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Love Horoscopes – July 10, 2012

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Aries: You may be highly attracted to someone new, simply because of the novelty and possibilities for adventure even though they remind you of someone you used to know, with whom you didn’t get along. You really need to put all this behind you and disassociate the one person from the other so that you are able to see your latest date, and any potential future ones, in the right light.  If you are attached your partner may behave in unexpected ways, leaving you to think the worse. Before jumping to a wrong conclusion, enjoy it if it feels good or ask if you find this upsetting. You are impulsively affectionate and flirtatious at this time, and you feel quite restless if you are in a stable, predictable relationship that offers little excitement. Don’t cross any lines.

Taurus: The general energy today is, let’s say, overcast but not unpleasant. Take advantage of the relatively stable but cool emotional environment to mend fences, solidify old friendships, and give someone a pat on the back. Some of you may find that you are attracted to someone rather delicious and truly lovable. What isn’t working in your favor is that the infatuation is beginning to fade faster than you had hoped. Once you started to really talk to them with them, you begin to realize that the relationship may be fatally flawed. This is not something you can fix, grow to love or change about this person. If this is something you can’t deal with, you should think about letting him or her go. It really is the best thing to do.

Gemini: You are very friendly and supportive now and more interested in the similarities than in the differences between yourself and your romantic or love relationships. But not everything is as congenial as you would like them to be as you are finding it rather difficult to get through to someone. On the one hand, you are tempted to get your message across by any means possible and make them understand. On the other hand, you don’t want to scare the person into submission and have things feel fake. You may need to find a way to compromise using positive action. Right now would be a good time to let people know you care about them. Take the time to send a card, email a note of appreciation or even a love letter!

Cancer: Spending quality time with those close to you is something that will improve your outlook and the energy surrounding you. Time spent with your family will reenergize you and reaffirm much of your personal sense of purpose. Renewing your sense of belonging to something good is sure to put smile on your face but there are some things you need to deal with first. You may not be sure how to start off a conversation with your love interest this evening, or even what to talk about. The two of you are at odds with each other and not only did neither of you expect this, neither of you are certain about what to expect next. If you can respect, even enjoy your differences of opinion and the diversity of interests you have – things may be quite promising.

Leo: You are feeling warm, expressive, and really frisky right now. Romance and flirtations are likely and will create loving feelings to flow between you and the people you meet, especially those with sexual interest. But for all that warm energy surrounding you, if you are attached, chances are that you may be feeling a little irritable.  Certain hidden tensions could surface between you and your loved one during this time. Whatever pressures you have both been under may now come forcibly to the surface so that they can be resolved. Think about taking some time to reflect on how best to deal with any problems before you attempt to fix this. Friendships are also strengthened at this time so be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Virgo: You may feel like you have a split personality, with today’s astral alignment. One part of you may want to deal with a certain issue in one way, whilst another part of you has all kinds of fears and emotions about tackling it at all, much to your partner’s consternation. You need to examine your feelings closely to see exactly what they may be trying to tell you. Try to find something mutually satisfying to do with a partner today. If you don’t have a partner at this time then you might want to consider putting yourself in some situations that could benefit you in finding one. Try going to a new social group, school or even trying one of those online dating services. You just never know where you might run into a potential keeper.

Libra: Your emotional inhibitions are at a low at the moment. This opens you up to talking freely about your feelings, needs and desires. By discussing your hopes and dreams with those close to you, you will likely produce some true positive energy that you soul has been craving for quite some time. But for all of this forwardness, you may still find it hard to know how to approach someone rather special who has recently become a fixture in your life. You are obviously very attracted by them, but find it difficult to determine whether to adopt bold and daring tactics, or whether to play hard to get. Ultimately it may be best to put your wiles to one side and just allow the natural flow of events to bring you together.

Scorpio: Whether you are attached or unattached, right know is a crazy time for you as you may feel as if you are under a lot of mental pressure. What you need to remember is that attraction is one thing, romance is another, and a permanent relationship something else again. You must handle each situation differently. Many of you have some choices to make today and will find it hard to decide between your heart and your head. You may also be unable to express some of your insecurity and sense of change into words in your relationship. Certain feelings may persuade you toward making the wrong choice. Try to find balance between your emotions. If at all possible, take the time to get yourself in order before you attempt any decision or discussion.

Sagittarius: Right now is the time that you must try to distinguish between your wants, needs, and obsessive desire. Sex and money count for plenty now but maybe a little too much. Wanting something or someone seems to take on special importance for you; it is likely to be all you think about.  If you have a date tonight, this sexual and passionate energy has you arguing with yourself. One part of you is very keen and eager, as you feel that there is a great deal of potential hidden within the relationship. Another part of you may be wondering why you are going at all, as you couldn’t help noticing the way they spoke to a mutual friend. Just take caution that certain aspects will not become an obsession before making a move on anyone.

Capricorn: Today may be a day where you either speak up or stay quiet depending on your relationship status, If you are attached, you loved one’s annoying habits are grating your last nerves.  You are very tempted to do what you always do, and say what you have to say with the minimum of tact. But oddly enough there are emotions tugging at your heartstrings, and you actually cannot bear to or even think about hurting them. If you are in the working towards a date or relationship, you are aroused both mentally and physically by conversation and those subtle signals your potential lover likes to give. Feel free to let your feelings flow. Don’t plan what to say, don’t over think your reactions, just go with the gut.

Aquarius: You are impulsively affectionate and flirtatious at this time but you may be feeling quite restless. Flexibility and open mindedness in your relationships is called for now.  One of those reasons may be that your friends or love partner is behaving in unexpected ways. Although you have made a conscious decision to keep quiet about what they are doing that bothers you, you are finding it difficult to stop certain emotions from erupting. Until you take the steps to put it right. There will be disharmony and more uncertainty which will cause even more problems later on. Whether this situation involves you taking direct or indirect approach, a discussion is absolutely imperative so it is best to get on with it.

Pisces: You are more distressed than usual over any the uneasy energy in your environment or personal relationships, and you are inclined to avoid serious discussions or real disagreements with others. You are beginning to doubt your commitments and feel it would be quite a bit more work than you thought for you to nurture and develop your relationship so that it reaches its full potential. You really need to think carefully about whether this is what you actually want. Consciously you see no problem, but at another level you may have some very different things going on. Take time to get clear on this. Also, challenging mental work and concentration is difficult for you now. Take a break if possible and just chill out for the day.

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