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Astro-Week March 18 – 24, 2012

Dear Aries

Happy Birthday Aries! Let’s get this party started. Your week begins in a reflective mood as the moon clears out memories from last year’s mistakes. Then it’s full steam ahead. You are the star right now. The planetary energy is focusing on your identity/ego, you’re coming across as a little weird but people seem to like it, and your personal finances which should be very active. The theme for the week is to stay grounded.

Dear Taurus

Love will begin to get complicated beginning next month. As for now, this is a stable and sensuous Taurus kind of week. There’s a harmonious alignment of planets in earth houses that will boost your ego and expand your creativity. A good time to take a calculate risk.

Dear Gemini

It’s not as bad as you think. In fact, it’s supposed to feel a lot better than it currently does. What’s wrong with love right now? Attracting people from the past but the results just don’t live up to the memories. Perhaps something completely different is in order. With the earth energy this week, take your time and push for your fresh start.

Dear Cancer

The strangeness at the office continues as competition heats up. Speak up. People are listening and trying to help. Although it all might be a little too aggressive for your tastes, you’ll have to tighten your shell and go for it.

Dear Leo

This would be a good time to have another look at your finances. Money in and money out. Be careful. Love is waiting for you out in the open, nice and calm, just for you to pounce. You’re entering a cycle of higher learning and mentoring. Enjoy giving back.

Dear Virgo

You’re thinking of teaming up with someone. If you make the right moves money will come to both of you. You’ll recognize destiny as new passions lead you to try something new, unusual, and totally worth it!

Dear Libra

I was searching the planets for love and all I found was business and money until I saw your chart. It’s finally time for love. Give in and be the best Libra you can. The planets are supporting your relationship decisions. Relationships formed now have the power to last.

Dear Scorpio

I was thinking about why relationships are tripping us up. I think Mars in picky Virgo is making Scorpios unknowingly reject people who are going overboard to get to know us. On the other hand, if they’re really not worth it in the long run, then why bother. It is a loving time of close friends being close and everyone else having to prove themselves. It’s kind of Scorpio being Scorpio when you think about it.

Dear Sagittarius

Time for fun Sagittarius. You’re personal expressions and creativity get a boost in the department of love. The energy is outward and you’ll shine. Have fun, take chances, and be the life of the party. Luck is on your side. Don’t go crazy at the casino but chances will be rewarded.

Dear Capricorn

The aggressive energy of the week should give you a much needed kick in the bum. You are expressive and creative this week and love notices. Smile and the world will smile back. The only downside is you’ll be spending most of the week at home.

Dear Aquarius

Grab a telephone and connect the dots. If you push a little love will hear your call. You’ve been getting away without putting in the work and karma is finally catching up. You have missed opportunities but it’s not too late to buckle down.

Dearest Pisces

The world speeds up and you’re glad to swim along for the ride. The earth energy will add form to your dreams. Watch out for unexpected expenses.

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