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Love Horoscopes – February 23, 2012

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Aries: If you are looking for someone special to compliment your life and make long term goals with, the energy is out there for interesting encounters. That same energy brings about a new radiance to your day. It could just be that you are currently enjoying life, or it could be that you feel warmly optimistic about the date you are going out on tonight. Whatever the reason, you will have even more occasion to smile after you meet up with your new friend, who proves to be one very amazing person. Accept any offers for social gatherings that may come up and shine your shoes and take some breath mints with you as you’ll never know just who might show up to rock your world.

Taurus: You are beginning a period when creativity and self-expression will help satisfy your desires to be appreciated or admired. This is a great time to be a bit flashy so wear clothes that have a splash of color and warmth! If you have been dating someone, now is the time to invite a few friends around to meet him or her. The occasion will be a great success, even with your partner’s downfalls. Do not fret over anything embarrassing, those present will be far too noble to mention anything. You can rest assured that you will both be loved, warts and all, by everyone who attends. Even if you are not attached, hosting some sort of social gathering is a good idea. The more you are out and about the easier it will to score a date.

Gemini: You have restored your faith and confidence in yourself. This couldn’t have come at a better time considering you are embarking on a new and interesting. Seeing you now, your lover may find it hard to imagine that there are times you do feel inadequate. They see you now as charismatic and commanding. They have no idea who much courage and psyching up it took just to approach him or her, let alone ask for that date. If you don’t have someone at this time then you might want to consider putting yourself in some situations where you could find one. Try joining a new social group, maybe going back to school or even one of those online dating services. You just never know where you might run into a potential keeper.

Cancer: Emotions are strong and upbeat today while warmth and laughter characterize your love life. Feelings of friendship and even love are at the top of the emotional list.  In fact, if you are looking for a new relationship, then the more jokes and anecdotes you have up your sleeve the better. Preferably ones that have some humor! Keep the conversations light and you could be very successful in this endeavor. Any plans you begin today regarding a relationship will be firm and supportive and continue to evolve that way. If you are looking to strengthen your bond, now is the time to do so.  With powerfully positive energy swirling about, it’s easy to see the good side of the people around you. Be careful you are not taken advantage of.

Leo: There are times you sell yourself short. When you do, you may find yourself at odds with those around you or with your life situation. You will come to the realization today that your lack of personal faith and confidence has held you back from many things, more importantly – beginning a relationship sooner. You will find that things begin to happen because you are confident and sure that what you want can and will be successful. Thankfully this will lead you to no longer doubting yourself. You will be amazed at how important your confidence is to your general outlook in life. There may be a few lingering difficulties and annoyances you may need to work through before you settle into your new comfort zone. Get rid of them and move forward!

Virgo: You usually have a soft spot for those who succeed in making you laugh. Reading light fiction, going out to see a romantic comedy or simply sharing a pleasant time with someone you like is more in tune with your feelings now. It is entirely possible that you may come across a person who shares your zany sense of humor. You will become quite grateful you have found someone who “gets” you on that level. Things may start innocently, but if it some time and there will be a more than a few intimate chuckles between the sheets. Overall your interactions will have a very friendly and harmonious tone to the interactions you have now. You should avoid heavy discussions right now and not focus on dry, practical matters.

Libra: Let your mind wander a bit. You are famous rock star with loads of adoring fans. If you want any sort of sanity you need to sneak out the secret entrances and register under pseudonyms. You sign autographs and smile for cameras but you have that one person in your heart who knows you better than you know both yourselves. That was a nice day dream but the contentment you felt could be achieved in real life if you begin to resolve any lingering conflicts with your personal relationships. Expressing your emotional and physical needs clearly to your mate will lead to a fulfilling affirmation of your love for one another and strengthen your sense of being a part of something special. Why dream it when you can actually have it?

Scorpio: Social gatherings and personal relationships are favored today. Your mood and attitude is conciliatory, and your need for love and approval heightened. There is sunshine in the energy surrounding you today that brings you a dose of inner brightness. Your spirits are raised and you feel like celebrating something. Why not call up your loved one and share your joyful mood with them. Go out to a special place, and don’t do anything except have real fun. Your desire for pleasure, ease, and affection is what today is about. This perspective may interfere with work or complicate situations in which you need to be acting assertively on your own behalf. You can still be assertive, with a bright smile on your confident face.

Sagittarius: Conflicts between duty and pleasure, or between sober practicality and a yearning for love and emotional satisfaction, are likely now. The astral configuration today encourages you to show real warmth to your lover. You are an expert at wonderful romantic gestures, and yet sometimes you forget to include the hug or the meaningful caress that would let them know you really do care. Put aside fears and rejection and open your heart! Some of you may need to end or a temporary break away from a relationship. This could be a time to relinquish something or someone you once cherished but which no longer has a positive purpose in your life. This may turn out to be a very frustrating time for you.

Capricorn: You can appreciate a day or two of carefree existence and lighthearted interactions. Today you are reminded that you are due for such luxuries. If you are attached, you and your partner should spend some time together just enjoying life and relaxing with each other. Set aside the need to analyze each other’s problems or be over critical of each others shortcomings.  Just be yourselves and good things will follow. During this time personal relationships are likely to deepen as you two openly and intimately communicate. This should lead to a deeper and mutual appreciation between you and your mate. A little time spent deftly flirting and teasing is sure to lead to some splendid physical moments too today.

Aquarius: Today’s astral configuration makes this a great day for spreading your good-natured and sunny optimism around. Arrange an impromptu party, along with your loved one, and invite both friends and strangers, as by the end of the occasion you are all sure to be like one happy family. This will uplift you both, and also introduce you to some interesting new faces. This is a great day for heading off into unexplored territory, and you will find others are doing the same. Inventiveness and originality are favored, as are projects and personal involvements which partake of them. If you haven’t tried it, now’s the time to take a new adventure in life. Expand your horizons and indulge in your imagination. What have you always wanted to do and with whom?

Pisces: Perhaps it’s because you seem to be smiling so much more, or maybe it’s the influence of the current astral configuration that puts that extra sparkle in your eye. Whatever the reason, you may well find that you meet up with someone who finds you truly delightful, in all senses of the word, and who manages to get you to forget about your responsibilities enough to make you laugh. This may also be a period of critical decisions and transition. A major change in your life can occur now (ending a long-term relationship or beginning a new one, etc.). In fact, it is not unusual for several important changes of this nature to be occurring. Take each change in stride and know that when one door closes a better one does open.

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