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Love Horoscopes – February 22, 2012

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Aries: The present planetary alignment brings with it an opportunity to move through a particular barrier or block that has prevented you from getting to know someone better in the past. What may have stopped you from getting closer could have been that they had a different attitude to something that was important to you. You are now ready to see that this point is largely irrelevant. You may begin a relationship now, boldly taking the initiative to pursue someone you want to be with. You will come on strong to this person, but he or she might just love it! If you don’t take a risk to find out you won’t ever know, so be gentle with yourself and the person you’ve got your heart set on and go for it!

Taurus: Sometimes the truth can hurt, especially to someone like yourself, who is so sensitive to the least bad feeling. The present planetary alignment may indicate that whilst you would rather have pretended it wasn’t happening, your partner may have felt duty-bound to expose your self-deceit. They are not meaning to be cruel; they just want you to get back on track. It’s called tough love! Secrets may come to light that leave you perplexed and upset. Issues you thought long resolved are likely to come to the surface once more. An honest talk with those involved is the only way to put these persistent problems to rest once and for all. Apologies, forgiveness, and understanding will be necessary from both sides of these slights.

Gemini: The present planetary alignment encourages you to think about making some changes in your relationships. These are not just minor surface details, but entail a far deeper look at some of the more entrenched patterns of which you may have been vaguely aware, but have not really tackled. All it needs is for you to make a beginning for things to improve quite dramatically. Go for it! It’s a good day to just relax with someone special and build up that emotional bond you have or that you want to have. Watch a movie or go out and participate in a new activity. Just take advantage of the mood and don’t stay home and day dream, it’s time to live the dream.

Cancer: This is not one of those times to relax as your relationship begins to founder. The present planetary alignment means that you have a chance now to do something very positive and constructive, but it will mean talking to each other, rather than just grunting occasionally to fill in the long silences. You can’t expect it to sort itself out; you have to be willing to do the work. Your feelings for friends and loved ones, and your emotional responses to life in general are deeper and more intense. The need to share, to give and receive love, and to be accepted and wanted is very strong. You have an opportunity now to see what keeps you from being really close to others and to rid yourself of it by bringing it out in the open or simply letting it go.

Leo: A strong sense of adventure makes this a very interesting time. Today’s planetary alignment brings with it a grand chance to make some radical discoveries about life, love, and romance. Your method of making an impression invariably includes plenty of flirting and many ingenious word games, all designed to tease your intended one into advancing more surely in your direction. Today, though, you require both action and immediate satisfaction, whether it is appropriate or not! You are inclined to act on some of the wilder impulses and desires you feel from time to time. You crave stimulation and if you have an inventive side, you could make a startling discovery or breakthrough now. Keep moving forward!

Virgo: Things like rejection or broken hearts tend to linger us regardless of if we are truly over them or not. If such feelings linger with you, they will soon be gone. The energy surrounding you will begin to defrost your heart and melt away the pain. With it a particularly pleasant meeting may just inspire you to start thinking of the future instead of the past. It is easy for you to talk about your feelings now, and also to listen sensitively to not only what others are saying but also what they are feeling. This is an excellent time to discuss your feelings and clear the air on any grievances you may be holding on to from the past. If you are attached, your communication with your partner is especially good at this time. Keep that going.

Libra: Your feelings, friends, and females especially figure prominently in your life now. You should take a deep look into why a certain recent relationship may have appeared to fail. Do so in order to stop beating yourself up over it. You have been feeling that you were the one to blame for all that went wrong, which is not your usual style nor is it the case. You will come to realize how much you appreciate those closest to you and need their love and support in your life. This revelation will lead you to be very affectionate during this time. Learn from this experience and then move on. You may also initiate a relationship in which you take care of, support, and admire someone you’ve been hoping to get closer to. If you to, take it slow.

Scorpio: Dare to step into a more positive pattern of relating, with the present planetary alignment. There is possibly nothing wrong with the ways you have been conducting your love affairs in the past; it is just that as you continue to evolve, you will discover that some of them have become outdated and are no longer appropriate. To attract a new kind of person, you need to change within. Riled-up emotions can stir up harsh words, so watch your tone and vocabulary and think before you speak. It’s easy to get into pointless arguments today, so when in doubt, agree to disagree if at all possible. Don’t let annoying disagreements get you emotionally upset. Do your best to act like a saint and meditate on the things that make you happy.

Sagittarius: Sometimes you can be your own worse enemy by holding yourself back from positive emotions and actions. The present planetary alignment means that you have an opportunity go places with someone, which will not only be a wonderful adventure for both of you, but will also deepen the bond between you. In fact, it will transform the relationship altogether, if you can be open enough to allow this to happen. All that is required is that you sign up for the experience and get going! If you are unattached, the direction you head in today can be the start of great friendships that will later bring both wealth and love. The energy surrounding you can bring all you hope for in a relationship, if you allow it to happen. Let down those barriers today!

Capricorn: You have a special attractive power right now, and you are feeling warm and loving as well. Today though isn’t sexual, it is using this power to lay down the foundations for a future relationship.  The energy surrounding you helps you by giving you increased clarity and compassion towards another person’s pain. Because you are well versed in the process of change and transformation, you have a natural ability help them through to a resolution and to help in healing them. This is a nightmare for them so be patient, gentle and kind during this time. Although this may be a friendship now, it could become a powerfully strong relationship over time. Helping him or her be stronger today will give you more than you imagined later down the road.

Aquarius: It is time that you think about a new beginning after your previous relationship that came to a rather sour end. This liaison may have caused you pain and left a few scars. The passage of time may have softened the hurt, but for the first time in a while that you feel like taking a risk again with your love life. This is truly a chance for a new beginning. As you make this move it might be a good idea to reach out to a more mature and experienced person close to you, it could be mutually beneficial now. Because you are feeling sober and realistic about love at this time, you are interested in being with people you respect and can depend upon.  You can get back into the saddle again Aquarius, just take your time.

Pisces: Listen Pisces, you have two choices right now. You can lock up your heart and throw away the key or you grow a pair and let love bring you out of this black hole you find yourself in. Think about it, someone new and exciting in your life… sounds good doesn’t it? The energy surrounding you shines bright, bringing you new hope and potential. Within this potential you are surrounded with harmony and kindness. This will lead you to soften your heart and be gentle toward others. Why bother fighting this? Your heart will heal because you are strong. You will love again because you are smart. You know a life without love is dull and boring. You do not do dull and you certainly do not do boring. Stop denying yourself!

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