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Love Horoscopes – April 6, 2012

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Aries: You might be more distressed than usual over any disharmony in personal relationships. You have lost your patience and about to lose your mind as you wonder what is wrong with everyone around you. There have been many mistakes made and plenty of misunderstandings and it doesn’t look like it will change any time soon. Communication today will be rather stressed to put it mildly, including with your loved ones. People may say things you could take the wrong way or vice versa. Right now it is best to avoid serious discussions with others as they could lead to real disagreements. Take a break today if you can. This should blow over in a few days and things will be back to normal.

Taurus: There are a few things that have happened in your relationship that have seemingly gone over your head. There is no need to panic though; it isn’t quite the disaster your mind has just envisioned. For some reason you have developed the wrong idea about your sweetheart. The mistake has actually created a greater depth and closeness between you. You should now come to realize that nothing can truly separate you. It is possible that in the midst of this or even otherwise, you’re challenged on a rather sensitive matter that resulted in a very intense and uncomfortable conversation. You are left analyzing why and how to handle it when it comes back up. Start by figuring out why it pushed your buttons then go from there.

Gemini: The energy surrounding you is rather intriguing. Nothing seems to go right and there maybe bouts with confusion but somehow, the end result is very much to your favor. Oddly enough even a mix up that could involve someone you have been trying to get notice you, will serve you well. It is just that kind of luck today because eccentricity and imagination are the key issues in your love life. Couple this with the energy surrounding you and you are likely to feel the urge to do something completely out of character and maybe even a bit crazy. Don’t fight the urge if it won’t cause harmful consequences, go for it, you might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Remember, in the chaos that is life, today you come out on top!

Cancer: Verbal battles and heated debates are very likely at this time because you speak your mind without much thought or consideration. Right now your relationship has you confused and frustrated, as you try to understand what is happening. It is not surprising you are lashing out and arguing with everyone around you. The more you try and calm your mind so that you can see the situation clearly, you become even more baffled. It seems as if untangling this knot is making it worse. Instead why not trust in yourself, your lover and your relationship. You may be upset for no reason, the truth will come soon. Now, unless you slow down, this time period can be quite a headache and may take more time to mend the fences than it took to break them.

Leo: Both your mind and heart are muddled under the weight of a confusing haze.  You are not quite sure what to make of what you believe to be cues from your sweetheart. You would like to interpret them one way but your mind reminds you they could be taken a few other ways. Because this is a good time to take care of any emotional issues you may be having, sit him or her down and simply tell them “this is how I am feeling, should I be feeling this”. Working through this with them now will put an end to your insecurities and help your sweetheart understand you better. After this is dealt with, shake off the serious energy by going out to dinner somewhere new or making plans for a mini getaway.

Virgo: The planetary alignment at play today may unleash a whole army of fantasies about a particular person that you have been in awe of for some time. Yet you only know them from a distance, and have not actually held any kind of meaningful conversation with them. Perhaps this should be your next step, as a little brashness can go a long way in getting you what you want today. Let your romantic interests know what you want in subtle ways. Use lighthearted banter and a good dose of flirting until you get a more realistic understanding of their true nature. Remember you do know this person very well so could be fooling yourself. Better to find out this way than to be dating for a little while and have it turn badly.

Libra: Today you want to resist the temptation to go overboard emotionally as deal with your new perception of your sweetheart thanks to a recent even. Because they are exhibiting behavior that just doesn’t make sense, do not burn yourself or a close friend out trying to uncover the mystery. It will be easy to get carried away and make this something much more than it isn’t, so watch your step. Right now it may be better not to discuss anything important with your loved one. Instead why not go do something fun together if possible, try and take your mind off of things. If not, go out by yourself and enjoy catching up with some friends or even seeing a movie. Give it a day or two before you confront them in case something has changed.

Scorpio: Good humor and optimism are the energy that surrounds you during this time and you will definitely need them. A wall may come tumbling down today as you find out about one or two little white lies that you were told. It isn’t anything too serious but your sweetheart felt that they needed to impress in order to have any chance with you. Even though they are now being honest with you, this may set you off on a frenzy to discover the truth for yourself. Give your sweetheart the benefit of the doubt. When you find out the distant details as to why this happened, it is best you not let them know, what you know.  If you are unattached, this is a good time to approach someone who you’ve been admiring.

Sagittarius: You would love to plan a nice quiet evening at home so you can seduce your loved one but you may have to clear up a little matter before you can have your wicked way with him or her. This is not a major misunderstanding, but is enough to be causing some friction. For some of you this could bring about a few upsets and unexpected changes in your relationships and you might not get to the fun. There may also be a handful of you feeling the need to be free spirited and open right now.  It is possible that this need for independence is making you more selfish and unwilling to tolerate criticisms. This will lead you to stage your own revolt against those who are domineering or rigid in their way of dealing with you!

Capricorn: You find yourself in a strange predicament as aspects of a relationship have perplexed you.  You are aware that someone close to you may not be telling the entire truth about themselves, and to be quite honest, you would really like to know why. Being as you are, you suspect the worse until you find out what is really going on. The energy surrounding you provides you with a clarity that is likely make things easier to understand. You’ll begin to see why your mate’s behavior doesn’t always take the path you expected and you also realize that it’s not your fault for their more baffling moments. The more patient and non-judgmental you are the more your sweetheart will open up to you and tell you why or how.

Aquarius: You may not initially realize what is going on until it has happened. The planetary configuration of the day creates a smoke screen, a layer of complicated confusion that seems to give you a false feeling of security. But it would be better if you could stay alert, as someone you thought you could trust may think that they can get away with behavior they shouldn’t. Don’t give them the chance. A back and forth flow of communication between yourself and your romantic interest is likely today. You may engage in interesting and informative discussions or flirt your time away in silliness. Play a game or share a fantasy, or do something you both might enjoy where verbal foreplay is brought out.

Pisces: Are you meeting with someone new in your life today? If so, you might want to make sure that you have double checked or even triple checked the time, the place and directions on how to get where you are going. The confused energy flowing through the zodiac makes a pit stop here and is likely to send you off at the wrong time or even go to the wrong location. If you are in a romantic relationship now is the perfect time to do something out of the ordinary since things have been a bit flat. Creating a little mystery by setting up a romantic rendezvous in an unusual place. For those who are single you need to get out and do some socializing. It is likely you will be meeting someone who is very interested in getting to know you better.

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