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Astro-Week July 9-15

Dear Aries

Last year’s relationships troubles will finally be over soon. You may have felt controlled and unchallenged or even worse, challenged by an inferior opponent masquerading as an equal (or partner). Last week you were made clearly aware that things have changed. This week you move forward. The active energy is focused on your close relationships and it’s getting a boost this week from the big planet of luck. The new person is for real. You have to give them a second chance even if they’ve already given up on you.

Dear Taurus

Endings and beginnings. It’s been going on for a while. There’s something you’ve always wanted but always failed at. You’re trying again right now and it feels like this time there’s no stopping you. Almost ever astrologer I speak with says this time will be different. I’m sorry Taurus, I love you but I don’t see it.  Plz be careful.

Dear Gemini

Venus, the planet of love is in your astro-house of personal identity and physical good looks. Mars, the planet of sex is now in your astro-house of sex! So.. you look good, you’re attracting admiring glances, and your sex drive is firmly in gear. Go get ‘em! Little note: Jupiter in your 1st house is great luck but also leads to over eating.

Dear Cancer

Home is where the heart is and this week you’ll want to put as much energy as you can into long overdue renovations. The renovations can also apply to your relationships with your family. It’s been a controlling and restricting kind of year and there is potential for a big blow up in a couple of weeks. The boat doesn’t need to be rocked but this is your home as well.

Dear Leo

Dreams do come true. Following your progress through the last year has shown some amazing progress for Leos.  If you kept your feet moving your career should have taken off a bit and now’s the time to reap the rewards. Right now however, there’s more. If there is something you’ve always wanted or wished for, now’s the time to ask for it. Asking, out loud, and so you can be heard is the secret for Leo success this week.

Dear Virgo

Love and money. Together and separate. There’s an unusual excitement in your joint finances but it also relates to a sudden and unexpected change from which you won’t be able to return. It will feel like you are chasing a dream with your closest friend. You can do it but it won’t be smooth or linear. Success will arrive with stops and starts but it will be worth it in the long run.

Dear Libra

There’s a lot going on in your ego, identity, AND learning, spirituality, distant & exotic dreams. Your learning and growth are in overdrive. After the long Saturn transit which hampered all attempts for a light and airy romantic dream, you’re tempted and almost feel compelled to shake things up completely. Before you unleash Libra passive aggression on everyone, recognize that if no one is living up to your expectations then you’re probably in the wrong adventure.

Dear Scorpio

How can you love completely if you always know the outcome before you begin? Think you’re the only one who can see you’re holding back. They have a right to know what’s going on but still you keep your arrogant Scorpio silence. I know you see beginnings and endings everywhere you look and it’s going to hurt to begin just to end. You’re holding back because you can’t find the right way to say, “I know this is love & I know it’s going to end”. Find peace with your gifts.

Dear Sagittarius

There’s something bright happening in your joint finances. Someone is going to help you out of a financial bind. Now this is an opportunity that can happen every year at this time. The difference is there is also a lot of open and public energy going into helping you out this time. This energy might feel controlling and you might be surprised to find help right now where there used to be only apathy. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Accept the help and worry about the consequences later.

Dear Capricorn

Thinking of taking that next big step with your partner? Maybe get a joint credit card or perhaps a new dog (just joking, small pets are covered by a different planetary alignment). There’s no sign that you’re actually going to take the plunge but you are thinking about it. If this is something that you really want in the long run, then this would be a good time to begin putting the pieces in place.

Dear Aquarius

You are currently attracting passionately curious Gemini types right now. I know you’re just looking for a sexy friend that you can hang out with and explore the eccentric and beautifully bizarre. These guys are exactly what your looking for. Just remember, these types will fall head over heals for you but they are not necessarily the sticking type. Which might actually suit you just fine.

Dearest Pisces

Joint finances will give you the money for home renovations. That was easy. Now what about love? Love is close to home. This week it’s all about how you treat others and what kind of Karma you’ll be attracting. This time ever year you suddenly become hot. Expect strangers to walk up and begin flirting. Enjoy the summer.

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