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Love Horoscopes – March 16, 2012

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Aries: Showing your feelings may not be the best thing to do today. Keeping them to yourself could save you from unwanted drama. You are open to sharing today but do you need or want to? You are bared quite a bit of your soul lately and for once, there really doesn’t seem to be a need to.  By being true to yourself you will gain the respect, of anyone that might be watching, for your mature way of handling life’s little dramas. Turn your focus towards other things in your life. If you are unattached, maybe a little flirting with the one that occupies your current thoughts. If you are attached, when is the last time you and your sweetheart spent a nice warm and intimate evening together?

Taurus: Unexpected pleasures, a more playful, adventurous attitude in your relationships make this time period stimulating and delightful. You and those you are close to seem to have been bitten in your funny bone. Everything, anything and nothing at all seem to be hilarious.  This infectious mood works in your favor as it is releasing a lot of pent up tension. Take full advantage of this by going out spreading the joy as you and those close you interact with others today. This energy surrounding you encourages new emotional beginnings, and the establishment of new habits. Make sure that whatever habits you decide to pick up are good ones because they’ll set the tone for you for quite some time to come!

Gemini: For the most part, things are light today. But with that said, some of your close relationships with others could undergo some abrupt changes during this time. Your more intimate relationships are all about bonding through laughter and fun. It is not so much about passion, as it is about finding out which values you share, and the kind of interests you both enjoy. The driving force behind these changes is what could make things a bit uncomfortable. Your compelling need to achieve a greater level of sincerity and honesty between you and those close to you may take the fun out of the day as well as demean your intentions. Fight the urge to push your agenda and allow things to flow naturally. You do not want to overwhelm those around you.

Cancer: This is a good time to do some healing. The current aspect encourages the free flow of feeling between you and someone special. But for some of you, there may be some unresolved issues in your personal relationships that bubble up to the surface bringing the underlying causes for this painful or problematic issue to light. In the past, you fears prevented you from being totally honest, even though you very much want to be. But now that these problems are forcing you and those involved to deal with them, you will have the confidence to confront it in a logical and calm manner. This will get you farther than losing your temper. All you need to do now is maintain your cool and keep focus on the actual problem.

Leo: It seems like lately, everyone is in your business. You may not appreciate how others insist on getting personal with the questions they ask, but take it as a compliment. They are not necessarily being nosey or malicious; they really want to get to know YOU. Think about that tonight, if you are going out on that first date. It will be a perfect atmosphere, full of fun and laughter as well as some very scintillating and stimulating conversation. He or she may ask a few deep probing questions because they want to know all they can about you. You will find each other excellent company and the sexual tension can be cut with a knife it’s so thick. The chances of wanting to get together again are very high.

Virgo: You want to come out of your self-imposed shell and mingle with the world. You can be very romantic when you are in the right mood and since you are, it is time to share it if you are attached. This is a positive time to arrange a special meal, or to go out and spend some time by the ocean or a peaceful lake. Your partner has missed you this carefree and relaxed so enjoy each other. This is a time for getting a little loose and wild with friends. So if you are unattached, going dancing or doing something out of the ordinary that is stimulating and fun is right up your alley. You will meet interesting new people and are more open to people who are quite different from yourself. This could lead to an opportunity for a romance which is likely to be exciting.

Libra: Although your love life may not be passionate right now, it will be a great deal of fun. The current aspect means that even if you have only recently gotten to know each other, you will find even more areas where you harmonize. The more you interact and get to know one another, the more it seems that you two really are good for each other. But, no matter how long you have been together, a relationship is an ongoing process of discovery, and today your knowledge of each other will deepen. Some of you may be in a rather piss poor mood as you may not see eye to eye with others around you. Rather than dwell upon all this negative, return your thoughts to things of a more positive nature.

Scorpio: The current aspect urges you to see a specific problem between you and your partner in a much more humorous light. You may have been giving this matter too much attention of a negative kind, making it appear far worse than it actually is. Try making a joke out of it for one whole day, and then see if it still has the same impact. Relationships will eventually run smoothly for you today. This is a good time to show your partner how much you really appreciate them for the little things. If you have a solid emotional base in your life, you will receive the benefits of that. If not, this is a good time to network with people so you can broaden your social circle and find someone that you can form a lasting relationships with.

Sagittarius: You may be feeling a bit restless and dissatisfied with your present relationships or situation. You may feel limited and restricted by your responsibilities and impatient to achieve your larger goals. Don’t let your eagerness put you in a position that you may regret. Why not channel this energy into something more social and hold an impromptu party. It doesn’t need to be but inviting some very interesting people will make up for the numbers. Because the energy surrounding you is very social, this could lead to some very special relationships being developed. If you are available, you will become deeply acquainted with someone whom you have admired from afar. You will find that your instincts about this one is right on the mark.

Capricorn: Keeping your relationship fresh will give you a more content partner. After this particularly heavy time, you and your partner need a chance to lighten up and let go of the stress and tension. You really do need this break to repair any damages made during this time. Luckily it will turn out that you two are no worse for wear but have merely put through your paces. What seemed to be a bad movie waiting to unfold actually turned out to have a happy ending. You will both feel stronger individually as well as together thanks to what you two endured. Use this time together to go out somewhere special and have fun. Just avoid stale routines and try out something new. Do what comes naturally to put life into each moment in its own way.

Aquarius: Your emotional self control is beginning to slip. You are experiencing feelings of distance and loneliness. If you let this spiral out of control it could very well overwhelm you. This is making you a bit testy toward your friends and loved ones, and their shortcomings as friends or lovers are becoming quite apparent. You are probably being a bit too critical and hard on them right now so try to loosen up.  Rather than be so critical why not channel the energy into something more positive. While you are out being social why not have a laugh instead of uttering hurtful words. You could make this time more enjoyable if you not allow a few off days bring you down. Remember you do have control in how you interact with people so why not be positive!

Pisces: The current aspect gives you the ability to laugh where you may have recently wanted to cry. Whatever the situation that tormented you, you will be able to see it in a new light after today. But then, you may also get some help from a person whom you know well, but have not considered in a romantic sense. They will help you see the light. Once you do your relationships will be particularly pleasant and productive now. Any type of connection formed now work out very well. Even your friendships are strengthened during this time. It is possible you may receive a gift or offer from someone that you weren’t expecting. If you are available, this could lead into something more intimate that a simple birthday gift.

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