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Love Horoscopes – April 16, 2012

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Aries: Frustrations and obstacles in your relationships with others arise at this time. You feeling a little isolated because it seems as if others do not understand what you are trying to do nor do they want to cooperate with you. Nothing seems to be going the way you hoped and that to do anything right, you have to do it yourself. This can be a very self defeating attitude that will no doubt continue to sour any relationship you are involved in. Take a good look around; are you really seeing what you think you are? If you have a date tonight, your bold attire will not outshine your intelligence. It will be your intellect that really catches their attention and impresses then. You are likely to get another date.

Taurus: At the moment it is easier to see what is wrong in your intimate affairs than it is to see what is right. You may fall into such a funk that you think resolving your problems seems impossible. Shake this ridiculous mood off and confront any issues in your personal life head on and with optimism. Once you do, you will find it wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought. It is just that you have both been very busy recently; you need to reestablish the lines of communication between you. Both you and your sweetheart would benefit greatly from spending some quality time together to really talk. A candlelit meal somewhere gorgeous, with time for a walk beneath the moonlight should have you relating quite profoundly again.

Gemini: You’ll be sensitive today and probably take things the wrong way but your need for communication is strong. Rather than some passionate interaction you are likely to find yourself having a really profound conversation with that special someone. This isn’t a bad thing as you discuss matters deep in nature that could lead to some sort of collaboration in the future. This sets the foundation for something more satisfying as you two relate on many other levels, not only a romantic one.  You may be put in a situation where your desire to keep the peace regarding certain issues may leave you feeling more vulnerable than usual. Refuse to let anyone take advantage of your good nature and big heart.

Cancer: There is a need for change or a desire to break with old patterns from the past.  You have a longing for something new, unique or even the eclectic but you might find far too busy today to fully explore your needs. You’d probably planned to spend the day reorganizing your home or dissolving a relationship but end up spending most of the day outside of your home handling one crisis after another. Once it is all said and done you may find it hard to get back into your own frame of mind. It might be a good idea to pull emotional sustenance and friends or lovers when it’s all over. Despite the monkey wrench it threw into your day, you are happy that you were able to help.

Leo: Feeling cared for and needed is how you would like to feel right now. The lack of these comforts has created a nagging feeling of uneasiness. If you are unattached, you have to put yourself out there on an emotional level in order to attract someone desirable into your life. There is a possibility of a passionate new relationship by means of someone you have a simple conversation with. This conversation will not be idle chatter of all the hottest gossip; it will be profound, brilliant and futuristic. It will be warm and filled with spontaneous signs of affection that will certainly lead to more. It will defiantly be something you will not regret especially once you make good on any of those promises you silently alluded to.

Virgo: Love is very different for those attached and those beginning to date. If you are attached, there is a need to get out of your current situation as your tolerance for those whose energies aren’t in tune with yours is becoming more noticeable. You are becoming far too cool and detached at the personal level.  It is definitely a time to consider making some changes or talking about the issues at hand. If you have recently begun to date, the level of affection between you and the person you are seeing is not where you would have liked for it to be but you still feel very special nevertheless. Conversations you have now will find you the common ground that bonds you more deeply together, and makes a passionate relationship more possible.

Libra: The Libra power of persuasion can get you anything you want; right now it can get you the first date you have been hoping for. You not only need to use all the right words in phrasing your request, plus a fair bit of flattery, as well. But you also need to communicate both verbally and using body language. Let them know that you would like to get closer and that you find them sinfully irresistible. If you are attached, the heightened charm helps you to easily discuss any personal needs or desires in your relationships at this time. This is a favorable time to bring out any concerns you have in your personal relationships and work through them to a satisfactory conclusion. Agreements and cooperation can be achieved easily now if you make the effort.

Scorpio: This is a time when inspiration and opportunity both are in the air, so be ready to take a risk and make your move. Don’t hold back in conversation with someone special today and don’t hide your real opinions or thoughts. Do not fall into the trap of changing them to make them sound more presentable either. You will be much more appreciated by this delicious being if you are totally honest of yourself, and express exactly what you really feel. You will find their respect for you then grows in leaps and bounds. If it feels right then go ahead and take the risk and ask that special someone whatever it is you’ve been holding back! You never know what door your question can open for you.

Sagittarius: You are more sensitive to delicate changes in the energy around you. This means that if you and your beloved have been having a problem recently, you have felt every ounce of that tension. If you have not been speaking to each other, then this is the time to make up. Once you start your reconciliation tensions will be released and you will find yourselves more deeply and passionately in love than before. When you sit down to resolve matters, try not to get to upset if your feelings are hurt by their bluntness. Instead try to focus on maintaining as much balance as you can, calmly and peacefully. You have your criticisms too so remember that. The day will pass quickly and tomorrow should be better.

Capricorn: Communicating openly with loved ones, taking a trip to visit friends, or going on an outing with someone you care about or love is likely now. Now is not the time to let your silence speak for you or let it take over certain romantic proceedings. You need to be more clear and objective about personal matters in your relationships and this is a favorable time to work out any differences or come to a decision. If you have a first date with someone, remember that they may not understand your many quirks. They could take things the wrong way and make it known that they do not appreciate your behavior, which could prematurely end the beginning of something special. Use your words today and let your body language have the day off.

Aquarius: Refinement and relationships are the issues to emotional satisfaction for you now. This refinement aspect of the energy surrounding you may cause you to want to stand on a metaphorical soapbox and give a lengthy lecture your sweetheart. This will not go over well at all if you were planning on sharing a romantic evening together. Rather than control the conversation, allow them to speak and to let you know how they feel about the relationship. You might just learn something if you listen. All you are looking for is harmony that is deeply satisfying to you both an emotional and spiritual level. The lack of this has left you emotionally unsettled. Simply be truthful with this and things should get better.

Pisces: If you have a date tonight, planning every detail may give you all the confidence and reassurance that you need, but it will not be the best way to go about things. Instead of following some sort of “to do list” allow the discussion to flow naturally into whatever areas or subjects crop up. The more spontaneity you show, the harder he or she may fall for you. If you are unattached, spending a little quality time with your romantic interest is exactly what you need at the moment. Maybe a night on the town with close friends will do wonders for your spirit. Even better, a quiet late night frolic with your lover should send both your energy levels soaring as well.

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