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Love Horoscopes – June 11, 2012

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Aries: There seems to be a little confusion surrounding you today. If you are going out to a social event, leave any assumptions at the door. You are a flirt, but just because you flirt does not mean you want to go home with them. Today you will be reminded of this as a very desirable person is taking a very serious interest in you but wants nothing more than tonight. Let that interaction be your warm up. You are entering a time where creativity and new concepts broaden your view and introduce you to new games to play with special someone. Couple these new games with a bit of mischievous fun and you can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. You will make their heart go pitter pat with ease.

Taurus: If at first you don’t succeed, try again. If you have a date evening, he or she may have different opinions and values from what you believe. This could cause some tension but all is not lost. If you could agree to disagree you two might enjoy learning all about what makes you two polar opposites. Just don’t expect to share the same ideas or ideals. You could still have a great time, though. This date may fail but your next one may not. The energy out there is ripe for some interesting encounters. Accept any offers for social gatherings that may come up and look your best, you never know just who might rock your world. There is no need to give up searching for your one and only. He or she is there, you just haven’t met them yet.

Gemini: Don’t let your kind heart lead you astray today. If you are just beginning a new affair with someone that you know very little about, you may find that he or she is not quite what you expected. This may not be one sided as your new flame could feel the same about you. Rather than going with the flow, it is best to be honest with each other. By opening up maybe you both can modify the way that you relate to each other. The energy of the day supports this as friendship, love and cooperative endeavors flourish now. You can achieve balance in your relationships by giving and receiving or by talking and listening. Do something special with someone you are close to or ask someone out that you want to be closer to.

Cancer: This is a good time to relax and enjoy yourself before someone decides to help you do it. Let your instinctive urges carry you today, as you are feeling especially passionate today. Do not be surprised if sex and romance are at the forefront of your mind. If you’re currently involved, schedule an intimate evening with your lover. If you aren’t involved, don’t be surprised if you pull someone new and exciting under your spell. This passionate energy isn’t just about your intimate affairs today. It also spills into other parts of your life, including your creative and intellectual interests. Make the most of it, achieve the dreams you reach for! Remember that rest and relaxation is not just time off, it is investing into and nourishing your body.

Leo: Sexual needs, feeling powerful and being in control are what the energy is about for you today. You want to be the one pushing all the buttons but honestly, you don’t know where you stand in your relationship to even push the right button. On more than one occasion you have thought about ending things. Lately, you have spent most of your day wondering whether they really care about you or not. Your intuition tells you that they do very much, and yet their actions at the moment may not seem to reflect this. Trust what your heart is telling you. Hopefully your partner will appreciate you more, because if they don’t, it’s going to be your buttons getting shoved instead of pushed.

Virgo:  The energy of the day sharpens your senses making you decisive, articulate and more importantly – seeing things with more clarity. You take a look at the big picture in your relationship and realize that you do pretend, up to a point, to be someone you are not. Is this actually helping you in your current situation? If you thought you behavior may change your current relationship for the better, or keep a certain person by your side when they do not really want to be there, then should think again. Why can’t you be yourself? Its time to let that significant person in your life know who you really are, what you want and like. Be a little selfish but don’t forget to ask what they might like as well. See where things stand when they meet the real you.

Libra: Your thoughts are firmly focused on romance during this time as you feel especially passionate. This has prompted you to take a long look at how invested you are to your relationship, and whether you are happy or not. If you feel secure with this person then obviously things are progressing well, but someone is holding something back. If it’s you then it is time to be honest with your loved one. Nervousness due to aggravations and the stress of increased demands in relationships are possible. If you are not the one holding back then you are a bit restless now and eager to meet your partner to talk and figure out what is going on. In the end you want to make a deeper connection. Make a quiet intimate evening with loved one and make the most of it.

Scorpio: Like Libra, your thoughts turn to love and romance today. If you aren’t currently involved, don’t be surprised if someone new and exciting comes into your life soon. This person may not be local and likely new to the area. You should offer to show him or her around town. If you are attached, the things you are not happy with in your current romantic relationship are all you can think about. Lately you and your loved one can’t seem to find common ground. Take a look at your lifestyles; it is likely your conflicts begin there. Fortunately communication is strong during this period, so you should be able to discuss your differences and reach some compromises that please both of you.

Sagittarius: Your sexual or romantic relationships are intense today as you feel this compelling and urgent need to be with your loved one today. Right now your need for love and closeness strongly consume you. If you are unattached, you may find yourself looking for a little romance today or at least enjoying some emotional release. While your primal needs are consuming you, you may have a hard time enjoying them. At some point, you may have told your sweetheart a few white lies in order to cover up a very embarrassing truth. This may have worked for a little while but lately they have sensed that something isn’t right. The longer you try and maintain the pretence they more they probe. It is time to come clean, even if it makes things uncomfortable.

Capricorn: Relationships of all kinds should be going especially well, and these include romantic ones. Now is as good a time as any to start manifesting who you would like to date if you aren’t involved with someone else yet. Someone you haven’t spoken to for a while might invite you to a social event make the time to go, as it could open up doors for you that you wouldn’t normally expect. If you aren’t attached, don’t be surprised if one of those opened doors leads to a new relationship. You may meet someone who holds your attention a little longer than the others and comes back looking for more time with you. If you’re involved, expect to grow closer. This could open a discussion for marriage or elevating the status of your relationship.

Aquarius: This is a good time for relaxing recreation and rejuvenating yourself, to do the things you most enjoy doing. Lately, especially if you are attached, things that were once clear are now confused. You both enjoy being together, but may not be able to come to any decisions about how you would like to progress in the future. Don’t fret about this now, as this will make matters worse between you. Rather than dwell on any tension why not just enjoy what you have today. Optimism will be the energy that prevails at this time and you will be able to get a larger perspective on your love life. If you are unattached, now is a good time to approach someone who you’ve been admiring. Simply strike up a conversation, the rest will fall into place.

Pisces: You have a special magnetism and attractive power now. The attention you gain and the feelings you have inside become intensely passionate because of it. Your relationships, particularly sexual or romantic ones will be deeply affected as well. But don’t let your dazzling attributes or your lovers charm blind you to what may be going on around you. You may not be seeing the whole truth about this new lover, and certainly should not make any snap decisions about the way your relationship should progress in the near future. Be prepared to find out what they are really made of first. This energy may also inspire you so channel some of these feelings into creative or artistic, work, things that evoke and expresses your deepest self.

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