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Love Horoscopes – April 25, 2012

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Aries: You are not interested in cheap thrills; you are looking to score big and win the love of someone special. Your mind is geared towards something for the long haul as you may be tired of fleeting excitement. If you have a date tonight you will find that it isn’t as easy as it once was. If you do have a date this evening, be prepared to be baffled. You are reminded that not everyone fits into a logical box. Your impression of your potential partner will change from one moment to the next; you will have a hard time keeping up. Don’t bother, as this could ruin the magic that might build up between you if you leave it alone. By the way, now is not the time to follow anybody else’s lead at this time, be a little more confident than you normally are.

Taurus: Relationships can get a bit weird right now or at least take an unexpected turn. With a more romantic energy at hand you will be able to create a very romantic evening with your sweetheart. But before you both enjoy this; you need to get one or two things straight between you. Now it isn’t anything serious but a couple of issues have recently sprung up that continue to weigh heavy on you and can no longer be ignored. Get it sorted out and then have fun. Some of you will be feeling the need for more freedom or independence. It is likely that this will disrupt the status quo in an important relationship. Rather than write the connection off as a loss, see if he or she will join you on one or two of your adventures.

Gemini: You will be going through a shift in both your mood and attitude right now that will affect you deeply over the few days. This will leave you emotionally sensitive now and you will find it more difficult to clearly express what you are feeling. It is best that during this time you do not take things that are said or done too seriously as you may be hurt more than any one intends for you to be. You also must not be persuaded to go against your deeper instincts. Someone you once felt was special may be trying their hardest to get you to go along with their version of events. This is likely to involve a lot of subtle flattery, coercion and possibly a touch of manipulation. The more they behave like this, the less special they remain in your eyes.

Cancer: The truth is a hard pill to swallow and you will be reminded of that about someone you are intimate with. In fact you hold them in such high esteem that you cannot imagine they would be capable of the kind of behavior you have heard about. Before you commit yourself to them more fully, be sure you are seeing them as they really are. If you are single, you are on fire right now as the energy surrounding you padded with a special magnetism and attractive power. You are feeling intensely passionate and loving as a result so whomever you unleash it upon will be completely satisfied and likely looking for more.  Any new relationships, particularly sexual ones will have a compelling and urgent quality. You need it and want it now!

Leo: This will be a time when something personal, sensitive, or very secret will come storming out of the closet to confront you. What makes this time even more difficult is that this “habit” (maybe) is so ingrained you cannot see what you are doing wrong. Your loved one is obviously not one hundred percent happy about this or something related to it, and assumes you are acting like this on purpose to punish them or make a point. It’s a definitely a day for emotions to run both hot and cold. To keep the peace, you may have to get them to spell it out. You cannot read minds and you certainly have no idea what it is that you are doing that is so wrong. They can either tell you or shut up about it.

Virgo: Because your mind is working overtime, you may begin to over think some things and begin to doubt your deeper instincts when it comes to your new partnership. You’ve been trying to understand its dynamics and you really want to believe in the best but it has been hard to be positive. You know that nothing is blemish free and you continue to hope that this time everything is going to be perfect, and that you can fall in love happily ever after. Hope is fine; wishing is fine but do not lose sight on what is really going on. Many of you are so emotionally charged that you want to tell everyone how you feel about everything. Letting your feelings flow is fine as long as you are careful who you flow to. There are some who don’t really need or merit your help.

Libra: It is one thing wanting to maintain an aura of mystery, and another to purposely mislead someone. Not that you are doing this out of spite or any desire to harm, but because you feel that if you let them know your real life story, they won’t want to become involved with you. What is it about you that you feel is so repulsive that you need to not be completely honest with this potential or new lover? You have heard many times before that if they truly love you, they will adore you for who and what you really are. But this may not be about them so much as it’s about you. If you cannot love yourself or at least accept mistakes you have made or regrets that you have, then what use will someone else’s love be?

Scorpio: Your emotions are sensitized now. Which isn’t helping as a misunderstanding will crop up in your relationship with your dearest heart. So in order to avoid problems and unnecessary conflict it would help if you spelled everything out to each other, and said what you mean in several different ways, so that at least there is a chance that understanding will dawn at some point. Make clarity your goal for today. Some of you will find yourself wrapped up by feelings of nostalgia and compassion. There will be a few memories of feelings and situations long forgotten come to the surface. Luckily your intuitive, feeling nature is very strong making it easy to find some sort of resolution. Create your own happy ending instead of waiting for it.

Sagittarius: Romance is very possible if you make just a little effort to take a risk. This comes at a time where you may not know what direction a very important relationship is heading. Today any effort towards this may be for naught as the energy surrounding you isn’t much help for making progress anyway. You cannot see where the line is being drawn and if you were honest, you feel like that line is always moving. For right now just go with the flow of events and make efforts where you can. This will help you discern a clearer pattern and make it easier later. For many of you right now, there is a basic drive to appreciate and taste life. Your desires are strong so go enjoy yourself at this time, even be selfish if you would like!

Capricorn: This is an excellent time for personal relationships and friendships. But right now you are stuck between reality and fantasy in your mind. One set of events that has already happened led your mind to a conclusion that another potentially could. So far it has not and you are not only baffled but frustrated as well. You would benefit from getting your priorities in order right now. This energy surrounding you makes it easier to see connections and possibilities you may have overlooked before. You need to truly understand what is most important to you, and within that answer lays the likely course of action. Sit down, clear your mind and get this resolved, it isn’t just your heart on the line here.

Aquarius: Your feelings run hot now, and you are more likely to act on instinct, emotion, and impulse rather than reason. Your responses to life are passionate and direct which can be good and bad. Misunderstandings could occur today, especially in the way you perceive not only yourself, but also your sweetest love. You may think that the signals you are sending are quite plain and obvious, but everyone sees things differently, and they may not be being received in the same vein. You will have your work cut out for you to make yourself understood. Some of you will not have to endure any negativity today. Spirited physical activity, lovemaking, or any activity that really involves you emotionally is where you will be most passionate. Stay in bed if you can.

Pisces: Relationships of all types are activated now. Any one of them could need some level of cooperation, compromise, or adjustments to others’ viewpoints that will require all of your attention. One relationship may suddenly seem to be collapsing, due to forces beyond your control, leaving you wondering exactly what is going on. The energy surrounding you makes something you were completely certain about seem less sure. But don’t let this worry you; if you just let things be, you will see that nothing has been undermined, it is just an illusion and all is well. On a positive note, you may come into contact with a person who is especially creative or influential in your life. Keep your eyes and ears open so they don’t pass you by.

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