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Love Horoscopes – June 6, 2012

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Aries: You strive for contentment, emotional well being and harmony in your personal relationships. Right now you are bit worried that things have seemed to be a little hazy between you and your sweetheart lately as your partner is acting out of character. Thankfully you will feel a lot more secure by the end of the day. Your partner will make a gesture that leaves you no doubt how they feel. This may be face-to-face or through some sort of gift but they will explain their recent behavior as well. The energy surrounding you will indulge your pleasures today. There is no need to be forceful and try to make things happen, simply go with the flow when it comes to people and situations. You merely attract what you need and let the world come to you.

Taurus: You may be having some serious second thoughts about certain aspects of your personal relationship. Thankfully the energy surrounding you makes these aspects easier to understand at this time. Think about undertaking some sort of project that would help you to get to know them better. Working together, having a concrete goal to work toward, may help you both gel more quickly. You’ll begin to see why your mate’s behavior doesn’t always take the path you expected, and realize that it’s not you that is the driving force behind their more baffling moments. The more patient and non-judgmental you are the more light your mate will shed on their more enigmatic actions. Allow for things to unfold naturally, it will all make sense then.

Gemini: Practical matters are the focus of your day especially in terms of your love life. Among these matters you may find that you have things that you two need to discuss that will enable you both to get on with the next phase in a mutual project. In order to accomplish this it will be important to arrange today together as this really needs to get done. Be careful as your egos could make this time very heated and quite intense. Make sure that neither one of you aren’t so intent it turns into ice and freezes you out. In the passion of the moment you or your partner may be looking out for number one instead of long term harmony for both of you. If you two can make through this day together you two can get through anything.

Cancer: Disagreements or differences of opinion and viewpoints arise now between you and a partner. Your love life and relationships demand that you do less fantasizing and turn your efforts towards more structure and planning. If you have been happy to allow certain aspects to fall as they may, then your sweetheart will begin to view this relationship as an unsatisfactory arrangement. You need to work towards certainty and more security. Begin by speaking your mind in a way that challenges or unnerves your sweetheart so they lay all their cards out on the table. Because your mind is very active and sharp, and your reasoning power is good. Resolving this will take those powers to achieve compromises that work out for both of you.

Leo: Finding a preferred direction in your intimate relationships may prove difficult at the moment. Your lover will no longer let you sit on the fence anymore. If you have been worried about exposing your real emotions for fear of rejection, then it is time to face them and say what is in your heart. While there is no room for any vague thoughts or emotions right now it seems that is all you have. You want, you want, you want; but you’re not all that sure what it is you want! This is all you have to honestly tell them. Although this may be a frustrating time for you, thankfully things will become clearer soon. As you open up honestly avoid sounding angry at your lover and simply vent your frustrations. That anger could be misunderstood and you find yourself alone.

Virgo: You are more determined than ever to find out how someone feels about you. You are not in a love relationship, but have been progressing towards one and you naturally want to know what to expect next. It is time for a deep conversation about how you both feel about making a deeper commitment. You are moved to express your affections more openly than usual and with conviction, knowing that there will be response in kind. In general, any situation that appears in your love life will have lasting clarity and a quality of reinvention as they move along. Right now your head and heart are on the same page and will tend to remain that way for some time to come. Giving and receiving appreciation, love, and happiness come into your life now.

Libra: Today could be quite enjoyable for you, as the dreams you dreamt for you and that special someone begin to fall into place. Something about your current arrangement needs to be formalized. To do so you need to sit down with your loved one and spend some time making plans and reaching certain decisions so that you begin to make progress and reach your greater goals successfully. The more detailed these plans can be, the better it will be for you both. Remember – one dream at a time, small hopes can compound and become great manifestations. All consuming fantasies do have their place, but building them all at once can cause you to lose what is important later on. Be patient but be diligent and it will all come together as you hope.

Scorpio: Today is a reminder that your loved ones are not mind readers. Because you tend to shy away from too much intensity, and prefer to dwell on lighter subjects, you tend to give the wrong impression. Right now many of you may finally feel in a strong enough emotionally, to want to make a firmer commitment to someone special. But you will need to be honest about your deeper feelings and how you see the future your relationship. Do not confuse this emotional cleansing with your need for approval. You want those close to you to affirm your value and confirm that you are a part of something special. This is different but will likely come up as you discuss your level of commitment. After this conversation you’ll get the affirmations you need.

Sagittarius: Stop hiding your real feelings behind a mask of indifference or even cynicism. Today is about honesty in your relationships but the delivery of that honesty is just as important. If you try and disguise certain aspects of the truth, then you may not get the same results as if you tell it like it is. You will find yourself questioning major commitments and decisions made in your past such as marriage and other major relationships. This is a time of self analysis and questioning about the directions you have taken in your life. Take advantage of this energy to find more positive ways to deal with your issues. You must also remember to be thankful for the things you may take for granted as they are slowly slipping away from you.

Capricorn: Right now you need to get seriously about your love life. You tend to spend a lot of time joking around and taking things as one grand adventure. This is fine when not done in excess as you may now be guilty of doing. You and your loved one would benefit from having a sense of security in your relationship. They are not sure if you really mean what you say and for as much as they want to believe you, they just can’t. This isn’t something that can be solved with words, your actions must show that you really do care and are serious about your connection. This is also a time for being with people and giving something of yourself and your talents to others. You are likely to receive appreciation and a positive response for your genuine efforts.

Aquarius: As you naturally take everything from washing the dishes to your love life very seriously, today will be no different. Emotions and issues in a close relationship that has been bubbling beneath the surface for quite awhile may boil over at this time.  This could lead to an intimate encounter or a powerful desire to be close to and share your deepest feelings with the one who holds your heart. You want to make a more formalized arrangement out of an affair that up to now has been casual. You have obviously enjoyed each other’s company in the past, and this is the time to make things more permanent. Tell them exactly how you feel. All of your relationships intensify now so be aware of your tendencies to act compulsive and demanding.

Pisces: You are finally feeling a bit more stability and security in your relationship. You may finally feel you are in a strong enough position to suggest making certain plans together as a unit, rather than doing things separately. Taking these first tentative steps together will give you the confidence to make bigger plans in the future. You will find that your loved one is up for your suggestions, you both will be fine. As you go about this task or others in your love life, resist the temptation to go overboard emotionally. Doing so could burn you or someone else out. It’s easy to get carried away because of the energy of the day so watch your step. There is no need to hide your emotions but there is no need to overwhelm everyone with them either.

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