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Love Horoscopes – April 13, 2012

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Aries: There is a very special atmosphere around that seems to encourage lovers to express themselves in wonderful ways. Even if your loved one is normally not the most romantic of people, they will surprise both you and themselves today. You, too, will feel moved to respond in an appropriate manner. Don’t question moments of inspiration in your relationships right now. Enjoy and savor the feelings brought out in the process. Trying to pin down where such insight comes from will mean simply losing it altogether. Think about making the memories of the day last longer by writing down your day or even taking a few pictures. If a bunch of beautiful red roses arrives for you, don’t be surprised.

Taurus: If you find that your time is being taken up solving problems that are not yours, do what you cant to end them quickly. Their pressing or urgent matter is doing nothing but siphoning off your emotional energy. The key to getting through this period as quickly as possible is to address these external challenges directly until they are resolved. You want as much of your emotional energy as you can handle today as the planetary alignment is quite conducive for lovers everywhere. It encourages you to recall memories and creating a warm and wonderful atmosphere to make new ones. Spend the evening enjoying each other’s company where ever you think is best. Make this time together about you and your lover not everyone else around you.

Gemini: Today’s cosmic climate brings a strange, wistful, and almost quizzical approach to affairs of the heart. The longing you feel for a particular person may intensify greatly, as could your ability to fantasize about them. You are not interested in them as they really are, but more as you hope they will be. Despite this, you could enjoy a wonderfully romantic date this evening. Socializing and having a good time with others is the energy you may feel now. You may meet people of that will have importance or influence in your domestic life. So if you get invited to socialize or just spend some quiet time with someone then you might make the effort to find the time and say yes.

Cancer: It is all the subtle things about love that turn you on to your sweetheart this evening. The present planetary alignment makes this an ideal opportunity to read each other some deeply romantic poetry, the kind that will have you both gazing into each other’s eyes and declaring your most sincere feelings. Enjoy this phase, as it will bring you both into greater harmony. But be advised as there may be a few small bumps in the road. Resist the temptation to fly off the handle if things take an unexpected turn or your effort is suddenly derailed in your love life. Change and negotiation will get things back on track, but blowups are harder to heal, so avoid them. Things said in the heat of passion should be about passion itself, so keep it that way.

Leo: Your ability to communicate in a warm, understanding manner during this time period is especially strong. Your intuition works wonders as you can pick up on others’ concerns and interests and effectively sharing helpful advice and a compassionate understanding of others’ needs. A lover or partner will appreciate this more than you might realize. If you have a blind a date you may be feeling nervous but don’t worry, the art of communication has not failed you yet! You have written e-mails by the dozen, spoken on the phone, fantasized madly about each other, but never actually seen each other in the flesh. So now’s your big chance – go for it, as it will most likely be every bit the romantic occasion you hoped for. Good luck and have fun!

Virgo: Learning what makes others tick turns you on. Impressions or thoughts you have about someone fuse together and create some interesting revelations. You may think you know the person closest to you, but today you will be surprised to see a whole new aspect emerge. This completely fascinates you, as you never imagined that all of that was underneath the surface. You have not seen them quite so sweet or so romantic, which right now is making them so irresistible. This sparks your desires from within. Sexual needs are just one of the life issues emphasized for you at this time. Sex, power, and money are all compelling aphrodisiacs. This person you see in a new light, has all that and much more.

Libra: Not a great day to make plans or decisions. It could be hard to figure out the right move, especially with that special someone. You can feel that certain issues between you and your lover are clouded and confused. If you can, be patient and leave it be for a little while longer things will clear. That means not to pick your relationship apart to find out where the problem lies when you think no one is paying attention. You will see that the matter not only resolves itself, but creates a very real and tender bond between you. You may feel frustrated as to where you are headed in life today but it will you will have a better idea in the next few days. Have some self control and remember tomorrows another day and a new perspective.

Scorpio: This is a day for out-and-out romance. Your home life should get the bulk of your attention at this time. The present planetary alignment encourages you to treat your partner with special care and attention. Wine and dine them, and let them know how much they mean to you. Even though you may have been too busy to spend time with each other recently, you can make up for this by being extra loving and enjoying the feeling of togetherness. Now is an excellent time to resolve any lingering conflicts with your personal relationships. Expressing your emotional and physical needs clearly to your mate should lead to a fulfilling affirmation of your love for one another and strengthen your sense of being a part of something special.

Sagittarius: The day is about romance but also merging your new established relationship and home life. Ideas for rearranging and tightening up issues at home can save you the headache of repeating old problems. Home is where the heart is only when you put your head into heart into it, so brainstorm some new approaches and operating rules that can make life more comfortable for all. It’s a wonderful time for your dearest one over to your place and transform it into a real lover’s boudoir. Use scented candles, have plenty of aromatic oils around for all uses, from relaxation to massage. Cook foods that are truly sensuous and wonderful to eat, and above all have a great time. Lastly, make sure you repeat this often in the future.

Capricorn: If you are going out on a first date, then be prepared for a wonderful time. Just be careful of getting in over your head just because it feels exciting. He or she you are going out with tonight will certainly excite you!  Now remember that some people are genuinely sweet, honest to Gods sweet like candy. Don’t immediately distrust your partner just because they show up with something in hand, that’s just because it’s the way they are. So relax, enjoy yourself, and stop thinking everything has an ulterior motive. Once you do, you will find that this evening is definitely worth repeating. If you are unattached don’t worry as an unconventional romantic and social connection is also likely to occur soon.

Aquarius: You like your romance to be based in reality with plenty of depth and complexity rather than the youthful type that is spoken of in love poems and fairy-tales. You may find yourself highly attracted to someone new, whose energy is ripe with the novelty and possibilities of adventures told in stories. Because you are impulsively affectionate and flirtatious at this time, you are likely to give in. This is great, step away from the norm for a while. If you are in a stable, predictable relationship that offers little excitement, your restlessness can no longer be contained. It is likely someone will get hurt by your need to explore. Be careful with that. Also, your friends or love partner may behave in unexpected ways, ask before jumping to a wrong conclusion.

Pisces: It is possible that your emotions and feelings of distance and aloneness will overwhelm you today.  You may have the chance to find out just how much someone close to you feels about you. Even though you have difficulties in trust people, you will discover that your barriers begin to fall around them. You see something about the way they express themselves that shows you they really care. Why not tell them that you feel just the same. If you are icy about the shortcomings of your friends or lovers then you are probably being a bit too critical and hard on them right now. Loosen up, for bad or worse we are all in this together. Nothing and no one is perfect.

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