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Love Horoscopes – April 23, 2012

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Aries: Aries, you like to have a plan of attack, an idea what to do when a situation arises. There are just some things you cannot prepare for and today, the rather deeply emotional encounter that could very well happen is one of them. This might come in the form of someone you already know or a perfect stranger but there is a really powerful chemistry between you that baffles your mind. If you happen to have an intimate relationship with someone over the internet, it might be time to step things up a notch. You realize that even though you may not have met physically, you have to get to know each other on a far deeper level. Maybe the next step is actually speaking to one another on the phone. Whatever it is, let him or her know how you feel.

Taurus: Thanks to the energy of the day, this will be a rather romantic or maybe erotic kind of day. You are impulsively affectionate and flirtatious at this time which can open the doors to all sorts of fun. Your interactions will tend to be very emotion oriented, and you will want to share your deepest secrets and your love if so attached. But there are some of you that feel quite restless right now especially if you are in a stable, predictable relationship that offers little excitement. So for you, flexibility and open mindedness in your relationships is important. With emotions running high and hot, some of your friends or even a lover may behave in unexpected ways. Write it off and keep it moving.

Gemini: You’re entering a time of emotional directness and impulsiveness now, one marked by forceful and powerful feelings. This could be a wonderfully romantic day but part of you just isn’t in the mood. Wouldn’t it be a shame to waste this energy alone with only your hands and toys to bring you pleasure? Exactly, why not share this warmth and passion with someone; if you are not attached I am sure there is someone you have had your eye on. Which is just as well since this time can also bring with it emotional beginnings or a brand new start. It is likely that you will establish new habits or patterns right now, just make sure they’re good ones, because they’ll set the tone for you for quite some time to come!

Cancer: If you are a social butterfly this week, you are drawn to someone that you know, likely as an acquaintance, but now you see something within them that you had not before. As you begin to see that you can really relate to him or her, they are feeling the same way. What is now between you two can be very special, you should go for it. Meanwhile there are some of you are that so very frustrated and impatient that it is causing you to lash out at those around you. You are being far more critical of those close to you than you should be. To maintain some semblance of harmony, keep your mind as busy as possible. Should you feel yourself hitting a boiling point, burn it off through exercise or try to lose yourself in a book or movie.

Leo: You are in a mood to relax and enjoy quiet comfortable surroundings today. As you visit a park or somewhere else you find serene, there is a chance that you may have a truly romantic encounter. You could well meet someone who has more depth than their looks imply. Although you often find talk of intimate feelings a little embarrassing, this person has a way with words that you find breathtaking. This conversation will probably reach depths you normally would never during a first encounter. You might want to keep this person around for a while. Appreciation for your home, your family and friends are a source of particular pleasure and satisfaction for you right now.  Do something kind to show you care.

Virgo: Love, relationships, beauty, and pleasure are emphasized now. The energy surrounding you enhances all of the above by creating a wonderful atmosphere that is ripe for love. You feel especially attractive or friendly, and the warmth you radiate is noticed and appreciated by others in contact with you. A new romance or friendship may occur or an old or current one may take a turn for the better. If you are attached, you will find that your partner is in a particularly tender and romantic mood. Capitalize on this and the two of you will have a truly fabulous time. The bond will deepen and it will bring you satisfaction for some time to come. If you are unattached, let the energy guide you to where you should be. The rest will follow.

Libra: Like the others in the zodiac, romance is abundant today and you certainly need some in your life. If this has been lagging somewhat, then you will find that it is very much uplifted by the day’s events. If you have planned to go out with your dearest one, make it somewhere special, as you both will benefit from being together and sharing your love. Because the energy of the day not only warms you but opens your mind, take a look around you today and appreciate the beauty in your life and in those you are closest to. You will be surprised at what could take on an added value and importance in your emotional psyche. Be careful that you don’t overspend or indulge too much just to impress someone. They need to like you for you first.

Scorpio: Your enthusiasm and inner drive for living are very high during this time. So if you not feeling particularly romantic right now don’t worry, you should by the afternoon. This is a positive time when you express your feelings openly, you feel alive and interested in the world about you, and your love relationships are exciting and harmonious. If you do not have to be anywhere, invite someone over for an intimate meal, breakfast or lunch… hell even dinner too! Why not have a day of love and enjoy every moment of it? I am sure you have seen “9 ½ weeks”, food can lead to all sorts of things. Whatever you do, do not let the day go without doing something or another that makes you feel alive.

Sagittarius: Romance is in the air and it is everywhere. You are breathing it, feeling it and likely wearing it. You have attracted so much of it that if you are attached, your current love affair seems like a grand romantic adventure. If this person is the one for you, use this energy to cement the bonds between you two. You do not have to propose marriage but you can let him or her know you are in this for the long haul, where ever it may take you. If you are unattached, the energy is primed for you to begin something new. Go, be bold and ask someone out that you have had your eye on. You have an extra measure of energy and confidence now and will make a strong impression on those in your environment. You will be noticed more than usual.

Capricorn: Yesterday, things in your love life seemed rather relaxed and comfortable. Today, with all of this passionate and romantic energy flowing throughout, you feel this urgency between you and your sweetheart. There seems to be a powerful force drawing you ever closer together, which you can’t seem to understand. Don’t even try; just enjoy the growing feeling of real love that is developing between you. It will be building fast and hot with desire so hang on and enjoy the ride. For most of you, in order to reach those goals that are important to you, you may need to eliminate something from your life. This could be an attitude, a situation, or a relationship that has been holding you back is the focus of this release.

Aquarius: The energy of the day brings your love life into perspective for you.  You could be driven more by instinct than by reason now. You are gripped by an almost fanatical and compulsive need to make fundamental changes in your life. One thing you have realized is that with experience comes passion, some of which you could really use in your life right now. So that older person that has dropped enough hints, don’t rule he or she out as a potential partner. You have a particularly strong urge to rid yourself of limitations in a close relationship. If your partner is reluctant to try something new with you, it might be time to call it a night. Just be careful you don’t burn a relationship that you really want to hold on to.

Pisces: If someone has been making advances toward you that you have been thwarting, you are likely to find yourself worn down today. There may not have been any particular reason for this, as you know that you are just playing hard to get. Today you will not be able to play any longer, as the feelings have become too strong. This could leave you to saying the things you usually only think. It may not just be with your intimate affairs either, you may speak your mind without much thought or consideration of consequences, especially to people you disagree with. Unless you slow down a bit, this time period can be quite a headache and cause problems that last beyond the day. Verbal battles, and heated debates are very likely at this time.

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