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Love Horoscopes – May 6, 2012

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Aries: The energy of the day will be rather intense. It is likely that this energy will prompt a certain situation to come to a head between you and your partner. It is likely to be a situation that needs resolution but you or your lover found hard to approach. As you to discuss the matters at hand, the conversation will become a lot easier. Use some of that charm today really get to the heart of the matter. This energy and the open dialogue between you and your partner make this an excellent time to investigate all of the complex problems you may have in your relationship. It will means a great deal to you in the end. This will give you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and your partner.

Taurus: Your desire to have your wicked way with someone special will be rather strong today. You have many questions and confused thoughts but you are working yourself up into a bumbling mess. What works in your favor is that you have likely known this person for quite some time. All you need to do is talk to them about your feelings. I know easier said than done but honestly if you two are as in sync you look, then this will come as no surprise to them. They may have been too afraid to make a move towards you thinking they are reading you wrong. Be true to yourself, you can make this happen but you have to speak up. Take a deep breath, get your thoughts in order and speak from the heart.

Gemini: There is a lot of power in the energy surrounding you right now. With it brings the temptation to use this power to manipulate the emotions of those around you. Do not try and control your relationship in this way. If you love your partner, you should trust them as well. Right now you have bigger fish to fry as other people may be trying to take advantage of you and treat you like the proverbial doormat. Turn your attentions from you intimate affairs, the relationship that is going quite well at this time and focus on not being taken advantage of by those outside of your intimate circle. If you let your personal greed overpower your practicality, you may find yourself being taken for granted in the future.

Cancer: For some reason you may be feeling somewhat obsessed about your partner and your problem with possessiveness is rearing its ugly head. What makes this worse is this fixation you have developed which is definitely unhealthy. You can do one of two things. Either detach yourself from your emotions and spend time away from your loved one and do something different. This will give both you and your lover a much needed break and maybe give you something else to fixate upon. Otherwise you can speak up and clear the air of any grievances you have been holding on to. Something is making you obsessive, by dealing with these issues, you have the opportunity to move forward and return emotions to more healthier state.

Leo: This is a good time for you in your emotional relationships. Your ability to express yourself confidently and openly wins you the respect and admiration of others. You can promote ideas and goals that you believe strongly in and those who hear you will accept your proposals and ideas, and may even provide some support. Well, maybe. Right now you seem to be possessed by a great idea, one in which your partner has a differing opinion. The energy surrounding you gives you the opportunity to make some big changes in your life, which would naturally include the one you love. But right now you are so carried away that you have forgotten to ask how they feel about it. They are waiting for the chance to tell what they think so be prepared.

Virgo: Many of you Virgos may be holding on to a set of beliefs that is interfering with your intimate affairs. Whether they are yours or your partner’s, there is a strong sense of friction causing relations to be rather frigid. You need to ask yourselves if your principles and ideals are more important than your being together. This should be very easy to decide but you may not like the answer. For some of you, the ability to sense when something is wrong will help you tremendously today as you could help someone you are close to. You will be able to assess the situation and come up with solutions that will put them at ease. Have some caution today as well as someone may be jealous of your talents, treat this person with respect instead of with animosity.

Libra: Passion is one thing, but this obsession you are trying hard to hide, is something else. This attraction you feel towards someone, who is unlike no other you have ever met, is to the point where it is beginning to cause you problems. With this frame of mind, it is important to be able to let go and allow events to flow as they will. This will prove to be difficult but you need to do it. If not for your own sanity, it will make life easier all round. Right now your personal relationships are supposed to be harmonious and rewarding. You should be taking advantage of the opportunities to expand your circle and improve your love life. You cannot ask your someone special out on a date if you do not return to what is normal for you.

Scorpio: The intense energy of the day could spark a new romance or a revitalize a current one. Unexpected pleasures and an adventurous attitude will make this time period delightful and rather stimulating. If you are attending some sort of social gathering you may meet with someone you find unforgettable. Once you begin speaking to each other you will feel the natural connection between you two that makes you feel extremely relaxed in each other’s company. It is very possible that the type of bond you feel could mean that you two are soul mates. Because this is a time for emotional fresh starts any new habit patterns or connections made better be good. These new beginnings will set the tone for you for quite some time to come!

Sagittarius: There are times, especially for fire signs, that when an idea consumes every thought you had, one gets gripped by its demands. These ideas end up having a big effect in your life. Today you may be overwhelmed by a powerful impulse that has the potential to create a great deal of change. If you are in a relationship, you should talk it over with your partner first of all. Remember that a single rose can have as much of an impact on someone as a dozen so keep that in mind when you are trying to get a message across. Don’t assume that you need to be extravagant today as you remind your sweetheart that you care. Even a post it note saying I love you place in strategic locations can do wonders for your relationship. Relax and let love work its magic.

Capricorn: You will find yourself overwhelmed by some powerful and passionate feelings especially if you have a date tonight. The intensity in the air helps you enjoy your encounter very much. You do not know this person very well at all but from what you do know, they appear so enigmatic, exciting and defiantly alluring. You will certainly want to see much more of each other. Remember that the key to relationships are warm, compassion and open lines of communication. All of these factors can create a bigger picture in your relationship later. So listen to your date well but with this intense energy, don’t try to understand it all at once. Let the pieces of the puzzle fall as they may until everything is clear. There is nothing to hide and nothing to expose.

Aquarius: You about to step forward into a whole new phase in life, even possibly your love life. A new friendship or romance could begin, or an established relationship can be revitalized and enhanced. There many changes that likely you have subconsciously made. This may be anything from transforming your circumstances, personality or even your relationships. Either way the door is opening for you to embark on the next leg of your journey. If this involves your partner, then talking things out will smooth the way considerably. If this doesn’t, then you can go it alone or you can reach out to someone you have wanted but never allowed yourself to think about. Doing so now is likely to be the start of something beautiful.

Pisces: You are inclined to act on some of the wilder impulses and desires you feel from time to time. The current celestial energy encourages your need to let go of your inhibitions and allow your deeper feelings to emerge. You could actually hold them back, but this would not be helpful in your current situation. If you have been trying not to rock the boat because you are worried about what others may think. It’s time to just throw your hands in their air and say “fuck it”, wreck some havoc in your life. Right now you crave stimulation and if you have an inventive side, this will certainly help you make a breakthrough now. Your sense of adventure will make this a very interesting time, especially when meeting when forming new relationships.

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