especially when your sweetheart confides in you and leaves you confused. This may not be directly involved in your relationship but it may open your eyes to parts of them you may not have known before. You may not know how to react so just speak from your heart and be honest! If it saddens you, scares you or even angers you then let them know but do so without the excitement of emotions. They need you right now not the added stress.

Taurus: Today may be a bit challenging to your personal relationships. You may find yourself unable to express your true feelings about anything so try to keep things light during this period. Though differences are likely to be difficult to resolve that will change over the next few days. Then you will be able to convey your emotions, only if you get a chance to speak to your significant other. Once you do, you will have the uncanny ability to speak without so much as saying a word. Things planned or discussed right now with your lover may seem a bit distant and somewhat unrealistic. Give it some time. Soon the path before you will become clearer and you will feel far more connected to those you love.

Gemini: You may find yourself having emotional differences with someone close to you. One if not both of you may be having a bad day and it really isn’t about each other. You or loved one may find yourself in a situation that is unhealthy and rather negative and draining. If you cannot change its tide then you may want to remove yourself from the equation. Excuse yourself for now and let things calm down for a bit. When you come back to the fold, be gentle with your sweetheart, you will be able to soften some of the harder edges that have developed in your relationship recently. There really is some romance and magic between you two, it may just take a short while to get back to it. Simply be kind to each other during this time.

Cancer: You may have been rather demanding on your relationship or your partner lately. Thankfully the current planetary alignment allows love and relations to flow more freely. Keep in mind that your feelings and passions are still strong during this time so watch yourself from becoming too overbearing yet again. If you have had any differences recently, and it is likely you have, then use this time to put matters to right. A gift that reveals your true feelings would be greatly appreciated, or just a wonderful romantic evening spent happily enjoying each other’s company. Make up for your recent transgressions by making each other feel really good. Quality time together is always time well spend and can atone for many offenses.

Leo: Your appreciation for life in general is heightened today. While you would like to spend this day relaxing and enjoy the finest in life, you may have some issues to attend to first. The current atmosphere in your love life is distressing at best. You are not worried per say but there are many emotions circling the situation that are sentimental. Though this makes some around you happy, you on the other want nothing to do with it. You would rather move on and let it those emotions remain in the past. Which is fine, those excited can have their nostalgia; you can go about your business of enjoying the day. While you are it today, sending flowers to someone special may be a good idea. Maybe someone who you appreciate or has done something for you.

Virgo: The energy surrounding you is quite powerful and restless which may infuse your emotions. During this time you could be more distressed than usual over any dissension in your environment and intimate relationships. As such you are inclined to avoid serious discussions or real disagreements with others. Do not allow yourself to fall into that. The energy today also empowers you open up to your partner and express what you feel, without wanting to hide or feeling self-conscious. Being this open could help make significant progress in the relationship. Also, challenging mental work and concentration is difficult for you now. Take a step back if possible and realize tomorrow will be here soon enough. Quit trying to do so much!

Libra: Discovering new things about your mate and yourself is likely at this time. As you learn more about each other the degree of harmony and solidarity in your relationship will increase. These positive emotions could sweep you away in a rush of passion today. Though you normally thrive more on fervor and excitement, this form of expression may be a bit overwhelming even for you. But despite its zeal, it will nevertheless help you form a stronger and deeper bond with that someone special. Socializing as a couple should prove to be very rewarding and actually enhance your more intimate moments. Ride this energy you and your sweetheart are surrounded by and share it with your close friends.


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Scorpio: Today you want to share yourself with those you care for. Part of you is far more in tune to someone very close to you than you have been in recent months. With this person you may find yourself wanting to share many secrets or thoughts that you have yet to tell anyone else, ones you have yet to complete in your own mind. They will feel the same and share with you pieces of their heart as well. This exchange will enhance your self-perception making you feel secure in your own skin. Since your spirits are lifted, why not spread your love and whatever good fortune you have around. In order to do so you will need good company and happy fellowship. It’s a good time for a party, as long as you don’t overdo it.

Sagittarius: Although it is very much a day for lovers, you could find it a bit over-sentimental and cloying. The alignment of the planets means that expressions of affections, as they are shown to you, could tend to be too sugary sweet and overly romantic for your liking. Not that you don’t appreciate these things, but you prefer them in a more stylized and less gooey format. Though despite the sweetness, you are secretly craving for comfort and loving affection right now. You really have feeling rather tender and softhearted, so stop frowning over everyone else’s happiness and may do something on impulse. This is a good time to spoil yourself and also to spend time with the people who love and appreciate you the most.

Capricorn: You are highly competitive and impatient right now, which is likely to cause friction or furiously emotional confrontations with others. This can be in part to any unresolved feelings from the past creeping back to light. The energy surrounding you encourages you to find a more suitable way to deal with these emotions before things get out of control. Why not tune into the deeper feelings you have for this someone special do something about it rather than sequester them. Telling them by word of mouth is one way, but there are a thousand other ways that would be easier. Considering the kind of person you are, you are already well acquainted with those methods. Use the full power of your imagination and end this insanity.

Aquarius: Was Valentine’s Day rescheduled? Everyone around you seems to wax so very poetic of love and romance as if they have been drench in some sort of aphrodisiac. There is only so much that you can take today and you will no doubt reach your limit! If you are single, get away and take your mind off of things by catching up on your reading or going to see a movie. If you are attached simply give in to the sickingly sweet love fest surrounding you and attend to your own relationship. Catch up on your intimacy by creating a night full of little special details unique to you both. Whatever puts you both in the mood; make sure there is plenty of it on the menu. We want this evening to end on a horizontal note.

Pisces: The planetary alignment helps you to feel very safe and secure within a relationship that you may have had a few doubts about. You find it relatively easy to share your emotions and to sense the deep bond that has already developed between you. If you had wondered whether the feelings between you are mutual, you will certainly find out they are – which is great news. There’s a certain stability in the general atmosphere that makes it safe to say what you feel, just don’t get too carried away. Conservation of emotion might be the theme for the day, maybe even a few days. It’s a time to be mutually reassuring, rather than wildly supportive of anyone close to you.

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