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Love Horoscopes – June 13, 2012

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Aries: For the unattached Aries let us have a moment of honesty. You know – you want it. There is someone you would love to notice you, in a romantic way, yet you are in hiding.  There is no point, give it up, this person is more than determined to talk to you. From what they have gathered about you, they know the two of you would along very well together and does genuine want to give it a go. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. For those of you attached you may feel as if your lover is trying to confine you and it has caused some pretty explosive arguments. Do you really feel as if your independence and freedom is being challenged? Take a good look at why this issue is bothering you; you may encounter it again in the future so deal with it now.

Taurus: This would be a good time for getting letting loose and getting a little wild with friends so why not get them together and go dancing. The outlook on your love life is very exciting and adventurous right now. You meet interesting new people and are more open to people who are quite different from yourself. This may open you up to doing something out of the ordinary that you have always wanted to do. If you are looking for someone you may have a few short but exciting flings over the next few months. One in particular could be an academic who really does seem like the perfect romantic candidate. This opportunity for a romance may happen and will be very exciting. It will make you a better person but is likely to be a short intimate affair.

Gemini: You may not appreciate the energy around in the air today as you are feeling somewhat lazy or laid-back. Though you may not want to be bothered, your romantic partner wants action. They need to feel they are doing and achieving something useful, and if this includes you, so much the better. So get up off the couch and get involved – go out and have an adventure together. Socializing and having a good time with others may just kick start the journey. You may meet people of that will have importance or influence in your domestic life. So if you two get invited to socialize, make the effort to find the time and say yes. Doors may open to opportunities you didn’t think possible at this time.

Cancer: You may be wondering what has hit you lately as your social and/or love life has gotten very busy leaving you feeling dizzy, but this is a good thing. It marks a time when love, creativity, and self-expression satisfy a deep yearning to be appreciated and admired, needed even. Fuel your self-expression and creativity by dressing a bit flashy over the next few days with a splashes of warm colors. You just might get a bit more attention than what you are used to! This attention my come from someone you meet yet you have under-estimated them. Although you may not immediately recognize this potential in the person you encounter, your first impression is favorable. But that first impression is nowhere near the whole story.

Leo: Connecting with others on an emotional level is likely to be challenging right now. This is definitely not helping matters as friends or family may be trying to push you into a relationship that you do not feel ready for. So far your attempts to be polite have failed so perhaps you need to say exactly why you feel as you do. It might be a bit rude but if you want any peace, you may not have a choice. If you are attached, this energy today may present a significant amount of discord in your personal relationships. Fortunately this period will pass quickly, so don’t get too upset about the distance that seems to exist between you and your loved one. Ride this aspect out without forcing any issues and all will return to normal soon. Be patient.

Virgo: The energy surrounding you may be a bit competitive or aggressive at this time. You won’t compromise yourself to please anyone so do not be surprised if you experience a few different conflicts over power and dominance. Your values may be at odds with those around you so do not be surprised by that either. You will not be good company so long as feel as nothing or no one measures up to your beliefs and standards. Why not give yourself some breathing space and remember you’re the more emotionally mature person in your relationships. If you are unattached, you will come on strong to someone but they will like it. If you two begin a relationship now, you will boldly take the initiative and things will spark like fireworks.

Libra: Right now your life may be hectic. It’s going to be a busy day for you as you’ll want to communicate and get in touch with those closest to your heart. Numerous phone calls, emails, networking, errands, or discussions bring you into contact with others. Your love life will be moving just as quick with passionate and fiery energies. If you are going out on a first date, you will both know, almost immediately, that what you have between you is far more than just a casual affair. This is something that has the potential to last, for the long haul but yet you two may have to keep this to yourselves for a little while. Whatever the reason, know that nothing ever stays quiet.  If this union may hurt someone, it is better to “rip off the band-aid” & deal with it.

Scorpio: You may not be enjoying the subtlety of romance today and you are not feeling very warm or loving as a result. You are likely transitioning into a period of emotional change and feeling two different ways at the same time but not feeling strongly about either side. There is a strong and positive energy that encourages introspection right now.  Allow this to happen and you may clear up some misperceptions you had about yourself and others. If you are attached, especially if the person you have recently become involved with is very strong-willed and determined to make everything go their way, you may be in for a fight. You will need to show them exactly what you are made of; making them understand that compromise is in their best interest.

Sagittarius: Right now it may be easier to see what is wrong with your life than it is to see what is right and that includes your love life. If you do fall into such a funk that you may find yourself thinking that resolving your problems is impossible. Shake your down mood off and confront any issues in your personal life head on and with optimism. If you do you may find that most of what is bothering you quickly vanishes. If there is someone you have wanted to reach out to, doing so now is likely to create warm feelings between you, and may be the start of something wonderful. If you are in this situation, your desire for love, companionship, and affection is something you are focused on. Let what will happen be, no need to force things along.

Capricorn: The need to reduce any restrictions surrounding you may disrupt the status quo in your current relationship. It is entirely possible you two may part ways. Meanwhile it is entirely possible that you may come into contact with someone who could very well be the person of your dreams.  He or she is very different from yourself and who challenges, surprises, or upsets you. You could encounter this person somewhere where you find you are active like a sports game, or even more adventurous pursuits, such as camping, hiking. You will both realize that you are kindred spirits, and that you share a passion for loving and for living. You will both know that together you will do plenty of enjoyable and life fulfilling things.

Aquarius: You may need to kick yourself in the ass and make more of an effort to get rid of any old and outdated habits. Once you have, you will be pleasantly surprised at what transpires today. The planetary energy makes one social event, possibly related to your career, into something far more interesting, as you find that someone in particular appeals to you because of their passion and commitment. Also, you feel tender and gentle toward others, and you want to please or to be of service to them in some way. Some selfless generosity or an effort on behalf of someone in need will make you feel very happy now. You may find yourself enjoying a long conversation, writing an email, or making a special phone call.

Pisces: Romance and other things that tug at your emotions come your way as a new cycle begins. A friend or lover may come to mean everything to you at this time. When you least expect it, there will be a conversation or business-like meeting that sparks the realization that this person is someone very special. The more up-front and honest you are about your ideas, even tinged with a little bit of flirtation, the more you will appeal to them. From here, perhaps it would be a good idea to hold a different kind of meeting, maybe over a candlelit dinner somewhere special. Just go for it. This is a creative period for you, a time to take a chance, a time to be appreciated and admired and to take some risks. Make what you want happen.

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