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Love Horoscopes – July 3, 2012

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Aries: Life can be full of surprises and today you will be reminded of this. The aftershocks of today’s events may give you the kick in the ass you need.   Lately some of you have been hiding away in a corner and feeling sorry for yourself. You may feels o blue that you forget that you really are worthy of love and so much more. If someone asks you on a date – then be good to yourself and say “yes.” You need to put some pep back in your step. You are an Aries, snap out of it! A little brashness can go a long way in getting you what you want today. But too much can do more damage than good so be careful since you are just getting back on the horse. Don’t demand. Instead use lighthearted banter and a good dose of flirting to get what you want.

Taurus: Your romantic life seems to come across the unexpected. But just because you may not be prepared, don’t allow this information to make you self-conscious, or nervous. Just continue to go about your tasks as you would normally, and allow things to transpire in their own time. There is no need to force anything or “work your magic”, there is a magic already working in your favor. The desire to socialize, to be friendly, or loved may interfere with getting work done or acting in a professional manner. So rather than have to maneuver around any conflicts, schedule some time for recreation or to attend to your relationship. Soon enough, you will feel on top of the world. Destiny seems to be firmly on your side.

Gemini: You are a fun, lively and energetic person! If you are single, it will be your sharp mind and ultra-witty conversation that brings romance into your life. People are relaxed around you can joke with the best of them. The more people get to know you, the more in demand you will be. You never know who is watching. Some of you who are attached may be having some insecurity issues. You may be seeing something or looking for things are not there. If you can’t figure out exactly what your mate doing, then it may just be you. It is entirely possible that your mind is caught up in your past experiences and you are comparing your current relationship with a past bond that ended on a bad note. There are some similarities but not those that you think.

Cancer: Unexpected pleasures, new friends, or a more playful, adventurous attitude in your life make this time period stimulating and delightful. A new romance or a revitalization of a current one is very likely because you are a bundle of awesomeness thanks to the energy of the day. Your powers of speech and ability to persuade anyone of anything means that one person in particular will be ever so impressed, and will want to get to know you and your vocabulary in greater depth. Things may not start out as being particularly romantic; it will certainly become so in time. If you want a break from your usual routine, be willing to experiment and to be spontaneous. Doing so will provide you with a refreshing change of pace.

Leo: Giving and receiving appreciation, love, and happiness come into your life more easily now. This will truly be revitalizing since many Leos have either ended a relationship in the last few months or have had a dry dating spell. During this time you need to sharpen your eye and your mind, so you can choose a more worthy partner. You do not want your next time to be like your last. You will have the opportunity to “shop” as you are likely to be invited to some sort of social gathering where there will be plenty of people there. Just make sure you keep a clear head. Any person you see will need more than witty conversation and a 1000watt smile to make a relationship worthwhile in your eyes. You will know intuitively when you find the right one.

Virgo: The good and positive feelings in your relationship may have been taken for granted lately, so you might want to go out of your way to appreciate all that is unique and unusual about your love affair. Today is not really about romance, even grandstanding, today is something more intimate, celebrating and honoring each other, privately. Enjoy and appreciate the unique gifts that you both bring to the relationship and remember that the positive elements are the little things in life. Do what you can to pay closer attention in your love life as well as your close relationships at this time. Someone may be very appreciative of this even if you aren’t paying attention. This appreciation may help you when you least expect it.

Libra: If you want a date with a certain person, you will have to be more open-minded. There are times you can be overly prudish in the kind of things that you approve of. Don’t allow the unusual elements in someone’s personality to put you off from getting to know them better. If you look closely you may find some fun in some of their stranger quirks. For those of you who have been dating for some time now, this is a good time to assert your own needs and desires, to communicate to your loved one what you really want.  Thanks to the energy of the day, you are sharp and articulate. So go ahead and let that significant person in your life know what you want and like. Be a little selfish but don’t forget to ask what they might like as well.

Scorpio: Romance seems to be on the menu today. You feel especially attractive or friendly, and the warmth you radiate is noticed and appreciated today. Someone new may come about today or an old or even current relationship may take a turn for the better. This is especially good for those of you who have someone you have been writing to over the Internet. He or she may become a lot more than a name in your in-box today if not soon. There is every chance that a meeting between you will prove to very successful, and you will both feel as if you have finally met your soul mate. The first few face to face conversation between you two are likely to be strange, bizarre, and totally exciting.

Sagittarius: It is not passionate feelings that bring you closer to someone special, but it will be a conversation that you have with them that really makes you sit up and take interest. Something they say in passing really has an effect on you and this off handed comment is making you want to get to know them better. What they say hints that they have many mysteries about them that you can’t wait to solve. If you are attached you may begin to see differences in personal style, tastes, and ways of expressing affection. You are your partner are not polar opposites but there are some things to note. If your personal life is going well, there is no need to worry about these things now. This is a time to really enjoy and appreciate it.

Capricorn: If you are single, however you chose to socialize, online or out and about, someone may catch your eye today. You will find that while this person is physically stunning, you are more attracted to their mind, which will prove to be quite brilliant. It may not be felt right away but during the course of a few conversations, the romantic potential between you two becomes quite obvious. For those of you attached, this may not be a good time as you are more emotional and subjective than usual today. You may find yourself alone thinking about the motives and maybe even the manipulations of those closest to you. It’s easy to assume things right now and even easier to make the wrong assumption. Wait until you have facts before you accuse.

Aquarius: You may not have been expecting to meet anyone in particular, especially at the event you had scheduled for today. Yet, possibly due to the influence of the current planetary energy, you will find that one casual conversation becomes so much more than this. Although this may not be the kind of person you would usually pay much attention to, you find yourself drawn in deeper and deeper. Now could be the time to make that date and take that risk with someone you’ve been keeping your eye on. Also, this can be a time when you are forced to confront and deal with something which is no longer working; from old, outworn possessions to an unhealthy relationship or a deeply ingrained, self-defeating attitude.

Pisces: The current alignment of the planets means that even YOU may be surprised at the speed with which one particular relationship gets off the ground. One minute you may be passing the time of day with an acquaintance, when suddenly out of the blue something happens. A kind of current seems to pass between you, and you both realize that you were meant to meet. Destiny already intended for you to get together. Many of you may feel an instinctive need to be powerful and in control right now. You absolutely need the security that comes with calling all the shots. Your sexual needs are just one of those life issues on your mind now. Just don’t take your control issues so far that your partner feels smothered, if you are so attached.

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