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Love Horoscopes – April 9, 2012

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Aries: There is a project that you have been concentrating heavily on for a few days if not a week or two. Whether it is professional or personal, you should accomplish a lot today if not complete it. Because your sensitivity and spirituality are heightened during this time due to an underlying energy surrounding you, it is entirely possible you have formed deep relationships with people as a result of undertaking this project. Either way, any connections made at this time will have a solid base of mutual appreciation and understanding for each other. The downside to this project is that you have exhausted yourself by forgetting to eat, not sleeping, or take any breaks. Maybe that new person in your life can help wear you out enough to sleep.

Taurus: You’re entering a period of emotional change and feeling two ways at once without getting too deep into either polarity is possible. Though your demeanor isn’t as warm or loving as it could be, an intense conversation is likely to happen with your lover. This could involve taking the relationship to the next commitment level; maybe the subject of marriage comes up. If you’re already married, this could mean a new responsibility, such as a buying a house or having a child. If you aren’t currently involved, expect to meet someone new and exciting who appeals to you on a number of levels. Whatever the scenario, this is likely to be a very introspective time for you. Grow from this and do away with those misperceptions you had about yourself and others.

Gemini: If you are married or otherwise attached, there may be a discussion involving some changes to your domestic lives. This could as mundane as a thorough cleaning or remodeling to something as extreme as moving to a completely different place. There is a need for change; your surroundings just don’t feel so cozy anymore. Don’t hesitate; take the first steps! If you are on the market you have plenty going for you if you are looking for a little romance today or some physical release. You have a special magnetism and attractive power now, that you want nothing more than to use every ounce of. If you don’t get what you want when you want it, go work out and use up some of that energy.

Cancer: There is a lot weighing on your heart right now and you need to work through it and maybe release some the anguish you feel inside. Put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write though your grief. Though you may come up with more questions rather than answers, you will touch upon your more philosophical, or spiritual concerns that you hope to shed some light on. Even though things are not running smoothly in your relationships, stay on course and continue to work towards the goals you and partner agreed upon. Stop being so hard on yourself and realize you are who you are and you’re doing the best you can. Maybe a change at home or scenery will be a benefit to you and everyone around you.

Leo: There may be some money coming your way and not a moment too soon. If you haven’t already, you may encounter a few sudden unexpected events that may include breaking free of a confining situation that may have been your relationship. Whatever it is your usual routine is likely to be disrupted now. Outside forces are pushing you to hard and to fast into commitments that you either do not want or you really aren’t ready for. Get away from this insanity and indulge yourself. Take your mind off what plagues you and simply exist for yourself. Ignore everyone and just take care of you. Once you feel like you can face the world again, maybe a few days or a week, you will face it with clarity and much more patience than before.

Virgo: You will find yourself gripped by feelings of nostalgia and compassion. The memories of feelings and situations long forgotten come to the surface. This is probably in part to your heightened emotions and your intuition getting stronger and more penetrating. It is possible that because of this you take up a project that you have wanted to do for some time involving someone who has become important to you. If you decide to tackle some of in-depth research needed, you might also want to discuss the subject with your special someone. Don’t be surprised if you come up with some intriguing insights. Write everything down. You may want to make use of it later. This may lead you to some much needed resolution and the chance to move on.

Libra: Those rather vivid and intense dreams/visions you were having some time ago, are back.  Either you misinterpreted them or they have come back to tell you more. If you didn’t bother before, consider taking advantage of them now. Don’t write them off because of the unorthodox way of communicating.  Use the bold and the adventurous energy surrounding you and look into these messages and see where they lead you. Even though you are very audacious right now, your temperament has not changed. You refuse to tolerate anything that prevents you from doing exactly as you please. Your drive for personal freedom and insistence on your rights is a bit intense to anyone you encounter right now. Be prepared for a confrontation.

Scorpio: This is a good time for you in both your personal and professional relationships. The more confident you become in expressing yourself, the more respect and admiration from others you receive. This confidence may spark some socializing that involves an intellectual, philosophical, or spiritual interest of yours. While on this excursion, you may meet a rather charismatic person whose conversation inspires new insights and thoughts you’ve never had. It did not escape you how delicious this person is to you and you could imagine getting romantically involved at some point. Your confident energy can easily be used in the arts of flirtations and persuasions to get whatever and whomever you desire.

Sagittarius: An intimate encounter or a powerful desire to be close to and share your deepest feelings with someone is very likely now. You could meet someone today who appeals to you on a number of different levels. This person may be a public figure of some kind but he or she has you very interested in learning much more about them. This friendship could bring some much needed change to your views on various topics. This person is likely to help you grow as a better human. If you are attached your emotions and issues you have tried to sequester, may boil over at this time in a rather disruptive way. In the midst of all this intensity be aware of your tendencies to act compulsively or demanding. If you can’t control it, you will get hurt emotionally.

Capricorn: Personal subjects are the topic of discussion now but before you enjoy any social engagement you are attending, you might want to clear the air of any grievances you have been holding on to for some time. Do not go out with such weight on your heart and risk the possibility of being so reserved no one notices you are there. This gathering could put you in touch with some interesting people from faraway places. They are intellectually stimulating and become rather taken by you. You could learn quite a bit from them if you make the right impression. If you succeed in making these connections, make sure to stay in touch with them. This could open up some new doors for you as well as your heart.

Aquarius: The public perception of you is about to change for the better as well as getting your own ideas across to others in a more favorable manner. The opportunity and result happens so suddenly that it could have you in a daze for quite some time. Try to remain focused as you won’t want to miss this chance. You never know who is watching you. A significant conversation with a loved one is on the horizon as well. It may be in relation to the above mentioned event or something upcoming. Good or bad deal with it one piece at a time.  You may hear from someone who knows something important you should know. As you enter a time where communications of all kinds play an important role, watch what you say to everyone very carefully.

Pisces: A social event could bring you into contact with a very intense and fascinating person who has an intriguing profession. No doubt you will find him or her very charming and extremely sexy. If you aren’t romantically involved at the moment, there could be potential here! If you are attached then drink your fill of this person and keep them in mind for the future. You may feel somewhat transformed when you leave the party tonight. If you are a Pisces who does not appreciate your current place in life, take a moment and breathe. Your values momentarily at odds with those around you. Give yourself some space and remember you’re the more emotionally mature person in this relationship. It is time to put the temper away and act like it.

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