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Astro-Week June 4 – 10, 2012

Dear Aries

Always moving forward and accepting challenges without thought of the consequences. It’s your most defining characteristic and your greatest strength. You are a champion in the face of all obstacles and always ready for the game of love. Right now however, love has you frozen in your tracks. Your mind is playing tricks telling you what you think you used to want. The energy this week forces you to give up an outdated way of thinking. It’s time to move on.


Dear Taurus

Change is coming. You’ve been feeling that this would eventually happen but you never can be ready for this kind of change. You seem to have developed a reputation for being beautiful & loving yet a little selfish with your possessions (which for Taurus can be everything they see sometimes). Destiny will visit with an ultimatum in your joint business dealings. This can also mean an inheritance or a sneaky partner. Be careful.


Dear Gemini

What gives? The Sun and Venus are both in your sign and soon they will be joined by Jupiter. These planets should be pointing to serious love, romance, and money like Taurus has been having for the last year but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be working like that. Of all the signs I urge you to be the most careful this week. Some part of you will change forever and it’s about time. Only through accepting this change will you also accept the riches currently promised.


Dear Cancer

Is it all really noise? Everyone sure seems to have an answer for all of your problems, except the problem of how to quiet all of the voices. Something disrupts your routine and you’ll be happy about it. Be very careful not to miss a critical detail.


Dear Leo

Careful with risky ventures. Although I am a huge fan of Leo’s being all they can be in the realm of true love, someone is not playing by the rules and this will not sit well with you. Find out the truth and get ready to move on. A second waits in the wings. You’ve been thinking about them because you’re interested.


Dear Virgo

With all that’s happened in the last couple of months you must have guessed a change would finally happen. Realize it or not, you have been stubborn and refused to see the other person’s side of the situation. This has been hurting your love life as you come across as stubborn and a little too demanding. The change will flow through your home life and public identity. You should have stepped out of your comfort zone when you had the chance. Good luck.


Dear Libra

If you play your cards right and really pay attention, you will be in for the treat you’ve secretly been waiting for. Thoughts, ideas, communication, and especially exotic and foreign dreams have an opportunity to transform into something real. Although your glass ceiling had you displaying certain prejudices from below, you have been inspired and blessed to move up and beyond. Note.. this is not a “wow life is great” vision. They’ve noticed. Now it’s up to you to up your game to the new level. Problem is.. you’ve never learned how to separate the blessings from the BS.


Dear Scorpio

Money is the game right now. But money and love often come from a similar source. This week you will make the shift. I could fill a book on how Scorpios screwed up the last year when you should have had the time of your life. Trust me, you’re going to really miss the love when it’s gone so stop taking it for granted. Let me clarify.. one of the reasons you’re not going for it is you think all of the crazy out of the blue attention will always be there. It’s not. Good news is this week, you’ll finally take a big chance on yourself and it will pay off larger than expected.


Dear Sagittarius

The possibilities for relationship success are very high but you will have to finally give up some of your controlling ways. Who you? Controlling? Yup. In your own way you’ve been holding up the show and that is a major no-no and you know it. Something has to change and it has to be you. The world is fine and you already fit in. Just be yourself and everyone will be much better for it.


Dear Capricorn

Insights, karma, and an old flame will all visit this week. This is your last time to really take a big chance, go for it. Luck is about to join forces with love in your domestic routines. Think about going back to the gym. Take a new workout partner.


Dear Aquarius

Someone is coming to your rescue. It’s time to see who your real friends are. You’re not really lost in love but things have been on hold. Love changes its message.


Dearest Pisces

Be careful when you’re out this week. Things will feel hidden from view as feelings cloud judgements. It’s going to be ok but different. You’ll finally have the support to go after what you really want for a change.

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