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Love Horoscopes – March 5, 2012

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Aries: You’re at a place where you need to affirm the emotional depth of your most intimate relationship. Your need for emotional comfort is likely to grow during this period. Part of that has to do with your tendency to become involved because of preconceived ideas about what is or isn’t right. Stop trying to relate to an ideal and relate to the person that is right in front of you. And not for what you can make them be but as they really are. Put aside any judgments that limit the free flow of your emotions and just express the love you have for him or her. Set extra time aside to spend with your mate exploring your love for each other. Creating an undemanding, romantic environment is likely to get you the confirmation you need.

Taurus: You can draw a lot of strength from your roots right now. But, if all is not well in this area, you will clearly see any difficulties or short comings at this time. Someone is trying to get you to see something about your intimate relationship that you don’t want to. You are swinging between despair and blind faith, because you have a suspicion but no real proof. What you need right now, is to confront what is before you, and not be afraid to understand what is really happening. Have courage, as this is the path to true healing. This may also be time to mend some fences or get in contact with those you were once close to. Clean the slate between you and someone you were once close to that you miss dearly.

Gemini: You are moved to express your affections more openly than usual. Giving appreciation, love, and reaching a level of happiness is where you want to life to be right now. Today you may find those goals difficult as you decide just what to do as far as the current situation in your intimate relationships. You have in part, helped to create the problem before you, but so far you have had little success in cleaning up your mess. Why not cut all the bullshit and just hit this problem head on? It is rather minor, or at least it will be when you are done. Once you do this you can then move about life with a more harmonious grace than you have been.  It really is a great day to sit back and enjoy what and who makes you happy. Find a way to do so.

Cancer: There is a need for change, a desire to break with old patterns from the past. You need to tune in to how you really feel, and express this honestly. Right now you are longing for something new, definitely different, and even a bit eclectic draw to your interest in your romantic interactions. You sense a conflict in a personal relationship, this causes you to falter and give responses that may not be based on your true needs. On the one hand you want desperately to trust, whilst on the other hand you feel you can’t trust anyone! You will find today that is it very easy to pull emotional sustenance friends and social involvement. Take this day for yourself, get the cards of your house in order so you can not only trust again but gain what you desire.

Leo: This is a time for rediscovering. Whether it is finding yourself again or how you interact with friends and lovers, you need a fresh perspective on life. You can start by looking at a certain relationship problem from a variety of viewpoints. Now only real breakthroughs will work. You need to have a willingness to try new and different approaches to your relationships as this will get you farther than doing nothing at all. Don’t be tempted to focus on one narrow detail; you then have only a lop-sided picture which will cause you to take the wrong kind of action. If you succumb to this danger, you will miss seeing where the fault really lies. If you are about to enter into relationship, do so with love and compassion, leave your past where you found it.

Virgo: It may be difficult to get your bearings with the energy of the day. Tangles in romantic relationships are likely now. In fact, any of your interactions today are inclined to be tense right now. One problem you may have is that you cannot decide just what it is you see in someone you are intimate with. This person continues to fascinate you no end but you have no idea why he or she is still around. From a logical point of view you can find many reasons to leave them and get on with your life and you have nearly acted upon them. But your deeper intuition is telling you to sit up and take notice. This will likely be linked to your sex drive which is right now very strong. With the conflict in your mind, do not be greedy and think of only your needs in bed.

Libra: You sense a conflict in a personal relationship that has weighed heavily on your mind for quite some time. Why you figure out what it really is your feel, the conflict is causing you to not respond to your lover or the issues that have been raised based on your true needs. You need to get your feelings in order and express them honestly. It is high time you let your significant other know what you want and like. Be a little selfish but don’t forget to ask what they might like as well. The energy of the day supports this and encourages you to assert your own needs and desires. But you do need to communicate to others what you really want. Do so in a manner that is clear, decisive, and articulate. It is about time you get what you want.


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Scorpio: Today, the energy surrounding you is trying to encourage you to be more generous and openhearted especially in your current intimate affair. What may have started out as a promising relationship seems to have become a list of criticisms with reasons for walking away. Instead of being negative and looking at all the mistakes or imperfections; look at what is so special about them that attracted you to him or her in the first place. Work with that is positive first before you dismiss a good person over a few minor annoyances. Your social connections are especially warm at this time. This is a good time for social gatherings, more so if you are unattached. You may just meet someone that makes all this socializing more than just a good time.

Sagittarius: The planetary alignment today could mean that you may be moving through a time in a close personal relationship when you spend more time noticing what is wrong, rather than what is going right. This could be causing you to withdraw, and seem cold and distant. However, you also have the option of allowing the passage of time to show just how right this partnership is for you. Because chasing after a fantasy could give you just as many reasons to complain. As getting whom you want at the desired where and when will lead to one complication after another. You may have to “settle” for who is already in your life rather than the unattainable dream. Unless, you’re willing to wait, do without and see if it all comes together later.

Capricorn: If your more intimate affairs become strained, you tend to close down and become difficult to talk to. This is likely to be the case right now. You are in conflict with a current relationship and are not sure if it has become the positive factor in your life that you hoped for or like the negative one you recently ditched. There are faults, there are always faults but rather than sweet them under the table like you do, confront them head on.  You will have everything you need without upsetting yourself further. Implied understandings and understood arrangements are the tools of the moment. They will give you big gains emotionally if they will clearly defined in the first place.

Aquarius: The astral configuration of the day means that you just can’t seem to trust what your instincts are trying so hard to tell you today. You know what needs to be done to remedy certain shortcomings within your current relationship, and you also know that these would work well. Yet you doubt your own inner wisdom. Even though the course of action indicated may not make logical sense, it will work. It’s going to be a busy day for you as you’ll want to communicate and get in touch with those closest to your heart. Numerous phone calls, emails, networking, errands, or discussions bring you into contact with others. This is a good time to brainstorm with others, share ideas and long term goals in other areas of your life

Pisces: Frustrations and obstacles in your relationships with others arise at this time. You feel like others do not really understand you and do not cooperate with you, and that to do anything right, you have to do it yourself. This can be a very self defeating attitude and will cause you to miss out on the bigger picture. If someone close to you seems to be falling short of your ideals, then you only have yourself to blame. Today you will be faced with the truth as it will likely slap you in the face. You realize you can’t expect to be happy if you only wanted to be with them to fulfill certain purposes, rather than because you enjoyed their company as a person. Next time you encounter this, try and look at things through a different perspective.

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