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Love Horoscopes – March 6, 2012

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Aries: An urge to change and try new things may challenge and upset your domestic life but you may not be able to resist the offer that comes your way. Your tendency to follow your heart more than your head acts, especially now, will put those who care for you in an awkward position. You may have a thousand and one reasons for wanting to run the other way, and yet something keeps you firmly rooted, eager for the attention. Your heart knows that the person about to enter your life brings with them much sunshine and happiness… but at what cost? This could be a no win situation that requires walking a fine line on your part and calls for you to be a bit more patient and taking the time to think things through. Try to curb your enthusiasm.

Taurus: Enthusiastic give and take in your relationship can really lead you up to full fledged interaction on many levels. The celestial atmosphere is bringing out a lot of hidden feelings and then magnifying them to an incredible degree. It may be difficult to decide whether to make your own moves or wait to react to someone else before you let out your feelings today. Anything spoken about or expressed will tend to be far more emotional than is actually warranted. If your partner appears to want to issue some kind of ultimatum today, then the best thing you can do is pretend that you haven’t heard. Do your best to stay out of trouble. If possible why not avoid this potential explosion and do your own thing today.

Gemini: Your emotions may be riding high, and yet this could be in conflict with your conscious intentions. Luckily your intuitive, feeling nature is very strong.  Your emotions and intuition could have an impact on how you feel about that special someone in your life. You are considering making more of a commitment but there are other issues in play. You do want to go for it, but part of you wants things to stay as they are. Is there something you are not letting go? How about this, don’t worry about decisions today. Just enjoy each other’s company and come back to this crossroads later. Meanwhile some of you will be consumed by feelings of nostalgia and compassion. Memories long forgotten come to the surface. See if you can find some resolution.

Cancer: There is quite a lot of emotional energy surrounding you today and it may be a good idea to let go any issues within your current relationship for now. You are wound up so tight that you may be tempted to express your feelings very strongly, whether positive or negative. By tomorrow you may have changed your mind about all that was said and may burned some bridges. Instead focus on having fun, but keep quiet about what is bothering you for now. Doing so will open the door for very enjoyable social interactions. You may actually find today harmonious and rewarding. Also, take some time today to let someone know how much you appreciate them; they may also want to show you their appreciation – affectionately.

Leo: It is likely you will have to deal with a conflict of interests when it comes to an intimate relationship. So not be surprised that your initial assumptions will require refinement. Do not expect to understand everything that’s going on with your first attempt. The problem is between you wanting to keep the romance alive, and yet needing to be practical about certain matters. What you know for sure is that the connection to your lover has lost its shine and you don’t know what to do about it. Resist the temptation to go overboard emotionally, to the point of burning yourself or someone else out. It’s easy to get carried away today so watch your step. Allow things to pan out; you may find that the issues resolve themselves very shortly.

Virgo: One minute you are living in dreams of all the things that you and your potential loved one could do together, the next you are plunged in despair. The celestial atmosphere today may mean that you need to find the point of balance between these two extremes. Once you can see the futility of torturing yourself in this way, you can be more constructive. Be kind to yourself. Now is a good time for you to take a step back and give a good look at your personal relationships. Determine what’s working and what’s not. If things are moving along great don’t try to effect any changes. If you feel a bit dissatisfied have an honest talk with those involved in order to set the appropriate changes in motion.

Libra: You are restless and eager to meet your partner halfway, to converse, exchange information, and make deeper connections. You will need to tone things down a little so you do not overreact because things may go south quick when you see him or her. Be alert and on your toes during this time because the pace is likely become a bit hectic. All of the sudden things between you two can go from hot and passionate to cold and distant. Irritability due to aggravations and increased demands in relationships are likely and could screw up your day. If you can avoid being extreme, this would help matters very much. You don’t need this; you have other things that you need to focus on. So don’t make a fool of yourself and lose out altogether.


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Scorpio: You are feeling sober and realistic about love at this time. This gives you some courage to let your special someone know how you feel. They make you feel safe and at this time this is what’s most important to you. Yet finding the right balance to convey these emotions and taking into account your situation could be a difficult juggling act today. If you go too far either way, problems may develop. Just for once follow your gut and it will be guide you well. During this time you are interested in being with people you respect and can depend upon. By reaching out to an older relative or another mature, experienced person can mean a lot to you and be mutually beneficial now.

Sagittarius: Positive connections are made with others, and you may meet a new romantic partner, perhaps even share the fantasy of the day. But if this leads you to develop an unnatural attraction to someone who has been a good friend, you need to think twice. Whether you are currently in a permanent relationship or not, this could cause something of a problem both for you and for them. It may be best not to take any kind of action that could create embarrassment, as you may feel very differently tomorrow. Use this time to shut the world out. Even if it’s only in your mind as a fantasy, take a trip somewhere not where you are and sift through your emotions then let them go. Clear your mind and let the energy surrounding you do its work.

Capricorn: You could get into unnecessary trouble today and this should not surprise you in the least. There is a storm brewing and you have decided to unleash it. You have been tempted for a few days to express certain extreme sentiments lately. And while this will certainly have an impact, it will probably not be the one you desire. It may be best to find some other outlet to express your feelings – one that will not jeopardize what you have spent so long in getting together. Turn your thoughts from negative and draining to love and an appreciation for beauty. Why not enjoy your surroundings today. This is a good time to schedule social activities where tact and friendliness would be a plus.

Aquarius: Why so serious Aquarius?  Personal relationships may feel heavy today, but only if you make them so. You have completely free rein as to how you choose to express the many emotions that seem to flow through your being right now. Though, what you want and what those close to you want are very different at the moment. You can either use the excess passion creatively and do something constructive, or you over whelm everything around you. Choose the wiser course of action. You thirst for a bit of adventure right now. If you’ve chosen the wiser path then you should be able to reap its benefit. Discuss your desires with your lover and they are likely to be met.

Pisces: This is probably a good time to back off things a bit and make sure that what looks like a great idea isn’t actually a hidden misunderstanding. You’ve been trying to decide whether to get to know someone better or whether not to bother. This is often a difficult decision because what feels right may be impractical or misleading. You might want to take a second look is in order to avoid having to rework through all this later. Don’t believe all you hear, or all you say as it’s easy to just make assumptions at this time. Thankfully the energy surrounding you is working in your favor and could possibly take this matter completely out of your hands. If it does, then go with the flow of the powerful feelings that fill you. Have fun while you have the chance.

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