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Love Horoscopes – May 15, 2012

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Aries: You may have been second guessing yourself lately. Anything from the emotions you feel to what you saw across the street. Thankfully, the energy of the day should make you feel a whole lot better than you have. You will have more faith in yourself and confidence in your feelings than you have for some time. Whatever your romantic status, it can only help you to feel as though you can now make some kind of breakthrough. You can now chase your desires with confidence, knowing you will succeed. Since things are heating up you might want to be careful how you approach that special someone in your life. You’ll need to be practical so there won’t be any misunderstandings what you are trying to accomplish.

Taurus: With the positive energy of the day, things are finally going your way. If you are attending some kind of celebration, you will enjoy yourself tremendously, especially when you meet someone who embodies all you have been looking for. No need to pinch yourself but grab every ounce of extra confidence you have and go talk to them. It will certainly be worth it. In other areas of your life, support from those closest to you especially the women in your life, gives you extra confidence now. This is a good time to mend fences and smooth over problems in your home life. Stop looking for the negative and see what is really going right in the situation. It will get you farther and keep you on steadier ground emotionally.

Gemini: This marks a time when love, creativity, and self expression can satisfy a deep yearning to be appreciated and admired. The energy of the day will help you explore your feelings and to deepen your relationship with someone special. If you are going out on a date this evening, then you may well find yourself discussing subjects of a spiritual nature which will expand your understanding of these beliefs. There is something about your combined energies that emboldens you both to be adventurous and very open with each other. As a new cycle begins for you, especially in the areas of romance, remember being wanted for who you are instead of what you can give is the ultimate compliment. Do not lose sight of that during this period.

Cancer: There is a rather romantic energy surrounding you right now. A significant personal encounter or confrontation can happen today. However, significant meetings you encounter may start not with a powerful attraction, but as more of a friendship. Here you will you find that you can relax in each other’s company and talk and joke without worrying about the kind of impression that you are making. Sometimes this is the best way, if not the easiest, to develop a really lasting relationship. During this time there may be a few issues that have you confused. Reach out to people and ask their counsel if you aren’t really sure of how to deal with a situation. Listen to your partner or a friend who can give you an objective view point on the issue.

Leo: The energy surrounding you is a touch mystical and a touch mysterious. Both may involved as you interact with someone rather special today. If you have managed to get that all-important first date, then you may find that your feelings seem to run very deep. There is such a level of comfort between you it feels as if you two have known each other for lifetimes not just recently. This is something you want to hold on to and further explore. Any messages you are sent, even if they seem enigmatic and cryptic, should not be treated with suspicion. Friendly messages can pop up from some really unexpected people and what you see today may very well be compliments in disguise. Why not open a dialogue and try to understand what’s being said.

Virgo: Lately it may have felt as if any of your relationships are drawing much more energy from you than you want to give. It’s likely you’re feeling neglected, as though no one is making time just for you. If so, take a step back from your more intimate relationships and make some time to take care of your personal needs. But, if your partner is in just as good of a mood as you are, you two can achieve harmony in your relationship. Take this opportunity to do things together that enrich your being. Broaden your mutual horizons by expanding your minds and doing something fun yet educational together. This will not only help to improve your relationship but also improve your knowledge and enhance your perspective.

Libra: This is a time for you to shine! This is also a good time to begin something new, to initiate a relationship or project you may have been considering. You have an extra measure of energy and confidence now and will make a strong impression on those in your environment. You will be noticed more than usual. You might want to use your newly charged faith and confidence to talk to someone who, up until now, you may have felt was way out of your league. Now you are the one who put them up on a pedestal when in reality, they are just as wonderful as you are. Today you could find out that they feel much the same way about way you, and are glad that you have finally gotten in touch.

Scorpio: The energy surrounding you feels as if it’s magical, so take advantage of this to do something special. Talk about all the positive things that you feel about each other, and the love that you share. If you have been through a rough patch, forgive and forget. Laughter is a wonderful way to smooth over those problems and difficulties. It is time to start afresh! Quality time spent with your family will reenergize you and reaffirm much of your sense of purpose. Renewing your sense of belonging to something good is sure to put smile on your face and a little snap in your walk. Sharing time with those close to you will not only benefit your disposition but also spread warmth and love to all those you encounter.

Sagittarius: You have a special magnetism thanks to the energy surrounding you which is enhancing your attractiveness right now. With this power, you are likely to feel intensely romantic and loving at the very least. This could bring you much closer than you thought possible to someone who you admire for their style and elegance. They may have impressed you with their fashion sense in the past, but today you find yourself very impressed by their wisdom and their spiritual knowledge. They are obviously not just a pretty face, as you certainly intend to find out. You may find yourself looking to enjoy some emotional release if you are completely unattached. You should get out and exercise, rather than become entangled in a web you cannot leave.

Capricorn: Relationships do not always go as expected and today you will be reminded of this. The normal makes you happy with your partner may feel outdated and boring. You two are long overdue for a discussion that focuses on the aspects of your relationship that need some polishing. Be willing to spend some time working on this, keeping what really works and let go of what doesn’t. Just beware of mixed messages you might send out as you two try and figure it all out. If you are going out on a first date, it will not be as passionate or romantic as you had expected. This is indeed temporary. While you two continue to talk, your appreciation of each other develop and intrigue will turn into desire. We know what happens when desire meets you.

Aquarius: You may feel the need for more harmony in your most intimate emotional relationships. For those of you working on becoming attached, you may have an opportunity today to find out more about someone special. It could be a social gathering or someplace completely random; you might encounter someone who has some divination skill that might be able to answer those questions you have had in your mind. What he or she can tell you could make quite a difference in your attitude. Fondness and appreciation for your past will take on greater importance for you now. Making your relationship situation more pleasant and productive plays a part in this. Look at your previous mistake and make sure you are not repeating them.

Pisces: You are absolutely elated with the current status of your love life. With the energy of the day on your side, you find yourself warming up and completely smitten with your someone special. You are likely annoyed with yourself because you didn’t want to give too much away to your new lover, just in case they stopped trying so hard to do all the right things. Try as you may, they are just so warm loving that their personality has had the tendency of melting the rather cool facade that you continuously try to maintain. With this warm exterior creeping in you will find this to be a rather busy time for you both socially and with any form of communication. Numerous phone calls, emails, meetings, errands, or discussions bring you into contact with others.

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