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Love Horoscopes – June 2, 2012

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Aries: There may be some surprises in store for your love life today, especially if you are going out on a date this evening. You are probably expecting a quiet evening, one where you two can get to know each other better. You two may get to know each to know each better but it may not be as quiet as you think. What is likely to happen is that you both hit it off so well that two go along with the flow of energy surrounding you. There is no point in stalling what promises to be a wonderful romance but your need to give and take affection is strong in you at the moment. You want to connect deeply with your loved ones. Just take care that you don’t get too pushy that you chase them away. Subtle gestures will get you the results you desire.

Taurus: The energy of this time is light, friendly and easy, it all just flows today. Though it is possible that things could get slightly out of hand today, but this intensity could be positive rather than negative. If you and your loved one have been searching for a sense of direction you need something that you both mutual aim for. A goal will help you to move into the future with confidence. You will discover that having a profound sense of purpose will strengthen the bond between you two. During this time you will make many positive connections with others. If you are available, you may meet a new friend that could turn into more if you let it. You may also want to call or email someone you love, simply to cheer them up or tell them you love them.

Gemini: Feelings and internal visions can get a bit mixed up right now. Emotional miscommunication, either unintended or on purpose, may get in the way of how you really feel. Now these misunderstandings can snowball, so be ready to cut loose and try it again later. Within this chaos, you may find encouragement to make a profound decision, one that could revolutionize your love life. You know that this path you are heading down isn’t the right one, but because it has yet to really affect you, you lack the willpower to do anything about it. Now you want to something about it and are suddenly very determined to get things back on track. During this time you should avoid long term commitments if possible, keep things open for negotiation at a later time.

Cancer: You have a strong desire for love, affection and the pleasure that comes with the experience. Your feelings may lead you to act impulsively and without regard to consequences. Then again, life is for living. Today you should be doing a lot of this. Start by not hiding what you feel. If you have found yourself resisting the urge to tell your loved one how you feel, then today you may finally want to shout it from the rooftops and tell everyone you know. Your reluctance to share vanishes in a powerful surge of deep emotion. While you certainly deserve to have your passions fulfilled, a little prudence in choosing who you share them with will avoid trouble later. Make sure that you want this person and the baggage they carry with them.

Leo: It is possible that you may have a special encounter, either through a professional or personal contact that could turn out to be more than you bargained for. If you have been wondering if you would ever meet someone who seemed to share your thoughts, and ideals, this person could be the one. Take your time and see where this leads you. Many of you may be driven more by instinct than by reason now. You are gripped by an almost fanatical need to make fundamental changes in your life, including your intimate affairs. These urges take on many forms, but a particularly strong one is the need to rid yourself of any limitations or obstacles in a close relationship. Be careful that you don’t burn a relationship that you really want to hold on to.

Virgo: Your intimate affairs become very intense during this time and you may be forced to make a decision. If you are involved in two relationships, then you need to get this sorted out.  You may not have fully let go of one relationship but you haven’t really begun to embrace the newer one. In order for either to flourish, for you to remain sane, one of them needs to go. Because there is so much going on that you just don’t have an answer to, you may feel inclined to speak to others about your innermost feelings. This will build closeness and trust in your friendships. It is entirely possible that you may hear from someone from the past or reach out to someone you have a long history with or who was once very important in your life.

Libra: It looks like it will be a cranky kind of day for you. You seem to be more temperamental right now and inclined to act on your high strung emotions and desires rather than reason. Minor annoyances and others’ idiosyncrasies are likely to aggravate you more than usual. You also have no qualms in talking about it either. Since you are in a fighting mood, you might want to take a few deep breathes and hang on…just not to someone else’s throat! All of these emotions flying around could stir a few things up in your love life, especially if you have become too complacent recently. If you and your partner need of a challenge, find one that will enable you to work together and pool your resources. What you’ll find is a dream opportunity that two should go for!

Scorpio:  If you don’t have a partner at this time then you might want to consider putting yourself in some situations that could benefit you in finding one. Since you are feeling social today why not throw a small party. Word certainly gets out as someone will show up uninvited, someone who throws off your balance. He or she is likely to be a person you have not seen for quite a while and maybe haven’t thought about in just as long. Thing is, they have thought about you and they would like to give things another chance. They will try their hardest to gain an audience with you and discuss ways to make this happen. Whatever does happen, you can’t hide what you feel and neither do they. Maybe you shouldn’t.

Sagittarius: Today is likely to be full of decisions you will have to make, most of them on the spot. And of course they will be ones that you are nowhere near ready to make. Naturally this involves your love life and your sense of commitment, and perhaps we never feel really ready to make this kind of choice but you will have to today. You may be forced to make decisions before you thought about them but answer with your heart not your mind. During this time it will be easy for everyone to get wound up in their feelings and you may even find yourself running around in circles. By knowing just how far you will go you’ll be able to realize that by extending yourself too much, you will end up with less than you started with.

Capricorn: This day has the potential to give birth to all kinds of positive ideas and feelings. Only once you stop thinking your love live is going nowhere. If you are attached it is entirely possible that your partnership will go through a transformation, one that rekindles the passion between you two. There is also the possibility that you meet someone new who manages to completely blow your socks off. Either way you have something to be hopeful for not depressed about. While we are talking about staying positive, your emotions are light and playfulness abounds. Remember that there is no limit to what’s out there for you. Take the initiative and run with it now and you’ll go far. Stay positive; let nothing break your stride.

Aquarius: It is time to do some seasonal cleaning. Get rid of all the junk that has accumulated in your romantic life. You may have been wallowing in self pity, but now you realize what has to be done. All you that is left for you to do now is to just go ahead and do it. By doing this, you can clear your conscience which will enable you to move onto greener and more promising pastures. Once you do, relaxation and pleasure are where your energies should lie. This is not a time be involved in activities that require intense energy, you have already been through enough. You may feel like socializing and being friendly. Spend time catching up with friends or going out to a show.

Pisces: Just because things are intense and possibly out of control doesn’t mean you won’t have a good time today. Now there may be a shift in moods or attitudes during this time that will continue to affect you deeply for a few days. This is likely to make you emotionally sensitive now which will make it even more difficult to clearly express your emotions. This certainly will not help you if things in your love life get heated. Though you may become uncomfortable, you will have to express your deeper emotions no matter how jumbled they may be. Thankfully your partner will not get the wrong message, and will feel more secure. You on the other hand, do not take anything seriously. You might end up hurt more than any one intends for you to be.

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