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Astro-Week April 1 – 7

Dear Aries

Love gets chatty and you have the gift for the gab. Seduce with word games. Romance is played out in the mind. Reaching out will make the dream love real. As you enter a new birth year it’s time to find a new fitness routine. Incorporate something that you used to be good at and you’ll get the boost you’ve been looking for.

Dear Taurus

Your eyes shift this week from looking inward and feeling great directly to How can I afford everything? Don’t worry about it. If you’ve been saving you’ll have plenty of money for all of your bills. Money is coming but it’s not lottery ticket time so don’t go nuts. Good ideas are flowing towards your dreams, hopes, and wishes. People are proud of your work.

Dear Gemini

Here comes the love chatterbox. It’s time to get social, light, airy, intellectual, and sex crazy. People are looking so do your thing. Say what’s on your mind and then change it mid sentence. If they can’t keep up, they’ll love you even more. This is the time you’ve been waiting for so go get ’em.

Dear Cancer

You’re an emotional creature by nature and following your heart should lead you to romantic rewards. Love is flowing from your past so expect drop-ins from old lovers. This is a great time to finally clear your head about issues of love and to heal up hurts from the past. The best way for you to do this is to find someone you can trust and talk about it. You don’t have to be straight forward just get it all off of your chest.

Dear Leo

As Venus finally enters your astro-sector of hopes, dreams and rewards you can finally get that big check that you’ve worked so hard for. You’ve earned it so step into the spotlight and accept your rewards. This ushers in a short cycle where people want to be close to you and help your dreams come true. You’re getting hoisted on people’s shoulders and to some extent they’ll be counting on you to succeed. Time to shine.

Dear Virgo

It always feels like you’re studying for something. I mean you’re already a grown up so when are these tests going to stop? Love is not ignoring you. You are just sending out the leave me alone vibes. By the weekend this all shifts and your dreams finally becomes real. You are also about to shine at work and love will notice. Watch your energy levels.

Dear Libra

Sometimes the universe just gets it right. Venus entering the ninth house is a long distance love affair and with this all taking place in Gemini you can expect it to be over the telephone or internet. It’s not the greatest situation for a sign like yours that wants to show off your sexy new partner but love is coming from distant shores. Destiny is weaving an exciting love story and you’re the star.

Dear Scorpio

About time stud. Was that so tough? All you had to do was say hello. Whatever you decide, the answer will be yes so take the lead and make dreams happen. I know you don’t like going out especially as the days get brighter but Venus is in Gemini so make a call instead. You will be surprised at how much the world has missed you.

Dear Sagittarius

Congratz sexy you are our new lucky in love winner !! Venus in Gemini puts love in your astro-sector of close relationships. You’re a light hearted soul so forgiving and making up should be easy. Communicate, say hello, be cheery, and tell some jokes, people will love it all. If you be their friend they will be there for you. Of course, also a great time for a new love.

Dear Capricorn

Your raw sex appeal is second only to Scorpio, your natural power match. But with Venus leaving your astro-sector of sexy and chance encounters, and entering your daily chores, love becomes domestic. For single Capricorns love is waiting at the gym. This is a great time to begin a daily health routine. Set some goals and challenge yourself. Love will be inspired by your daily efforts and attention to detail.

Dear Aquarius

The Venus transit spices up your sex life and it’s about time. Everyone thinks you don’t care about sex but the truth is they just don’t know how to turn you on. Beginning this week, that all ends. You’re going to feel sexy and a strong pull to express yourself creatively. Have fun, it’s a beautiful week.

Dearest Pisces

Love is waiting close to home. There is something about the new playmate which makes you feel safe and lose yourself. Spend some creative time fixing up the love nest. Be ready when love drops by.

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