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Astro-week April 15 – 21

from – Sonny

Dear Aries

Mars, your astro-ruler finally begins his forward motion and this causes things to speed back up in your daily life. More energy will be available for routine work and for physical health. It’s a great time to go for a jog and let go of stress. A phone call could lead to a new career.

Dear Taurus

Love steps up a notch. You have a lot of energy for creative expression. Try and spend some time around children and absorb their playful attitude. You’re getting everything you ask for so ask big. It’s a beautiful time to step forward and enjoy the life you’ve always wanted.

Dear Gemini

Do your talk talk thing and be your best. It doesn’t matter what you say because love is enchanted by your natural charms.  You’ll meet strange people in unexpected places who’ll want to help. It’s a little weird but the attention is sincere. Energy will be focused on clearing out the old.

Dear Cancer

You’re filled with ideas right now and that sends you all directions. Try not to scatter your efforts. Find a way to work off extra stress or verbal battles will arise. Your mind is extra sharp but there’s no reason to get into it just because someone disagrees.

Dear Leo

Money in money out. Careful at the bank. People are helping you along and you should expect a small raise or promotion for your hard work. Take a chance in business.

Dear Virgo

Watch your temper as you become pushier than normal. Things may not have gone exactly your way in love lately but that’s no reason to be rude to people who are trying to help you. Channel your efforts into work as love favors a late night rendezvous.

Dear Libra

Karma seems to be the game this week as fate deals you an odd blow from the past. Roll with the punches as doubt creeps in. You were doing your best at the time and we all believe in you. Love continues via unusual forms of communication.

Dear Scorpio

You’ll be renewed with energy to go after your dreams. Don’t expect a smooth road to your goals but you’ll finally stop working against yourself. Clear up all paper work and chores. Love will back in full force next week.

Dear Sagittarius

How can I say this? Love, sex, and sunshine sparkle this week. You’re even getting help on the domestic front. Challenges clear up at work but extra hours are still needed at the office. Possible conflicts with authority figures. Don’t speed while driving.

Dear Capricorn

This week you feel restless and hunger for new adventures. You have a lot of energy available for studying new interests or visiting distant lands. Be careful that you’re not too opinionated as differences in spiritual beliefs are challenged. Love is waiting at the gym.

Dear Aquarius

As Mars begins his direct motion your sexuality and desires for intimacy become heightened. Expect sudden feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. There’s a possibility of an ending. Do your best to uncover hiding meanings from loved ones.

Dear Pisces

Love becomes energized and it’s up to you to shape your own adventure. If not careful, this energy will cause ego conflicts in love. Love will be dynamic and sweeping. Unfortunately, it’s a time of little squabbles. Keep them light and enjoy the frisky playfulness.

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