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Love Horoscopes – April 27, 2012

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Aries: Mixed emotions may be the theme of the day. It is likely that you may want to sort them out verbally but that could be far more effort than it is really worth and ultimately an unsatisfying process. But, the current energies of the day encourage you to share your real feelings, and not to hide behind an air of disinterested cynicism. Sift through them enough to understand what is going on and then be honest with your loved one. It will work out much better if you let them see that you really do mean what you say. Drive the message home by giving them a simple and thoughtful gift. If you find yourself on the wrong end of an argument with your partner then try to patch things up as best you can and let circumstances take care of the rest.

Taurus: You have high expectations of your date tonight. This person is quite wonderful and is beginning to mean a lot more to you. Thankfully you will not be disappointed but that is more because of you than the date itself. You have become a bit more comfortable with him or her and that has you feeling much more confident and courageous than you had before. This will do so much more for you than any good luck charm to keep this of love run smoothly. If you’re single an opportunity for a romance may arise which is likely to be exciting. But this will not happen while you are on the couch or chained to your desk. Get out and do doing something stimulating and fun. This is when you meet interesting new people that you might want to date.

Gemini: The energies of the day encourage you to socialize. Whether its friends, family or a stranger on the street, share your sunny personality with those you encounter as you move about your day. By interacting in ways you normally wouldn’t, you may get the opportunity to meet someone special who has an immediate effect on you. It will be your friendly and outgoing nature that gets you that date today. When you do, take things slow and easy. There’s no need to hurry intimacy when you are just starting out. Subtle feelings and intangible intuition allow an increasing buildup of emotional communication. The emotions you are looking for will work themselves out in its own time, just hang in there. Let them catch up to you.

Cancer: Right now you are more magnetic and sexually attractive. Take full advantage of this by finding a way to motivate yourself to go out tonight. Once you dress up and arrive to your destination of choice, you will feel much better. The next task is to start talking to anyone and everyone. You will experience a positive flow of warmth and friendliness between yourself and others, and become stimulated and energized by your casual interactions. This level of socialization will give you a real opportunity to meet someone with whom you feel you really click. Whether you are single or attached, your love life is likely to be both harmonious and satisfying during this time. Let this energy not go to waste.

Leo: Sometimes romance can be opportunistic. You need to be at the right place at the right time or be able to strike while the iron is hot.  Right now is one of those times. If you want to catch the attention of someone who has been at the center of your thoughts for some time, this is a golden opportunity you have been waiting for. All you need is confidence and the ability to appear vibrant; it will then work in your favor. You are entering a time of emotional growth. This leads you to just naturally attach yourself to bigger issues, experience deeper feelings, and have a more open heart. Travel both literally and mentally broadens the mind, so be ready to pick up and go places, even if only in your imagination.

Virgo: Some Virgos may have quite a lot to celebrate right, especially as you have recently begun a new relationship. You may decide that this is the perfect opportunity to go out for a wonderful meal somewhere that little bit different with your someone special. Whatever you determine to do, you will enjoy each other’s company immensely, and realize how much more you have in common. If you are attached, this is a favorable time to bring out any concerns you have in your personal relationships. Your warmth and loving thoughts make you a bit more pliant and willing to discuss your personal needs and desires. Agreements and cooperation can be achieved easily during this time so long as you are open and honest.

Libra: A broader view of your relationship comes easier for you right now but leave the details until later when there is more time. The point is to understand the principle of what is going on, the rest you can deal with as it develops. This will be much easier than doing it the other way around. Be advised that good or bad, feelings will grow and emotions rise faster than you thought possible at this time. If there is a social engagement on your calendar all eyes are likely to be on you. The current energies enhance your confidence leaving you looking truly desirable and radiant. If you are in a permanent relationship, your partner will be thrilled to have you by their side. If you are looking for love, you could well find yourself with several choices.

Scorpio: The energy of the day is all about confidence. If you are attached this confidence provides you with the clarity to make an important decision about your intimate affairs. This is very good time to let someone know exactly what you want. This energy all gives you a no-nonsense attitude so try your best not to shove your desires down someone’s throat. You will be very disappointed with the response. Instead, use your charisma and charm to emphasize how much you care. If you are unattached and have some sort of social engagement, you will have the gumption needed to approach that someone who will turn out to be very special. Wherever you are enjoying yourself or even by accident, you will recognize the opportunity so do not let pass by.

Sagittarius: Relationships are very pleasant and productive now. You will find that any relationships you formed during this time will work out very well in the long run. Cooperation and friendship is strong now, especially in your more intimate affairs as you are more honest and open then you have been. You find it is better to say how you feel; it is certainly easier right now as you have the full backing of the cosmos to enabling you to do so. The current energy gives you the extra courage to take a more proactive approach to the matters at hand. Your partner is likely to be very impressed and touched that you have dared to go so far as to make yourself vulnerable. It’s also possible you may receive something from someone that you weren’t expecting.

Capricorn: You are likely to endure a few challenges right now in your intimate affairs so a few unexpected twists and turns are likely right now. These challenges and unwanted surprises may come at you from new sources so you might want to be wary of new people entering your social circle. Thankfully with the energy at hand, any difficulties that spring forth from this or ones you may already have can be easily patched up. Because of that warmth surrounding you, it will make it easier for you to uncover those feelings you like to keep hidden, and encourage you to be more open and responsive to your dearest love. Take further advantage of this energy to do something wonderful together and deepen your bond even more.

Aquarius: Beginning a new relationship can often be like embarking on an adventure. You are reminded of this today you reflect upon recent events. You have only just begun to get to know your new lover and are already excited about what you have discovered. What is even more thrilling is that you know you have so much more to uncover and many opportunities to do so. While you may be happy at this moment thinking about it, you will experience a rollercoaster of emotion today. But while your emotions feel like a thunderstorm one minute and sunny blue skies the next, try not to get carried away during the stormy moments. This could lead you to misjudge a situation that you may not be able to find a way to work things out of.

Pisces: Passion and gut reactions are where your emotions may be today. It is likely that your emotions will rule you today not your logic. This can be both good and bad. Working in your favor the energy surrounding you brings some sunshine into your love life. You will feel calm and be assured that all is well between you and your sweetheart heart. This leaves you feeling safe to express your love and enthusiasm for your relationship. For once you are all too happy to share some of your deeper feelings, and they will truly appreciate you doing so. While your intimate affairs are going well, the relationships with your family and the women you are closest to are likely to be rough today. This may put you in a fighting mood both emotionally and physically.

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