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Love Horoscopes – May 16, 2012


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Aries: Romance and other things that tug at your emotions come your way as a new cycle begins. You may have to put your feelings on the line, something that right now you do not want to do. Fight it as you will but you may not have any other choice. You could find your hand forced and have to allow your emotions to come tumbling out, which is will leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable. But Aries, take a moment and think about why you are opposed to this, doesn’t it feel good to finally let go? A friend or lover may come to mean everything to you at this time. This is a creative period for you, a time to make a change, a time to be both appreciated and admired and to take some risks. In the end, the risks always pay off, just not how you planned.

Taurus: You may experience significant discord in your personal relationships at this time. Connecting with others on an emotional level is likely to be challenging. Fortunately this period will pass quickly, so don’t get too upset about the distance that seems to exist between you and those you are close to. One particular conversation stands out today as it will bring you a tremendous amount of clarity. However this takes place, you will finally understand just why you have had the same ongoing problem with your intimate relationships in the past. Knowing now lets you make the changes so that you can avoid this in the future. This major revelation will certainly turn things around you.

Gemini: There is a spring in your step and a sparkle in your eye, thanks to the energy surrounding you today. Whatever you do in terms of your love life, it is bound to be both adventurous and passionate. If there is a new lover on the horizon, this relationship will be a real and worthwhile challenge. And if you are in a permanent relationship, then you may discover some exciting things about your partner. Live and let love today, don’t fight it. You’re always doing favors for other people. How about letting someone do a favor for you, just this once? Be gracious and accept this boon. You’re not earning any points by turning it down, you know. What you haven’t realized this that the help offered, is really what you need right now.

Cancer: Today’s energy will rejuvenate and reenergize you, something you very much need. If you have been feeling a little flat lately, and have been in need of something to perk up your love life, then don’t worry. Subtle feelings and relying on your intuition allow for an increasing buildup of emotional communication in your current relationship. Plans previously made will feel like they are coming ever closer to goals and dreams. If you meet someone new, they will provide all the excitement and sparkle you can handle – and much more besides. Taking things slow and easy is the best way to keep a handle as try to pace yourself. The emotions you are looking for will come in their own time. Whatever happens, you will be on top of the world.

Leo: Relationships of all types are active now. Matters of cooperation, compromise, or any other sort of adjustments to others’ viewpoints are issues that will require your attention. As you deal with this, you may come into contact with a person who is especially creative or influential in your life. Keep your eyes and ears open so they don’t pass you by. If you are looking to restore your love life to its former glory, all you need are one or two really good ideas. The planetary influences of the day could provide just the inspiration you need. This may come in the form of a book, video, or even an overheard conversation. Your lover will be delighted with the whole new slant on things; it will improve your relationship in many exciting ways.

Virgo: Unresolved issues in personal relationships are stirred up.  You may directly confront someone about something that has been hidden, forgotten, or ignored for a long time. The underlying causes for a painful or problematic issue of a relationship may be brought to light. But through this arguing and upheaval, there may be something you discover that will make you both feel truly passionate again. As this comes to light, now is not a time to hang back and do what you have always done. See this as an opportunity to allow the positive energy in and explore the possibilities present in all aspects of your relationship. Doing so could take you to some very special and exciting places if you are willing to go there with your loved one.

Libra: This is an excellent time for personal relationships and friendships. You are able to share feelings, interests, and concerns openly and honestly with others. Now is a time for communicating, creating and sharing your plans and dreams. If you are looking for a new love adventure, then the energy of the day may help you along. There is a sense of great excitement in the air, as though anything is possible. You can see connections and possibilities you may have overlooked before. There is also more than a touch of passion around, so if you are going out on a first date, then it could be quite an experience – one you will not forget very soon. It has been a long time since the energy in your love life has been this good. Take full advantage of this.

Scorpio: Why do you feel the need to short change yourself? There is no need for this and it must stop before it really does a number on your life. One way would be to stop putting limits on how happy you can be in your love life. There isn’t a carriage somewhere waiting to turn back into a pumpkin! You may feel you deserve less, but I will be quite clear in saying that you deserve far more. You have every right to as much happiness as you can get. So go for it. There is a chance to understand those around you and to have a special time with someone you love. Lovers, children, and other people or things dear to your heart are emphasized at this time. General good feeling and a sense of support and harmony will make this a happy time.

Sagittarius: The energies of the day will be a bit too intense for your liking but it is what it is. Passion and gut reactions are the emotions you must deal with today as you could be inclined to act on the dictates of emotion and desire rather than reason. This will certainly leave you in a fighting mood both emotionally and physically. Be prepared for the relationships with your family and the women you are closest to are likely to be uncomfortable today. Oddly enough this same energy will embolden a potential lover that is very keen to make your acquaintance. So keen in fact, that they are prepared to risk their cool and their reputation in order to make an impression. You will find such scenes embarrassing and unnecessary but weirdly interesting!

Capricorn: Well Capricorn, you certainly have a fun day ahead for you both in and out of your pajamas. There is real pulsing power and passion in the air, so you may as well enjoy it all while you have the chance. A little extra romance and a healthy dose of intimate talk is exactly what you and your partner need at this time. A candle light dinner and a bottle of good wine is the ideal way to create an atmosphere for some serious romance. Flirting and visual teasing should really get things moving in the right direction. You just revel in those subtle depths of feeling that you can play out and manipulate to your advantage, and also that of your lover. Keep everyday problems out of the conversation and the day will progress wonderfully.

Aquarius: If you are meeting up with some people, you may get more than you bargained for. It is possible that you could meet someone who offers you many new experiences and passionate adventures. The catch, you will have to let go of everything you thought you knew in order to accept more. Falling into this situation will leave your emotions are running so high that you need to be careful not to go overboard. Express your feelings, but don’t drown others in them. Your high pitched feelings may lead you to feel slighted when no offence was actually committed. Keep in mind that not everyone is your friend, and that sharing your intimate feelings with the wrong person may well come back to hurt you later. Jealous people can be a bitch to deal with.

Pisces: Your inner feelings and needs for love and closeness emerge very strongly. Something today will force you to reconsider the nuances of your love life lately. You may have been basing things over limited options when there are quite a few others you never bother to think about.  Your sexual or romantic relationships will have a deep and urgent quality today leaving you feeling compelled to satisfy your urges. You may find yourself looking for a little romance today or at least enjoying some emotional release. A new lover or potential new date could mean a change in the type of partner that you are generally attracted to, and this in turn could also mean that you are more open to other forms of experience.


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