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Astro-Week May 7 – 13


Dear Aries

Why didn’t you just go for it? Love tension eases this week and clears the competition right out of the way. You are still going to have to present a strong case and try your best to stand out. Words will still open doors.


Dear Taurus

Love is all about being a happy Taurus this week. This means, sensuality, stability, and taking care of your possessions. For a happy Taurus, people can be thought of as possessions as well. Anyway you look at it, your stuff gets a boost of love and this makes you very happy.


Dear Gemini

Are you feeling the love yet? With Venus in your sign, love will feel indulgent. Be careful looking for love. Because you’re attracting so much attention right now it will be easy for love to accidentally pass you by. Take every opportunity to advance yourself and accept the rewards for just being you. If you cannot do this, you will not be ready for your next step.


Dear Cancer

You are now in a very private time for love. It’s not the same as a no-love time but rather a feeling of whispered affections and private expressions. You’ll be attracted to secrets and that mysterious person who just won’t ask you out but is always on your mind. One chance will mend two hearts.


Dear Leo

Be very careful with your money. Fast talkers will present you with an attractive opportunity that you have always wanted. It’s possible that this dream will in fact not be everything promised. Read the fine print. If it’s something that you think could really work out without the confusion of the other parties then give it a try.


Dear Virgo

Many Virgos will be going through a strange cycle in which places love on shaky ground. Expect illusions in relationships, some good and some bad. Things may not always be what they seem but if you pay attention you’ll soon see that everything is even better. Stop being a grouch, get out there, and put your energy into seeing the good details for a change.


Dear Libra

An unusual friend returns from the past. Somehow, the two of you are similar in so many ways but this time there is a hint of illusion to the encounter. It all might be a beautiful dream come true or the beginning of a quiet nightmare. Your usual grace and charm will carry you through an otherwise beautiful week of reflecting upon your current goals and how exactly you’re going to fit that strange new lover into your life.


Dear Scorpio

Who would have thought? You may be sexual by nature and romantic at heart but helping others is not always you first choice for a good time, especially when the world has repeatedly let you down. If the last statement were 100% true then you wouldn’t be doing what you are now doing. We all know, you could have reached out for love at any time lately and destiny would have replied. Love is still happy but you might now be stuck in the friend zone. As this is the case, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to let go of current stalemates and just be a good friend.


Dear Sagittarius

You might have a little of the ADD going on as your laser sharp mind jumps from detail to littlest detail in your love life. It’s not exactly boring but your mind is in creative overdrive and you are in daily chores mode. When you put them together, you’ll be thinking of little ways to fix up a romance that might not have anything wrong with it. Give love a chance and use your creative expression to tell your love how much you care.


Dear Capricorn

Something has your heart fluttering and it’s filling you with confidence to get things going. You won’t be feeling a “look at me” ego boost but rather a subtle force that makes you more bold and assertive than normal. Adventure is on the agenda and if romance doesn’t call, you might just pick the phone up yourself and rally the gang. Your enthusiasm is contagious.


Dear Aquarius

Energy is being pushed into shared finances and the work you do to help other people make money. Additionally, the spotlight is bright on family, home, and friends. Help out a close friend and the rewards will be returned. On an inner level you’ll find peace hosting a small party with old friends. It’s a nesting type of week.


Dearest Pisces

The harder you push, the more love seems to float away! It was difficult enough to get you to make a move in the first place, and now they’re not even there. No, I don’t think karma is coming for you. Your efforts are just getting lost in illusion. Use your intuition to put yourself one step ahead of the romance curve and love will literally walk right into your arms.

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