Weekly Sonnyscopes!

Astro-week April 8 – 14

from – Sonny

Dear Aries

Love arrives with the gift of the gab. Diplomatic and tactful, you’ll win the day with your words. It might feel like a chore answering the same questions over and over but a little sincerity will carry the day. Just because you’re feeling it, doesn’t mean everyone deserves a compliment. People will look to you to settle disputes. Be honest with how you feel as thoughts still linger on past lovers. Mental stimulation leads to physical lust.

Dear Taurus

Venus may now be in Gemini but that’s your astro-house of tangible love. And we all know how much our most sensual sign likes to touch and snuggle. This week, you’ll be attracted to people of quality, comfort, and security. Love for you right now is slow and building but it might also feel like you’re not getting the total attention that you deserve. Rest assured, they do love you and they are not really distracted either, it’s just that attention spans are shorter than usual right now.

Dear Gemini

Welcome to love central Gemini. This week, you are magnetic and charming. You may be taken aback with overtures of love from people you thought had forgotten about you. They haven’t. You may have also felt like you were working in a vacuum. You weren’t. Love was listening and taking notice but until now, love hasn’t really said anything inspiring. Well listen up! Love is talking to you. If you kept the faith and believed in yourself when the world was quiet, you’ll have a love coming your way.

Dear Cancer

Love takes an almost spiritual leap as boundaries dissolve and you meld with your partner. Fortune is still favouring your interactions with large and public groups so try not to lose yourself completely. Although, it will begin to feel like you are living a dream love. Be careful! Right now, the planets are making you feel open and vulnerable. Others are helping but you begin to feel like you’re doing too much for the team.

Dear Leo

Friends with benefits? I think so. It’s time to get out and meet genuine people. The unique and special attract your attention as friendships grow deeper. On a kinky note, you’ll be oddly attracted to sexy calves and ankles. Be alert for new ways to make money at work.

Dear Virgo

There’s a need inside of you to be recognised publicly and it’s going to finally come out. Expect recognition for your hard work. But what about love? Love arrives at a distance as recent disturbances have you looking for new lovers. You’re charming and graceful but are you also being a bit too aloof?

Dear Libra

You’ve changed for the better Libra. The long Saturn transit has left its mark and you’re not going to let people walk over you anymore. In love, your partner is up for the challenge and yearns for adventure. It’s time to free yourself and explore the new and exotic. And if you haven’t noticed, Uranus is in Aries in your astro-sector of relationships so.. expect love to be different, powerful sparks at the strangest times, unexpected adventures, and open & honest friendships.

Dear Scorpio

You burn the crap out of everyone you touch. Would you believe the planets now say you’re going to up your legendary intensity? You might feel betrayed or jealous. Let it go. After such a string of uninspiring relationships it’s normal to want to go scorpio deep on your newest prize but if they don’t respond the way you expect, you get all cold. Your heart is on your sleeve but you still don’t have to bite everyone who comes close.

Dear Sagittarius

It’s all about relationships right now and your need to express yourself. Get closer with friends, family and lovers. Balance and harmony are the keys as you’re called up to be the peacekeeper. Cheerful and happy are your strengths and your optimistic nature will bring people together. Make sure you get out and talk with a lot of people.

Dear Capricorn

Love finds you in a practical and helpful mood. You’re willing to go the extra distance for love and if you make sure all of the details are taken care of you’ll find the romantic adventure you’ve been waiting for. You may unknowingly be coming off as cool or uninterested and this will let potential lovers drift away if you’re not careful. You’ll go after what you deeply want.

Dear Aquarius

Love is in the air Aquarius and the beautiful and unique capture your attention. Fill your heart and get out. You’ll meet people everywhere. There is a playful and creative allure to you. Have fun.

Dearest Pisces

You’ll feel like redecorating the home and inviting love over for a dreamy rendezvous. Enchant with your words and draw them in. They are attracted you. Give in to your dreams.

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