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Love Horoscopes – July 11, 2012


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Aries: You are entering an upbeat and refreshing time period. Progressive changes in your life and relationships make this an enjoyable, exciting time. The changes are not likely to be extraordinary in scope, but your relationship to others close to you will certainly liven up.  One of those ways you will accomplish this is by communicating how you honestly feel.  Words have a very powerful and soothing quality, especially with the energy of the day. If you do not know them well enough just yet, then perhaps you could find a card or maybe even write a short note that will say what you want to say without overwhelming your sweetheart. However you get your message across – they will appreciate your thoughtfulness and sincerity.

Taurus: Know that whatever you need to discuss with your sweetheart will be taken well, much better than you thought it would be. So if you need to have a specific conversation, you will find that you both seem to understand and appreciate each other’s point of view with no problem at all. This would be a good time to get issues cleared up and sorted out. Also if there is something you would like to ask for then go on and ask. Thanks to the energy surrounding you seem to know who is in the mood to give and how much is really available. So you just may get all that it is you want it. Go with your feelings and you’ll be surprised at what’s at your command and how they respond to your charm and energy. Just keep your ego in check.

Gemini: Today is a good day. There is nothing that needs your immediate attention and nothing you really want to do right now so you will feel a lot more mellow and laid-back. You do not feel like using your words to cajole or persuade your loved one do anything that they don’t really want to do. You are content to spend your time chatting about anything and everything, and just feeling good to be together. Enjoy these restful and romantic hours as things may heat up over the next few days. Be careful how you approach that special someone in your life as conversations may become arguments. You’ll need to present things in a practical manner, so there won’t be any misunderstandings what you are trying to do and accomplish for both of you.

Cancer: Connecting your head and your heart will do wonders for your love life today. If you are dating someone, this will enable you to let your someone special get to know you for who you really are. You have kept up this façade of how you would like to be known as, or by projecting the image you think they would prefer to see but they really want to know who you truly are. This means that a breakthrough can then take place between you two which looks very promising. If you are attached connection your major organs will also help you not go overboard with your sexual desires and need to feel in control. You want to be the one pushing all the buttons and hopefully your partner will enjoy this. If they don’t, your buttons will be the ones being pushed.

Leo: This is a day to keep your ego buried. If you are unattached, leave the ego at home and forget using any of your powers of persuasion to get a certain someone interested in you. This person would be more attracted to who you naturally are. So instead of your charm, be your modest self and speak from your heart without trying to make anything happen. If you are attached a  little extra romance and a healthy dose of intimacy is exactly what you need at this time. Set an atmosphere that may consist of a candle light dinner and a bottle of good wine. Making the effort could set the stage for some serious romance. Keep everyday problems out of the conversation. Flirting and visual teasing should really get things moving in the right direction.

Virgo: You have a wonderful day ahead of you, especially if you are going out on a date this evening. As the night wears on you will both begin to see each other as kindred souls. You feel just how comfortable you are around this person and how you both seem to bring the best out of each other. For those of you attached, you may feel the urge to change or somehow challenge your relationship. Your tendency to follow your heart more than your head acts catches up with you today and puts you at odds with your loved one. This could be a no win situation so you will need to walk a fine line to bring your relationship back from as far as you had taken things. This should act as a reminder that you should be more patient and to think things through.

Libra: Feeling a little restless? Want to stop living such a boring existence? Have you been longing for something new and different? Today is your day to make things count. If you’re looking to be involved, then it’s a good day to take that risk and ask someone out. If you’re involved with someone this could be a great time to change a routine or surprise them with something special. If you have extra time today why not spend it with your sweetheart. You two can relax and enjoy a few hours together without worrying about anything. The conversation will likely be lazy and crazy, and just the kind that lovers enjoy. You harmonize naturally and so will find yourselves rekindling the fire and growing fonder of each other every day.

Scorpio: If you have just begun a relationship, today will likely be one where you two will get to know each other much better. It might be somewhere out in the country or a quiet and intimate locale wherever you choose to spend your time, it will restore your hearts and minds to a state of peace and harmony. The bond will deepen between you two and set the tone in your relationship for some time to come. During this time you may see value in or feel love for an older person in your family or social circle. Support from those closest to you, especially the women in your life, gives you confidence and a greater appreciation of who you really are. This is also a good time to mend fences and repair problems and issues in your home life.

Sagittarius: If there is someone you are looking to impress, put aside your fast talking and know it all attitude. You will not win over the person of your dreams by spinning them a new philosophy, but by being yourself. This will impress them far more. You are feeling rather peaceful and look to be surrounded by harmony, beauty, and kindness. Also, you feel tender and gentle toward others thanks to the energy of the day. This will lead you to want to please those closest to you or to be of service to them in some way. Some selfless generosity or an effort on behalf of someone in need will make you feel very happy now. You may find yourself enjoying a long conversation with someone you haven’t talked to in quite some time.

Capricorn: Being appreciated and admired for your gifts and talents is a powerful need for you, nothing at all wrong with wanting a pat on the back. Today, taking chances can bring big rewards, maybe not just for you but for all involved. It may because of a practical detail connected with your work or business that paves the way for a breakthrough, but this is the only opening you need. You will have a chance to speak to that someone you have admired from afar, but never yet managed to talk to on a more intimate basis. They will soon be under your spell and you will be in their heart.  Lovers, children, and other people or things dear to your heart is where your energy come from today. Enjoy where it takes you.

Aquarius: Today you really need to pay attention to the more practical plans and details that form a part of your daily life with your partner. It is also a positive time to organize any projects you two were interested in and begin to get them off the ground, rather than waiting in vain for it all to happen. Just a little bit of effort should be enough to get the ball rolling.  If you are unattached and looking for someone special to spend your time with then now is a good time for an unexpected encounter. It could be from someone you’ve known for quite some time or a stranger you literally bump into. Take the time today to say hello, be friendly and take a risk, it could pay off in a great way with a long term romance. Whatever will be, will be.

Pisces: Something may happen today that makes you more aware of what you need, feel and want in your relationships. If you are unhappy in your personal life, this is brought out now, and you’ll be forced to confront what is causing your dissatisfaction. If your personal life is going well, you will be feeling passionate and loving, but you should really be spending your time enjoying and appreciate it. Many of you will get bit by the social bug and want to throw an impromptu party. This doesn’t have to anything too special, as long as you have plenty of home cooking and lots of comfy seating to accommodate all the long and cozy chats you can expect tonight. You will most likely get more than you bargained for tonight if you are looking for someone.


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