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Astro-week march 4- 10, 2012

Dear Aries

Careful with your finances. It’s big money in and big money out. There is luck in stable ventures. Romantic gifts and material expressions of affection are appealing right now.

Dear Taurus

Your ruling planet Venus has returned to your home sign making you extra likeable, magnetic, and attractive. You’ll be attracting people with your calm common sense nature. Be yourself. This is a wonderful week to be adored.

Dear Gemini

You’re past is coming back so you might as well deal with it. Love is in the air and it’s compelling you in an almost magical way. You may lose focus as the heat rises. Stay calm.

Dear Cancer

Believe in your dreams. You’re entering a cycle where people will help you reach your goals. You’re going to have to ask and it will feel slow but you can do it. A weight lifts as new insights present themselves.

Dear Leo

When the pressure mounts all eyes will be on you. Your leadership will be tested. Venus helps out by highlighting your natural charm and grace. You’ll shine at the office and in public. Look out for the beginning of a new office romance.

Dear Virgo

The shift in love energy invites you to finally break out and adventure. You’ll be hearing the call from distant shores. Freedom, liberty, and visiting someplace new are all themes which attract love.

Dear Libra

Routine love has become dull fast. It’s time to put a little passion back into your relationships. A romantic dinner might not be enough to get the spark going. Your cravings turn to something spicy.

Dear Scorpio

Buckle up Scorpio. It’s time for love. Venus is in Taurus and that means love for Scorpios. Make yourself available. Love will have a thicker skin than usual but you should still keep your tongue under control.

Dear Sagittarius

Love enters a practical cycle for our fun loving archers. Think details and you’ll find love. The planetary energy is filling you with a desire to help others get things done. The only downside is, you may become so involved with helping others that you miss true love.

Dear Capricorn

This week, love for you is all about self-expression and creativity. It’s about what makes you special and how to use your gifts to make a better world for yourself. Whenever Venus passes through sensual Taurus, themes such stability and opulence shine forth in love. The material, show me the money, kind of environment that causes Capricorns to take a chance on love.

Dear Aquarius

This week love finds you close to home. Domestic interludes, close family, and parties at home are all favoured this week. Warm and loving feeling prevail. Try and avoid jealous and overprotective behaviour.  Joint ventures are worth a second look mid-week.

Dearest Pisces

With all that good that you do for everyone else it sure would be nice if they stopped complaining about it! There’s a disruptive force around your closest partner right now. It has them a little grumpy and disagreeable. It doesn’t help that your finances are also up and down as well. It might feel like you just need a small break. Take it and talk with someone. Love waits in the words.

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