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Love Horoscopes – June 20, 2012


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Aries: Relationships are particularly pleasant and productive now. You will find that relationships formed now work out very well so if you have a date this evening, things look positive! You will find that with virtually no effort at all you will get on extremely well, as though you were always meant to meet. You will both seem to complement each other, and also to understand each other in ways that seem quite extraordinary. You have something quite special here; it would behoove you to stick with this. Cooperation and friendship are strong now as well thanks to the energy of the day. It is entirely possible that in the spirit of compassion and appreciation, you may receive a gift or offer from someone that you weren’t expecting.

Taurus: Romance becomes an end in itself as a new cycle begins for you. Love suddenly becomes a much more interesting and viable proposition. This marks a time when love, creativity, and self expression can satisfy a deep yearning to be appreciated and admired. If you have found it hard to curb your impulsive nature with regard to a specific person, you will most likely feel a lot mellower. The frantic approach to love never works, but a more relaxed attitude will most likely get you where you want to be. Be confident in your abilities as an attractive human being. You are stunning, intelligent and worthy in so many ways. Just remember that being wanted for who you are instead of what you can give is the ultimate compliment.

Gemini: If you are unattached, the energies of the day work in your favor. You will have the opportunity to show off your culinary or your connoisseur skills and win your true love over. Food is definitely something that can help win over someone’s heart so if you can come up with the meal of their dreams; they will never forget you or this awesome experience. You may well get what you have been waiting for almost immediately. If you are attached you may encounter conflicts between practicality and an aching for emotional satisfaction. This will be a very frustrating time for you. Relationships often go their separate ways in some form or another during times like this as you realize that they no longer have a positive purpose in your life.

Cancer: Sympathy and understanding are emotional qualities that take on greater importance for you now. This even applies to you personally as you tune into your feelings that much more easily. For you is quite a major feat, as you tend to simply ignore them completely. Which you still haven’t learned that doing so often results in many complicated situations. Even if you find it alarming to be in tune with your emotions about one person in particular, this will help you to know what your next step should be. Remember that it is wisdom, not knowledge that counts most at a time like this. Coming to grips with past relationships will help you move forward with someone new. It would be great if you would make the effort to resolve as many issues as possible.

Leo: The energy of the day may be the answer to making one of your dreams come true regarding a certain person whom you have lust after for some time. If you can make a plan and find a way to realistically follow through you may just get everything your little heart desires. This is a major decision for you, as you are frightened of being so vulnerable. Maybe start by acting less obscure and enigmatic when you interact with them, and much more like openly expressing how much you care. Reflect on the yearning you feel for security and stability now, as this suggests the kind of compromises you may be willing to make to complete these objectives. Making the effort isn’t rocket science but psyching yourself up to make the first move might just be.

Virgo: You may discover the link between all kinds of nourishment and the ability to create a truly romantic and nurturing atmosphere today. If you are entertaining your sweetest love, you may unveil that music is the food of love. If you bring this together properly and take it to the limit, you will be well rewarded. He or she will be very happy to comply with your every request. Just try hard not to overdo it. It will seem all too easy to simply push your way through; maybe even demand your desires but right now you’ll find that can be a losing strategy in any of your relationships. The more you shove the more resistance you’ll get. Being heavy handed is not the best strategy and may even create new problems for you.

Libra: The energy is soothing which will do wonders for your nerves. If you have a date tonight you finally feel calm and relaxed enough to enjoy the game of love, which you will no doubt be playing with your new love interest. Forget about your worries and tribulations, and focus on your date. Don’t allow your fears and phobias to prevent you from expressing the true beauty of who you really are.  Date or not, if you can relax yourself you will find that your emotions are sensitized now and your intuitive nature is very strong. This may bring back feelings of nostalgia and compassion from the past. They are likely to be memories, feelings and situations long forgotten coming to the surface. See if you can find some resolution which allows you to move on.

Scorpio: You should be enjoying emotional satisfaction and harmony in your life right now. If you have a solid emotional base in your life, you will receive the benefits of that. If not, this is a good time to begin making connections with people so you can achieve this. Start by discovering what gives you real emotional nourishment and fulfillment then go from there. If you have a date tonight, what you wear and how you wear it are both very important to your new love interest. As you are skilled in all matters having to do with image, you will surpass all their expectations. This may seem shallow and superficial at first but once the grand entrance is over, you can really get to know them. Decide nothing until after the date; it may be what you think.

Sagittarius: Right now you can appreciate an imaginative approach towards future endeavors. You should use this energy to become optimistic about your chances of successfully gaining the love of a certain special person. Usually you tend to think of any matters related to the heart in a pessimistic light, so that you won’t be disappointed if they do not turn out as you expected. While this is understandable, it is not always practical. Looking on the bright side, having hope, will give you this confidence that will most surely always work in your favor, and that includes today.  In general, some selfless generosity or an effort on behalf of someone in need will make you feel very happy now. Doing something nice for someone is always a good thing to do.

Capricorn: You will be noticed more than usual during this item. You have an extra measure of energy and confidence now and will make a strong impression on those in your environment. This would be a good time to initiate a relationship with someone new. Though you often aim for grand passion and excitement when you feel this secure, with the energy surrounding you today, love may not be on the scale of grand adventure that you would like it to be. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be very pleasant nevertheless.  Realize that everything around you doesn’t always have to be all go-go-go; you are allowed to slow down. Let’s be honest, you secretly appreciate someone who understands you and wants to be with you even in your quiet moments.

Aquarius: The energy surrounding you is soothing and restful. You won’t have to do anything particularly special to maintain a sense of peace and harmony with your loved one. All you really need to attend to is allowing yourself to unwind enough to speak from your heart without worrying about how your words will be received. Don’t try to force a particular result; instead, allow yourself to be open to whatever happens. That’s the real challenge right now as we know that sometimes it’s hard to say what you feel, then when you do feel like you can, it suddenly comes out all at once. Use the energy to try to even out that the anxiety you feel. When asked to comment, do so in carefully and with thought so you neither disappoint nor overwhelm.

Pisces: Conflicts and confrontations may be unavoidable today but you can have a certain amount of control over them. Right now your feelings have become very consuming so allow them to bubble to the surface. Your frustrated desires and the obstacles you face as you try to achieve what and who you want in a relationship has evoke enormous anger in you. Rather than do something rash and regrettable, tell your loved one everything. Say something first instead of letting him or her assume the worse and this gets truly out of hand. Your emotions are not easily hidden so any smart ass comments they make is intentional as they want you to get it off your chest. If you are unattached and frustrated, being alone may be the best thing to do today.


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