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Love Horoscopes – March 8, 2012

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Aries: This is an amazingly easy going time for you. During which you will be well served by indulging in a big helping of lighthearted fun. That means that rather than being alone with your thoughts, like you normally do, it would be better to seek others out and share something of yourself with them. Socializing with close friends or a fun day trip with your mate will keep a smile on your face and a snap in your walk. If you are unattached, the energy surrounding you encourages your confidence and your desire to have all you want. So in terms of that special person you long to get close to, you may even find yourself phoning them for once and asking them out on a date. You are tired of waiting for them to make all the moves.

Taurus: There is a natural give and take in relationships and too often some try and force its flow. Emotions, not yours but someone else close to you, are in disharmony to your dreams and goals. Their energy is stifling any imagination you may have which is likely to result in an emotional confrontation. This is supposed to be a rather pleasant day for you so get to the bottom of this and get it resolved. If you are attached, there will be an opportunity to give back to your partner and show how much you appreciate everything they have done for you. Why not buy them a gift as a token of your love – something that shows you want to continue being their lover. Think about something or somewhere they have mentioned and make it happen.

Gemini: A feeling of being at peace and stable on the emotional level is the mood at this time. You want to interact with others today, whether your relationships are perfectly smooth at this time or not. You need to feel wanted more than required by your partner regardless what is going on around you. To achieve this you may indulge your romantic side and whispering sweet nothings in an attempt to get your wicked way a lot more quickly than would otherwise be possible. You will probably improve close partnerships at this time, so enjoy this opportunity. This little seduction will prove to be a welcoming surprise, one that you will benefit from for some time. It will provide you with the stability and permanence you long for.

Cancer: This is a time to release the tensions within you. Right now you need to focus on getting what you really want and moving toward achieving the things which are important to you.  In order to do so you may need to eliminate some things from your life that are holding you back from your goals. This could be anything from an ingrained attitude, a situation, or a relationship that you need to cut ties with. The best way to start this process is a night out. Dinner with a loved one or drinks with friends, either way let the stresses leave you but be careful not to over indulge. Just keep in mind that this could lead to complications later, especially if you are barely sober. The plus side of this is that you release a lot of tension and stress.

Leo: You are entering a time where you will be confronted by something personal, sensitive, or very secret. It is likely to be something buried so far down within you forgotten the sting it brings. This will put you on an emotional rollercoaster causing you to run both hot and cold. It is time to let it go and move along. The need to be closer to certain people is where the focus for your emotions lies.  Your feelings will be centered on a partner, lover or potential new relationship. You are no longer content to have conversations with them; you are getting hungry for something far more intimate. Even though your conversations have been pretty soul-searching recently, you are yearning for more. If you want him or her bad enough, as them out on a date.

Virgo: The planetary alignment shows that you have a wonderful day ahead of you. There are hopes full of sweetness, promise and even a little romance. If you are unattached, you may find yourself smitten by someone’s very romantic gestures, someone who finds you extremely beautiful. It has been a while so watch is that you don’t allow your needs for comfort and security to get the best of you by appearing too needy and dependent. Accept that your patience for the right person has paid off. He or she will make you feel deeply cherished and admired. If you are attached and have experienced some distance in your relationship lately, know that at least for now – you will come back together. You two will have the closeness so dearly missed.

Libra: Wanting something or someone seems to take on special importance for you, just take caution because it may even be obsession. You really need to listen to what your partner has to say for once. Try to distinguish between wants, needs, or obsessive desire before making a move on anyone. You may have been presuming far too much leaving them very upset. You need to restore a sense of balance. So rather than dictating to them your versions of how things should be, or how they should respond, try to understand why they have been disgruntled. You may need to kiss a lot of ass to bring things back to “okay”. Depending how far gone you were before is depending on far you will need to come to make this right.


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Scorpio: Conversations and interactions are intense during this time. If you are unattached, be sure the person you share your inner thoughts with is someone you can trust. If you are attached, this can be a time for exposing and talking about hidden, intensely private or subjects like certain fantasies or dreams. If you and your partner want to achieve a specific result, or realize a certain dream, then you will need to develop a sense of yourselves as working as a team. The energy surrounding you will encourage you both to sort out any differences, and give opportunity to go even deeper and tell each other yet again how much you truly care for each other. Standing together against any opposition, you will win. In time, you two will have all you need.

Sagittarius: If you are attached, you will have the opportunity to smooth over any differences that may have occurred between you and your loved one recently. Once you patch things up, celebrate all that is truly wonderful and sweet about your relationship. Go all out; make a point of going out for a candlelit meal, or doing something special. You both deserve it and it has been a stressful time. If you are unattached, your emotions are running both hot and cold today. Just when you think things are going well with someone they can suddenly turn negative and even outright cranky. So wait, if you can, to make commitments or even propositions. You’ll have another chance when things feel more stable to get a date.

Capricorn: Frustrated desires and obstacles to achieving what and who you want in a relationship can evoke enormous anger in you, and you may do something rash and regrettable. Conflicts and confrontations may be unavoidable, so being alone may be the best thing to do today. Because rather than refusing to acknowledge the part your partner may have played in your all your recent successes, you have ignored it and them. You will have far more support and genuine affection from them, and getting what you want out of your relationship, if you at least thank them for simply being there. It is time to give credit where credit is due and today, your partner deserves the match point.

Aquarius: This is a good time to take care of emotional issues you may be having with someone you are involved with. Please do not be so obtuse in your interactions with this person as they are very dear to your heart. It would help matters considerably if you could listen to what they are saying. Working through them now will allow you to move on past any barriers you’ve built because of these issues. Read between the lines, and be prepared to hear what they have trouble putting into words, but are trying to tell you anyway! It will bring you much closer together. Take some time to look ahead at the next few days to see how quickly you can follow through with any of the plans you two now created.

Pisces: Love may get to you today at work, right in the middle of your daily routines and responsibilities. The energy of the day shows that even though you may have your nose to the grindstone, someone has spotted the beauty within your soul and intends to get to know you better. Don’t brush aside any approaches, as you could miss out on something rather special. Relationships with others are harmonious and stable now. Someone older than yourself and more experienced is likely to assist you now in the things that are important to you. This could be in regards to an emotional issue or a financial one, either way it will benefit you current frame of mind.

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