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Love Horoscopes – March 7, 2012

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Aries: Dreams, wishes, and fantasies about love are strong now. And because of this, you may be prompted to take action based on some cooky ideas that pop up in your brain today. Granted, you are no stranger to the odd. You like that you are a magnet to the different and the unique. Hell you often flaunt and celebrate these qualities. But your priorities involve making an impression on someone special, in a way they will never be able to forget! Which is fine, but keep in mind that this person you are infatuated with may not be as unconventional as you so tone down the eccentric a little bit.  This someone though, could be the one, but be careful your own expectations aren’t so high you end up disappointed later.

Taurus: There are times where you are wrong. It does happen, I know, few and far in between but you have been wrong before. Today, you may be proven wrong again when it comes to your more intimate affairs. You have been laboring under a misunderstanding recently and this has affected how you and even your partner feel, or rather, are not feeling about each other. A conversation had will be not only enlightening, but also very healing. You will both get on a lot better after you have spoken heart-to-heart and put this matter to rest. If you’re looking to be involved, then it’s a good day to take a risk and plan an adventure or small outing. You won’t know the answer unless you ask them to share your adventures.

Gemini: Brooding and bouts of passive aggression today will only lead you to more frustration. A mistake you are making is that you are thinking too much, over-thinking many things including love. Rather than commit to an action and just start loving someone, you over think it so long that the opportunity passes you by. These thoughts become so elaborate that they lead you into some very strange notions that actually have nothing to do with the heart of the matter. Your partner is real and human, and deserves better than this. Besides your over-thinking, you are likely holding back some complaints. If you do have any, get them out in the open now so they can be resolved. There is no need to stay at this juncture when you can move forward.

Cancer: All consuming fantasies have their place, but do not let them carry you away. You may feel the need to go off on a lengthy tangent today and while it may sound as if you are relevant; it doesn’t seem to have much to do with the relationship as it actually stands. This could mean that either one of you or both of you have gotten distracted by daydreams or cursory thoughts that have lead to some bizarre activities. But, although vastly different, they may turn out to be a fascinating detour if you two can get in the same book let alone the same page.  Just keep this in mind when you two interact! Now remember, one dream at a time. Smaller hopes can compound into great manifestations. Just make sure your dreams are grounded in reality.

Leo: You absolutely love a challenge. Let the games be afoot, bring on any test!  Communications of all kinds will play an important role today. If you are unattached, you meet such a challenge in someone who is rather special. In order to get the undivided attention of that wickedly delicious person, you find yourself engaging in a battle of intellect. You are eager for the competition at hand and revel in who can outsmart the other first. You both enjoy the interaction which could lead to continuing the contest somewhere a bit more comfortable. If you are attached, a significant conversation with a loved one is probable. You want to share your own ideas and hopefully change a few perceptions. If there are some loose ends, tie them up today.

Virgo: You have had some off the wall thoughts lately about your relationship. Though they are not conventional per say, they have caused you to see things from a very unique perspective. The energy surrounding you encourages you to break down certain barriers that seem to have developed recently between you and your partner. This will require you two to talk things through, calmly, in order to heal properly. Have faith in yourself and your relationship! All this stress you have been under is stifling! It is time to get a little wild with friends. Do something out of the ordinary that is different and fun. An opportunity for a romance may happen if you are unattached. Though it will be very exciting, it may be short-lived.

Libra: Emotional expansion is what the energy is about for you at this time and for some time to come. For instance, in the process of trying to attract someone special, you may discover a few things that you never knew about before. As you work your charm, you may find yourself engaging in some pretty strange and even bizarre conversations. The conversation opens up both you and the object of your desire. You will find that this someone appeals to you greatly because of their unique and totally original approach to life. Also during this time travel broadens the mind even if only in your imagination. Just consider the people you might meet, even if you only fantasize about them it might be enough to manifest a reality.


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Scorpio: Love, relationships, beauty, and pleasure are emphasized now. You feel especially attractive or friendly, and the warmth you radiate is noticed and appreciated. The only thing that could derail this relatively positive time is you over thinking something so much that it may result in your mind short-circuiting. I understand that the subject of your thoughts is someone who means a lot to you but you could do more wrong than right they way things are. Love is a matter for the heart and not the head. You have heard this many times, but today your thinking processes may lead you into territory that does not actually reach to the real issues involved. Stop while you are ahead and release your emotions, let it work itself out. Let it go!

Sagittarius: You feel tender and gentle toward others, and you want to please or to be of service to them in some way. Some selfless generosity or an effort on behalf of someone in need will make you feel very happy now. If you are looking for love, you will not so much find this as a discussion about what love actually is, but of what it is worth. This will come complete with all the pros and cons of whether it is worth getting involved in permanent relationships, or multiple part-time ones. But you are far too romantic not to run with this one and prove a point! Your social life could head off in some strange directions today. So why not keep things simple by enjoying a good movie or book or even escaping from the day’s realities with a quiet meal at home.

Capricorn: There are some lessons that need repeating… over and over again. You are far too passionate to need to be reminded of this but; thinking about love and actually loving is not the same thing. Why would you of all signs want to spend much time wondering about the nature of emotions, when you can directly experience them in their full intensity? You are capable of so much and yet you often times do so little in your intimate relationships. Thinking too deeply can cause you to lose out on so much. If you have an overly intellectual partner, you may need to teach them this lesson as well. If you are unattached, you may come into contact with a person who will be rather influential in your life. Keep your eyes open; don’t let them pass you by.

Aquarius: Your thoughts turn toward the future and your most essential relationships. You have big plans and goals, and you finally have an idea about how to make them happen. Deal with the facts first and make some concrete plans, and you’ll find that fantasy soon becomes reality. The energy surrounding you will help you see a process in motion very clearly today. You realize that you have very strong feelings for someone who just does not fit into your social circle or into life you are planning, and yet right now you are trying figure out a million ways to make this happen. Do not stress about this. Just love them as they are, it will work out in the end as it should.

Pisces: Sometimes our minds insist on running along the same tracks and trotting out the same thoughts about the people we share our lives with, never giving them the chance to prove that they can be different. The energy surrounding you encourages you to realize that the problem you have with your partner is actually something you drummed up in your mind. Knowing this could change the atmosphere between you dramatically for the better. Ego compounding desire can make this moment a real scorcher of heat and intensity, just be careful you aren’t so intent to make things better that it turns into a ice and freezes you out. It is time to stop looking out for number one instead of long term harmony for both of you.

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